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// You're my bestfriend..
• dt: @diaphanou.s (we fight each other..we love each other..im sry kyle..for everything..)
• ib: kyle, and sophie
*(i make this short markle edit because it reminds me of our relationship..and i got inspiration from u kyle)
**(i know i ship riarkle so much but i love markle too..)
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swipe: video cr vine

1 or 2? 💞

“I’ve realized that no matter
where you are, or who you’re with,
I will always truly completely love you.”
cc/shakes. voidlinslow
tc. shar - ac. wolvism
dt. jocy (fangedpierce)


Cc; cosmicedge / Ac; raynaldo.aep Dt; Shar bc you needed to be fed <3
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[ bts of why pics ]
this is an ugly and offbeat edit I made in July so don't judge meh mkay.
This doesn't have the grp logos cause like I said I made it in julyy.
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ac: passion fruit.
cc: cxstelcollins ??
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how it shoulda gone smh.


me tho

Maya's back and shes out for revenge. [ #outtingriley ]
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Throwback to Corey's old Instagram days 😭😂

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I was walking Lucas as he talked to me about "Zander, you can't worry about your reputation now that Riley is your girlfriend." I looked at him "I'm going to ask my friend for advice okay" We walked into Topanga's when I saw my friend Luke "Hey man I need help" That's when I saw Lucas open his eye's really wide "You know Thor!!" I laughed when Luke gave him a smile "Yeah dude I am I'm his best friend" Lucas still in a state of shock "How'd that triangle work for you?" Lucas nervously laughed "I chose but she's with someone better now" Luke looked at him with a confused face "With who?" that's when I laughed "Me" We all sat down as we explained everything when I finally told him "So what do I do?" Luke looked me in the eye and said "Forget what you think the reputation is, The reputation is you, you are what makes them feel as if you need that. You can still be you even with a good influence like her she'll just keep you from jumping to far" I smiled thanks Luke that helps. "No problem man I'm always here to help" [School]
I was waiting outside of P.e for Riley, the rumor spread saying I had an official girlfriend which I told Maya and Lucas to spread so people would want to know. I saw some people watching me but ran when they saw me look at them. She walked out giving me a smile when we approached the hall "Are you sure Zander?" "I am Riley" I grabbed her hand and walked down the hall with her eyes were all on us people were in shock, some were smiling, some giving her the evil eye. I stopped her at her English class and gave her a light kiss on her lips. I looked up and said "If anyone has a problem with me dating Riley Matthews come talk to me about your little problem and if you bother this ray of sunshine I'll be giving visit" I looked at her again and gave her one more kiss "I'll see you after class sunshine" She smiled back while blushing "Okay Zander I love you" I let my hand rub on her hand "I love you too" I walked away while Charlie walked up to me nice job dude I knew you'd get her" Luke was right the reputation was me. After class I walked Riley to lunch. No one bothered her all day which meant my reputation stuck even with her by my side.

[ stranger things to come ]
the old maddie can't come to the phone right now. why? oh because she's eating eggos. (*coming to this account)

After talking to Lucas I ran all the way to Zander's house. I knocked on the door to see his abuela Rosa "Hi, Rosa can I talk to Zander please?" She looked at me for a little bit it seemed as if she was trying to figure out why I was here when she smiled "Dile que lo amas" I didn't understand it but she opened the door and let me in. I walked into the hallway and Knocked on his door, He opened it and a small smile came on his face "Hey Riley" I gave him a smile "Can I come in?" He opened and I saw a note pad on his bed his room was really clean. He closed the door then faced me. My face turned completely red as I looked down at the floor. "Um, you're um shirtless" He laughed "Okay Dorothy" he grabbed his shirt and put it on then sat next to me "So what's up?" I I looked up at him to see those light filled green eye's that matched the green grass and color of the trees. "I know I'm not very edgy or tough, I know I don't break the rules, I know I'm a perky ray of sunshine that is just to big of a good girl that follows the rules but maybe we were meant to be?" He gazed into my eye's "You and me?" he sounded in disbelief which made me feel really stupid for even bringing it up "I'm sorry I'll just g-" I felt his lips on mine they tasted like green apple it was sweet with a hint of sour but a soft feeling like a cloud, Lucas described him as the devil. Well it feels like heaven when I kiss the devil, he pulled away making me pout while I looked him into his eye's admiring their glow "If it's meant to be it'll be, so ride with me see where this thing goes" He pulled me in I let my face go into his neck smelling the manly but pleasing scent of his body spray. "So...what now?" He spoke softly "We see where this thing goes and if we're meant to be we'll know" I let my lips press lightly on his neck "I love you Zander" I waited him just to kiss me since he never really said it to anyone until I heard him "I love you too Riley" I hope we're meant because if we're not this is gonna hurt a lot when it ends.

