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Please help Joanie get home!

We need to raise money to send her to safety and open a spot for another of our 15 waitlisted pups on the road.
Visit peepalfarm.org/support

We also need volunteers flying from India to Canada! You will save a life at no cost to you! Message us for more info.

Freight train coming through! Don't get in the way, there's no stopping her! 🚂🐖
🎥 by @springfarmsanctuary:
"More Libby strutting her stuff, Annabelle too!"

Sadly @fieldsoffreedom won't be open too any volunteers or day visits for the foreseeable future. The farm is dangerous to humans and no longer safe. I Thankyou all for your understanding and ask you too please contact other sanctuaries for volunteer experiences. Christopher

Brunch behind the trees 🌲🐎🇩🇰#fieldsoffreedom

Just when I thought our animal family was complete....along comes Elvis Crestley. Poor Elvis was discovered tied in a bag, hot, thirsty and extremely stressed. Luckily, a caring neighbour found him just in time. On Wednesday he’ll be moving with us to our new farm sanctuary @plumfield_farm 🐓#rescuerooster #plumfield_farm #farmsanctuary #wombatcafe #vegancafe #choosekindness #bekindtoeverykind #vegansofig #rescueanimals #rooster #bekind #dromana #morningtonpeninsula

Dr. Moss found bailing twine and pieces of a plastic trash bag in Mobys tummy. He was able to empty his stomach of all contents but sadly not able to access and remove all the pieces of trash further down that caused the blockage. The trash was already in Mobys other chambers and probable intestines. Sadly, the only way to get into those areas is in a hospital surgical suite set up for bovines and the closest one to us is 10 hours away.

Moby was hurting really badly this afternoon and making him travel that far not knowing if he would survive the trip would have been cruel.

Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is also the hardest. In the end the kindest thing we could do was to heal Moby into Heaven.

To my sweet angel baby Moby, I am so grateful you found your way to SRS. I am so grateful to know you and be able to show you love. You were so kind, gentle and deserved so much more than this world gave you. You will always have a piece of my heart and I will spend all my life speaking out about the plight of animals born into dairy. Rest easy Moby, i've got it from here. Love you for always.

#saleranchsanctuary #moby #farmsanctuary #babymoo #compassion

Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary rescued an abandoned goat today. Meet one-toothed Abigail! #goat #rescue #farm #happyherd #aldergrove #instagoat #volunteer #apple #farmsanctuary #dogood

The fowl boys of Flip Side. All of these roosters were abandoned, abused or unwanted and are frequently treated like trash. In factory farming and hatcheries they are ground up alive or gassed at 1-3 days old. In backyard chickens they are often "mistakes" and either killed or abandoned if no one can take them. Did you know roosters are the most requested animal to surrender to sanctuaries. We can't even take 1/10th of what is requested and most sanctuaries are at capacity. We are at 11. How can you help the problem? Give up eggs. It's that simple.

🐑🐖🐓 @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick @farmsanctuary Edition is everything and more I could of dreamt of!
Sadly missing #bruno as I had to get these from America and it ends up costing a lot especially including shipping to Australia but I’m still completely smitten and am already inlove with these colours and as always these lipsticks last all day and through eating endless amounts of food, forever and always my favourites. 💫

If you don’t already know about these then go over to @thekatvond ‘s website and check them out and what an amazing collab with @farmsanctuary this was to do..!🌱 #kvd #katvond #farmsanctuary #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #makeupaddict #katvondbeauty #mua #vegan #mue

Little Floof!

Someone dumped Sofia outside of our farm. Now she needs a home (and a bath, but we will take care of that)! If you think she is as adorable as we do, comment here!

We have wonderful news to share tonight! The quadruplets are home!!!! 🐐💕🍼
The baby goats we rescued on Sunday came home from the ISU Large Animal Hospital after a clean bill of health today! Willow (the little girl that had a plasma transfusion) is doing so much better, thank you all for your generosity this week!
We'll post birth announcements, these sweet babies' names, and more videos in the coming days!
If you would like to contribute towards the care of the quadruplets, please visit the link in our bio!
#iowafarmsanctuary #compassionliveshere

This guy was rescued by Out to Pasture Sanctuary from a hunting dog training facility. At the facility their wings are cut so they cannot fly then they are placed in a field for puppies to retrieve. While researching this sport I came across a company that sells pigeons for this purpose with the advertisement “can be used multiple times” as in injury and death are inevitable. This mala will be available in my shop Monday, DM if interested. #pigeon #pigeonsofinstagram #crueltyfree #rescueanimal #animalrescue #vegan #veganfortheanimals #govegan #chooselove #bohonecklace #agate #fluorite #labradorite #mala #malafarm #farmsanctuary #outtopasturesanctuary #veganism #vegansofinstagram #veganlifesty #veganlife #iloveanimals #compassion #vegans #animalsofinstagram #meditationbeads #malabeads #yogawear #veganjewelry #veganism #malas

Moby is being prepped for surgery as I write this. Please pray for him and Dr. Moss. This is a big surgery and it must go well. I'll update when he is in recovery.

To help with this unexpected and large medical cost please consider making a tax deductible donation at the link in our bio.

Thank you.

#saleranchsanctuary #moby @moby #farmsanctuary #friendsnotfood #dairyisscary

I wish everyone could experience what I have the past two months. The love from the animals, the hardwork, the pain. Sitting in sheep barn today I talked to the animals, cuddled them, scratched and sat with them. It’s a magical and soothing place of love & healing that I’ll forever hold dear to my heart. These sheep are no different then your dog. They crave attention. They love being close to you. They want to live. I urge you to consider the choices you make and who they affect & May harm 💗

The next week will be one of the most beautiful but also heartbreaking weeks as it’ll be my last week of my internship here at @farmsanctuary. Every time I think about it my heart sinks and I get a lump in my throat. I knew this internship would be life changing but I didn’t realize it would impact me so profoundly. My life has changed and will continue to change but this experience has motivated me more then ever!

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