Der «Heugümper» ist eine relativ moderne «Erfindung» - zumindest sprachlich gesehen. Früher war er nämlich der «Heustoffel». «Vom Heustoffel zum Heugümper» heisst die Dialekt-Kolumne zum Lesen, Lachen und und Diskutieren beim Sonntags-Zmorge. Zu finden auf unserer Website im Blog-Beitrag vom 22. Juli 2018.
Text: Urs Schweizer
Foto: Wikipedia
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Ziemlich geiles Gespann, was wir da gestern vor die Linse bekommen haben 👌🏼
Der Fendt 936 Vario mit Horsch Titan 34 Überladewagen von @tino8583 🚜
Die Ernte für dieses Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu ☀️
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We can learn so much from our kids if we just take the time to watch, listen, and talk to them. (I'm not saying you don't so don't get all hurt over that comment.) But, what I am saying is we often times get so busy that we are unaware of what our kids really need from us. They are like little sponges, waiting to soak up whatever good, and bad, is around them. Their edges are not yet trimmed and eventually will be defined, most likely by what they were surrounded by. Their influencers. Yes heart change comes from the Lord. I totally get that. But take delight in knowing that your greatest work, creation, legacy in your entire life, are your children. They are a reflection of us. And usually my frustrations with my girls are because of things I struggle with. Therefore, making me frustrated at myself. One thing Lynsey and I have really tried to be intentional in is bringing our girls into whatever it is we are doing. The good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. But that's life. Isn't it? It's not always rainbows and unicorns. Yes, having them right by our sides did slow things down in the beginning, but what we saw as speed bumps were actually called teachable moments. The more we did together, the more they learned. The less we then had to teach, and the more we got to enjoy watching them soar because their wings were now strong enough to support flight. All of our girls are different. No doubt about that. But each one of them brings unique talents to the table and that makes me super excited. Remember, they don't need a bunch of stuff (if they feel that way it's probably because you like stuff). What they want is you and they don't care what that time with you looks like. They just want, and need, a lot of it. (And Laney Rae, you are a rockstar. Totally crushed it this week)
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