Here’s a little snap of our terrine from Saturday. All of our porky trimmings along with beautiful chicken and streaky bacon from @edgeandson who have been so unbelievably supportive of us from start to finish. Served with fennel tops and rocket flowers from the veg patch. It’s a special thing to be working away, to put on an event and see the impact it can have on a whole new crowd of people. A fair few people have told me how they have changed their buying and eating habits and even more so since Saturday. I really hope that seeing all the love that went into our pigs from start to finish can show how magical real food can be. And how delicious it can taste. And how special it can make you feel. Good food does more than sustain us, it nourishes our bodies and our minds.
Big thank you to @kit_gfwk for the piccy!

Welcome to our instagram takeover. We are @pipersfarm, a family run business based in Devon. We supply some of Bristol’s best restaurants with sustainable and ethical meat, including @theethicurean @pocotapasbar @delabristol @tarebristol @jamaicastreetstores @rivercottagekitchens and many more. Over the next week we’ll be sharing with you the story of our farm and why we get so excited about working with the Bristol food scene.

The latest nets of firewood are bagged up ready for delivery to our stockists. If you’re interested in buying firewood by the net you can find it at Riverside Garden Centre Southville, Better Food Company Whiteladies Road 🔥

Gorgeous light before the sun dipped behind the woods this evening. Kept me sane while I had to sort out the electric fencing after the new ewes decided the grass was clearly and obviously greener on the other side ☺️ #onewomanandherdog #myfarminglife #farmsnotfactories #agrienvironment

Yesterday was such an amazing celebration of the lives of our three pigs, along with a celebration of farming and good food. This is one of the pork shoulders we slow cooked for 24 hours - I’m pleased to say that not a scrap of food was wasted! I overheard a radio program talking about metaphors a few days ago and how we use them more than we even realise. Much of the time they’re war or battle related. We talk about ‘bullet points’ that we prepare for meetings, already putting us into an aggressive stage of mind. Why can’t they be ‘seed points’ - ideas that can grow into something bigger and better! Research has recently been done with cancer patients by Marie Curie. A great deal of the phrases when it comes to cancer involve ‘fighting’, ‘battling’ and ‘beating’ it. This research is now showing that patients thinking and talking about their illness in this way have a lower recovery rate, because their cortisol levels are raised at the idea of battling and fighting themselves. I strongly believe we need to change the rhetoric around farming. Any of you who have read what I write will see that I try and be inclusive. I try and find the positives, create debate and spark conversation. These things don’t happen in the same way if you push negative messages, or dismiss certain ways of doing things such as choosing what to eat or how to live. Let’s get some positive conversations about farming going, let’s discuss the developments, innovations and success stories to create a whole new attitude towards this fundamental vocation and lifestyle.

Meal number three: chicken and spinach spaghetti in creamy tomato and chilli sauce. Lots of single cream but plenty of veg too

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Bring on payday, hard to stay free range when your this broke

Free range chicken from Aldi is £4-5 (ish), and I'm going to (try) get 4-5 meals out of it
Two so far: my mum's roast chicken for tea last night, and chicken, tomato and avocado sandwich for lunch today #nomnomnom

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Viña Caneiro harvest at D. Ventura in Ribeira Sacra 2018 #heroicdoses #nolabels

What does fearlessness mean TO YOU? Fearlessness, to me, is throwing all caution to the wind and being your bravest self. Like the zen mindset you must achieve in order to fry bacon completely naked. Never allowing boiling grease to win. Second degree scrotal burns are simply my crisp, tender, possibly infected battle wounds gained in a war waged against the inhumane harvesting of pig flesh by corporations. I raise my own pigs until they pass comfortably, listening to Celine Dion sing gently in the background. I allow myself a phase for mourning, 4-6 days, before I recover what I imagine is the part the bacon is made from. The process is difficult and many have even called it “strange” and “unsanitary” but it’s worth it. This bacon is from my truffle hog, Linda, who died shortly after scouting out the toxic mushrooms I consumed a while back. In hindsight, I knew she was blind, having trust issues, roughly 116 in pig years and had a dark, disturbing vendetta against me, but life is about learning lessons. Thank you for your heavenly gift of gray, rubbery meat strips, Linda. Now just stand back and appreciate my hot cakes. 🥞 #mchammer #hammertime #homewithhammer #hotcakes #nakedbacon #nudity #splatter #seconddegreeburn #pig #spiritual #ellendegeneres #dollsofinstagram #bacon #baconisgoodforme #baconislife #celinedion #myheartwillgoon #strongimmunesystem #fearless #fearlessness #chocolatebuns #bakingintheoven #delicious #farmtotable #farmsnotfactories #grassfed #instagood #locallylaid

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