I looked at Lucas "Well Lucas?" He just stayed quiet for a little bit. "I just didn't want him to be seeing you. I don't get why you're friends with him all he does is lie and manipulate girls! why do you even like being friends with him!" That's when Maya actually stepped in "Lucas, I get that you don't like the guy but fighting him was the dumbest thing you could've done, he could've hurt you and second he wasn't always like this okay!" Lucas got upset "Why are you all defending him! I'm the one who has noticed Riley you're changing a lot!" Farkle stood up "Actually yes Riley has changed but if you haven't noticed Lucas Riley is changing him" Lucas looked at Zay next "Hey man I have gotten time to hang out with him and he is a pretty cool guy" Lucas was getting angry but he had no right to start a fight for no reason "Babe! you could've ended up in a hospital if he kept going!" Lucas spoke slowly "Just get out I need to think" A couple weeks passed by and none of us spoke to Lucas at all. Zander didn't let anyone see him while he was still suspended. Lucas called me so I went to go see him I walked into his room and sat down. "Yeah Lucas?" He sighed as his voice cracked a little but a smile came on his face "You're right" I just stared at him while he collected his thoughts "He is the tough guy, the one who breaks the rules, the one to break girls hearts, the one who helped us home when we were drunk, I was jealous that he made you laugh more than I could, I was afraid to lose you to someone better.. stronger than me. But I know and you know, you love him, the moment he kissed you in your room. To hold someone back is torture, Riley he may be the bad boy of Abigail adman high school but you managed to make him fall in love with you. I'm sorry for being such a terrible boyfriend  but I think I can be a great friend and tell you. You both will argue everyday, you will fight about the little things but even through the screams and tears you'll have you will always love each other and I want you to love to really love someone and If he's that guy. I'll be here by your side as your friend because I know that's what you want" He hugged me "Thank you Lucas" "I know"

[Lucas Pov]
I was walking through the halls of school after baseball practice with my group when I saw Zander talking to Gardner someone on the football team with Zay. We stopped next to them since my one of my teammate's locker was right there. I looked at Zander when he saw I was glaring at him. He was walking away when I spoke up "Stay Away from my girlfriend Johnson or else"  He stopped dead in his track while he turned to face me. "What did you just say to me" I clenched my fist as I looked him dead in the eye. "Stay away from my girl, she was just fine without you in her life." He rolled his eyes and started walking away. My friends looked at me "What the hell was that about Lucas?" I just shrugged "Nothing" It was Sunday and Riley went out with her family to have dinner. I was with some friends going out to eat as well when I saw Riley's family sitting in a restaurant when I saw Zander and when I got closer I saw an older lady sitting with him. I decided not to make a scene so I waited till I saw him at school. [Monday during school]
I was walking down the hall searching for Zander That's when I found him and I just pushed him against the locker. "I told you to stay away from my girlfriend!" I began hitting him in the face that's when I threw him to the ground and kicked him. I sent my fist to punch him until I felt a hand grip around it. He stood up and punched me against the locker he started beating me repeatedly I felt blood forming on my lip when I saw his hand raise to give me a punch that could most likely break my nose  or worse until I heard "Zander! Stop Please!" He leaned in "Don't touch me again friar, you're lucky Riley loves you. See you around Mr.Horse" He dropped me and walked away as I felt Riley pick me up "It's okay, you're okay Lucas, I got you" It was dark for a while and trust me It felt like forever until I opened my eye's to see I was in the nurse "What happened?" "You were asleep for ten minutes" I looked around and saw Riley walked back in with Zay, Smackle, Maya, Farkle and water. "Well Zander has been suspended is that what you wanted? Why did you even fight him?" Maya added "Yeah really dumb of you Ranger Rick why The Fight?"

Dun dun diggity dun. [ #outtingriley ]
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você tem medo de tentar ou de não conseguir?
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[ September 19th 2017]

im so sorry guys that i havnt been posting as much as i used to but i did start school and my school has real piece of crap for wifi. lemma update yall on whats happening so uh first i got a bf now which is weird cause ive never had one so uh yeah also i made a friend (finally) her name is bailey and she is awesome ( i cant remember if i talked about her yet) anyways thats really all thats happening •

QOTD:] last time u had a relationship ( if ur single its ok!)

AOTD:] when i was 10...

tag her? @sabrinacarpenter
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