Korbin wanted to play with Kody and Kody says "Here. You be the bale." 😂😂 #korbinrussell #kodyjon #farmboys #ranchersintraining

A more current “NEVER QUIT” success story that is unfolding this week is JONAH O’BRIEN Bartlett HS! Moves from a Wisc HS which rarely passed and after 2 elbow surgeries from getting hit, moves to Bartlett and is much closer to his dream of playing College Football. He’s led Bartlett into the State Playoffs with his arm and already receiving College invites. #FarmBoys

Another more recent “NEVER QUIT” success story! Drake Davis, last year Illinois’ #1 ranked All State QB. After not receiving any attention from college coaches or sports writers, Drake transfers and chases his dream from a 1A-Bureau Valley HS to a 8A-Naperville North HS. I’d say it worked out pretty nice. Now at Univ. of Illinois. #FarmBoys

Another “NEVER QUIT” Success story. ALEX WILLS fell victim to the political landscape at WWS, so he chased his dream to Montini and won a State Championship the first year he arrived. Interesting side note-the QB he played against in the State Championship was also a transfer to Morris from Streator. (Zack Cinnamon)#FarmBoys #SelfBelief #Desire

Great “NEVER QUIT” success story! TREVOR REA transfers twice in HS. The first time for more passing opportunities, but “coaches” that recruited him moved him to TE so he transfers again just to get back to playing QB. Unfortunately it was a wing-T that threw very little. So he graduates with no offers based on no quality film, but his desire was still there. He then goes to a post grad program in NY,(Milford Academy), and ISU recruits him after seeing his passing footage. He makes the travel squad and everything seems to be finally taking off. ISU brings in a new QB coach who brought in his own transfer QB. Trevor then transfers to a Juco, and receives scholarship to Dixie State Univ. Not ideal path, but he NEVER QUIT BELIEVING IN HIMSELF! Today He is a successful Male Model #TrevorRea #Focus #Desire #FarmBoys

“Four Horseman” 9th-graders QB Farm quarterbacks in the Chicagoland area:
McHenry HS
Glenbard West HS
St Charles North HS
Oswego HS


QBF WILL BUTERBAUGH- Hampshire HS, looking good here in 2018. #FarmBoys

Out here hunting the wild Bud Lite 🍻

This year and last year - pumpkin picking 🎃 . What a difference. Still Such gorgeous boys 😍♥️ #pumpkinsrus #pumpkinpicking #farmboys #mumofboys

QB Farm student BRETT WINIECKI, Plainfield East HS finished the season with 22TDs and 3 int’s. QB Farm Strong💪! #FarmBoys

Beware of these two next season. Receiver, Connor Bright, and his QB-Brett Winiecki, Plainfield East HS. These two are QB Farm Strong #FarmBoys

This 9th Grader at Glenbard West HS towers over his peers and is still growing. RYAN RENFRO-6’4” had a great Freshman season! #FarmBoys #QBFarmTraining

It's a face off... "Dale" likes to think he can roam free and squeezes through the head gates any time he wants.
#freerangesteer #boyvscalf #farmboys

QB Farm student BEN STARCEVICH looking good in 2018! #FarmBoys

Farm boys doing their thing at 38 degrees celsius! This has become our new normal during these hot days. So much freedom!
#myboys #farmlife #farmboys #retreatfarm #home #backyard #growingup #awesomechildhood #magicofchildhood #nofilter #liveoutdoors #nature

ANDREW HOFFMAN- McHenry 9th Grader, throws an absolute dart! #QBFarmTraining #FarmBoys

Long time QB Farm student, JONNY CROWEL- Marist, tossing an over the shoulder fade. Nicely Done Jonny!! #FarmBoys

The boys helped me work sheep this weekend. Wyatt actually lost his boots trying to catch our ram. Other than that incident {snort} it went super smoothly and quick. Our ewe flock are old hands at this and know how it works and that everyone gets a treat at the end. {smile} *

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11-12 year old Flag Football quarterback CONNOR GREGORY coming back after last year’s knee injury. Tossing TD’s! #FarmBoys

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