Farmers’ Market rainbow 🌈 GREEN 💚 Some like it hot... countless varieties of chilli available throughout the season. What's your favourite recipe? #farmersmarketme #chillies

Farmers’ Market rainbow 🌈 YELLOW 💛 When these little organic, local courgettes are in season we can never resist them. Like balls of sunshine in your kitchen. What’s your favourite yellow veg? #farmersmarketme

Farmers’ market rainbow 🌈. Orange. Carrots with tops on, fragrant peppers, round pumpkins 🎃 Can you think of any other orange local organic veg? #nomiddleman #farmersmarketme

Could be why they're sometimes known as 'eggplant' ?! 🥚
#farmersmarketme #aubergine

The cooks best friend. Can you imagine not having onions in the kitchen? Chopped small and cooked slow, sliced thinly and fried until crisp.... How do you cook your onions?
#nomiddleman #farmersmarketme

Still life at the market. So much nicer than the supermarket eh?! #nomiddleman #farmersmarketme

Jewellery themed to organic veg. Could start a trend?
#nomiddleman #farmersmarketme #tomatolove

Carrots with tops on. Some people ask for farmers to take them off and some people take them home to cook with or compost. What do you do? #farmersmarketme #nomiddleman

Missing everyone on Fridays.
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More green spam from the farmers makers because why the kale not?

Did you know that organically grown tomatoes were proved to have higher levels of Vitamin C & plant phenols (a type of anti-oxidant)?
#farmersmarketme #heritagetomatoes

Lamb and rosemary are best friends. What other herbs and food do you think make perfect partners.

Sunday roast. Who agrees that roast parsnips are non negotiable?
Rashed grew these beauties for the first time this season. They tasted amazing didn’t they?
#farmersmarketme @rashed_organic_farm

These beauties were shared by @geordiearmani in Male. Do you visit local markets when you’re travelling? Do tag us in your veg pics.
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We took a trip into Male today and among other places we visited the local fruit and vegetable market, how amazing are these homegrown chilies? 🌶 everything on sale was grown in Male, super impressive as Male is absolutely tiny and only has a population of 300k people. Made me think of our own @farmersmarketme in Dubai 🌶🥒🥥🍠💚
#farmersmarketme #maldivesislands

When you’re this hot you start dreaming of local organic watermelon 🍉. Or is it just us? How are you keeping cool?
#nomiddleman #farmersmarketme

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