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Diaz family moment at #FarewellToTheTed @jonnydiaz opening for @mercyme holding attention of 5000 people with just a guitar #proudbigbro

I'm sure everyone's news feeds are flooded with #farewelltotheted posts right now but I just wanted to share the beauty of this place that gave so many of us so much joy and entertainment over the years.

Everything may not have gone according to plan, but it was still a good time #farewelltotheted

..::constantly getting older, but never actually growing up::.. #tbt #farewelltotheted #thiswasntthelastgamebutcloseenough

Some 16 years ago I attended my first ever @braves game with my mom at the Ted. Today we see the last game at the Ted together. Wouldn't trade it for anything #farewelltotheted #turnerfield

He made it to the 9th inning. :) Today was bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to many more with this little guy. I just had to make sure he was able to carry this place with him as I have for 20 years. At least it's a little something to hold on to. Idk I'm ranting now. #farewelltotheted ! We'll be at the battery next year!

Wishing I Could Be There Today💙⚾️

Thank you Danson Hannah Smith for being such an awesome rep! Yes, we may be biased but when complete strangers tell us what an amazing job you do and how much they love you, it makes us so very proud! Great memories shared with you at the Ted! Love you! #FarewelltotheTed.

Shout out to Vogel and the 755 for putting up with our shenanigans. #FarewelltotheTed


We took Dad to one last Braves game at Turner Field, and now we took him to his first at Suntrust Park. He raised all three of us right: as Braves fans 😂 #braves #baseball #bravesbaseball #chopnation
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I was born in 1995, just a couple months late to the party; Atlanta was still celebrating their world series.

I grew up not knowing baseball adversity, in the midst of a record streak of division wins; it would've been easy, when things got tough, to jump ship for another team, if it weren't for these guys. They taught a pretty good message: fans for life, not fans for fair weather.
I remember going to bed at night, game still on, and falling asleep to the radio calls of the Braves games. Debating calls, arguing rules, celebrating wins and lamenting losses, booing infield flys, Bryce Harpers, and general umpire blindedness...a lot of memories associated with this team.
In 2006 Dad took me to my first Braves game here at Turner Field. We beat the Cubs by a run. I was hooked.

In the times since, life got busier and more complicated, less time was available for the trip to Atlanta; still, many games were watched from the comfort of home. My brother and I started attempting a game a year at least a few seasons back, and we've done pretty good about it. On a whim, I bought a miniature bat in 2006, and wrote the score on it. It's been a tradition ever since.

Now, Dad's had to deal with increasing symptoms of Parkinson's disease for a long time, and he hasn't been able to go to as many games with us, to the point of having to sit out the past few years. Back in the spring, he participated in a trial study attempting to alleviate some of those symptoms, and had some improvement. For the last season here at The Ted, my brother and I took him to one more game: a thank you for making us a part of Braves Country to begin with.
It's a melodramatic game: our last here at the only field I've known, a loss that snapped a personal 7 game win streak for me, the Final Friday Night Fireworks show...I still wouldn't trade it for the world.
Go Braves.

#farewelltotheted #turnerfieldfinalseason #TurnerFieldFarewell #braves #baseball #family

Finally got my Final Season at The Ted shadow box finished up! I am going to miss watching the @braves play there but excited to watch the at @suntrustpark! #Braves #AtlantaBraves #Atlanta #ATL #shadowbox #baseball #mlb #majorleaguebaseball #tomahawk #farewelltotheted #sports #bravescountry

Everything may not have gone according to plan, but it was still a good time #farewelltotheted

This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done! I grew up here and. Now my last time in The Ted I am killing golf balls! #farewelltotheted #braves #gobraves #stadiumlinks #baseball #mlb #golf #pga #bravescountry #gobraves #atlanta #atl #atlantabraves #sports #photography #photooftheday #iphone6s #photo

Hey I got on base!! ⚾️🏃🏻‍♀️#finalbeastgame #farewelltotheted #redsombreros

Bucket list: Braves dugout with some of your faves and a beer ✔️🍻 #greatatlantabeerfest #farewelltotheted

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