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First ever con: ✔️
Here's to many more years of me fulfilling my nerd dreams. Huge thank you to @ladybuginette for letting me wear her costume!
#rey #starwars #bb8 #fanx17

❤️ #FANX17

#Repost @sheafontana
Look at what the amazing @agnesgarbowska made for me! See her at table Fuchsia 1! #dcsuperherogirls #saltlakecomiccon

@saltlakecomiccon had an amazing weekend! Thank you to all who came out!! 😀😀😀 #fanx17

Found some seriously great cosplayers!! That Captain America was 10/10! And those Spirited Away cosplayers completed my life 💕 #fanx17 #saltlakecitycomiccon #slcfanx

Shhh don't tell anyone I've yet to actually read that book #fanx17 #bellecosplay #beautyandthebeast

I seriously have some of the greatest fans!!! Thank you. Truly. SWIPE RIGHT for the recap ----> #handoverthehero #fanx17 @saltlakecomiccon

@Regrann from @sara_andrea - Jason Momoa letting me cuff him with my lasso (his idea) was my consolation to not meeting Stan Lee @saltlakecomiccon #fanx17 #aquaman - #regrann #jasonmomoa

MTVs True Life: I've Had A Crush On Jason Momoa Since I Was 16 🙃💓 He said, "Hello, beautiful" and I totally melted into a puddle of anxiety. #fanx17 #jasonmomoa #khaleesi #slcc


@saltlakecomiccon Day 2 was a blast! Looking forward to day 3! Believe it or not this isn't my first time holding a bazooka. Story for another day ;) #bluenebulastudios #slcc17

Great cosplay of a twi'lek bounty hunter! She said this took her about a year and a half to make. All that work definitely shows! #bluenebulastudios #bountyhunter

It's Comic Con time! If you see me at @saltlakecomiccon today don't hesitate to say hi! Also check out this Assassins Creed/Spider-Man blend! Super cool! And what the heck Deadpool? Why you gotta photobomb? #bluenebulastudios #spiderman

If this was coming your way what would you do?
Pg 21 of Spark Age Legacy Issue 2
#bluenebulastudios #sparkage

The item that Thikiteh found in Spark Age Issue 2 was a black box from the derelict ship that is believed to be of "human" origins. How this links to the Sparks is still unknown. #bluenebulastudios #sparkage

It's like a Marvel family reunion! Who's your favorite Marvel hero? #bluenebulastudios #spiderman

I love going to the @saltlakecomiccon because people and green pirate aliens can all be themselves. 🖖🖖🖖 #bluenebulastudios #littlegreenmen

You can read the full second issue Spark Age free on the Blue Nebula website! #bluenebulastudios #sparkage

"There will come a day when your world no longer is." I've never had an art piece take as long as this one did. 9 months! I started this piece back in January and finally just finished. I couldn't wait to keep it in the dark any longer so here it is!

I want to thank the guys at Crytivo Games for allowing me to make this fan art. They have an awesome game in development called Universim. Just might be my new favorite game when it comes out. Go check out their site at CrtivoGames.com.
Hope you all like the artwork! Now it's time to work on something new! #TheUniversim #FanArt #wannabeagod @TheUniversim

Mah boi Master Chief let me wear his helmet last @saltlakecomiccon. Super stoked for next week! #bluenebulastudios #masterchief

Going to have these and many more at Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 this coming September 21 22nd and 23rd !!!!
Artist Alley row SILVER BOOTH 5 #slcc #coniccon #saltlakeconiccon #fanx17 #fanx #slcc2017 #slcc17 #artistalley #art #comicconart #artist #toscheartstation #karljohnston #karljohnstontattoos #veganartist #comicconartist

Hi friends, sorry it's been awhile. But I'm back. Salt Lake Comic Con is coming and I hope so see a lot of you there!! Photo Credit: @mloertscher #oogieboogie #oogieboogiecosplay #nightmarebeforechristmas #comiccon #slccomiccon #FanX17

Well guys this is it! The final page of Spark Age: Legacy Series Issue 2. If you're the kind that likes to save up pages and then read them all at once then today is for you! It's the time to binge read. Hope you enjoyed the latest installment of the series. And if you have any feedback you'd like to share to us please send it to bluenebulastudios@gmail.com We listen and read to every email and comment.
We got more art and Spark Age content around the corner so stay tuned, and if you haven't already like and share this webcomic to your friends! We'll update you on the progress of the next installment of Spark Age: Legacy Series.
And thanks for reading Spark Age: Legacy Series!

#bluenebulastudios #sparkage

Getting cut up at #fanx17

We have one more week until Spark Age Issue 2 is all finished. Until then enjoy page 32 because we're approaching the end! Link in the bio! #bluenebulastudios #sparkage

Here's another practice test of mine. I wanted to be completely off the mouse and keyboard and go 100% on the Wacom tablet. I'm getting better at it but it's certainly a learning curve for sure! #bluenebulastudios #wacomtablet

Here's one from the ol idea drawing pad of mine. This guy never made it into the webcomic but he's still pretty cool. #bluenebulastudios #doodlesofinstagram

The finished product of a background I posted a few weeks ago. Felt like drawing mah favorite dragon. #bluenebulastudios #toothless

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