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Trina was amazing .. What an amazing performance #fantheflame #doanything #bsuhomecoming2k16

Might be raining outside, but our taproom is open from 5-8pm! #fantheflame

Alright fam, for the next couple of weeks we will answer y'all's burning question of "Who's coming back?" for summer 2017! To start us off we have Mr. Luke Willis!!! Luke can hardly wait to have a blast during swim time! 🏊🏼🚣🏼🤘🏼#WhosComingBack #FanTheFlame

T-minus TEN DAYS till I'm squeezing all these incredible humans that I miss so much!!! Thanks a lot #Texas #Idaho #Louisiana #Kentucky #California #Virginia #NorthCarolina #Jersey for separating us this summer #youretheworst! Nbd though, we will be back to coffee shop dates and exploring the east coast soon enough! #fantheflame

I like this picture a lot
Good ol Fan The Flame Pete
Photo Credit: @kiahpolk
#deadoralive #peteburns #90s #90smusic #fantheflame

We have approached a season where many are walking the earth spiritually dead, tired, exhausted, and some just downright asleep. God has been dealing with me about this word since my niece told me of a dream she had. The more she spoke of the dream the more God stirred His word within me. I must be obedient, for I learned a long time ago this thing is so much bigger than me for this word is for the body! Many tread the earth spiritually dead; awaiting a true spiritual awakening. They walk around living it up with the riches of this world while the enemy blindly takes every bit of life from their souls. No amount of the worlds riches or power will get them beyond those pearly gates. They must live a life so pleasing to Him that their very soul thrives. I hear God screaming it's time to do some stirring! Some may look dead but are really just asleep. It's time to wake them up! As for those who are actually spiritually expired, it's time to shock them back life! I hear God screaming REVIVE AND RESTORE!! It's not about money, power, fame, or fortune but about souls! God says it's up to us, This is OUR MANDATE, This is OUR CALL!!!! STIR, SHOCK, WAKEUP, REVIVE AND RESTORE!!!! The time is so very near!!!! Live the life He's called and be ye ready!! He's coming back!! May we always remember and never forget! For this is the season He brings forth His order. Will you accept the CALL? #providethefuel #fantheflame #hesstillatwork

7 days until Ignition. The worship band is ready. Are you? #fantheflame

I'm super proud of these ten leaders for doing such a great job tag-team-teaching this weekend at @freshlife! 🔥 #FanTheFlame

Carving a pumpkin this Halloween? Be sure to tag us!#YouthAflame #FanTheFlame


''When I live out of discipline, I'm admired. When I live out of passion, I'm contagious." - Bill Johnson


Come celebrate the release of "MONDLIFT," an Oktoberfest style lager Thursday, Sept. 14th in our taproom! There will be food trucks and live music out in the beer garden, and limited edition beer tankards to take home. #giveitawhril #fantheflame

Grab yourself a Moonlight Shine!  #tgif #canningday #fantheflame

Date night!!❤️ #fantheflame

Been having a hard time praying lately. Then I remembered that there's always something or someone to pray for. Each stick has a topic/person/group of people to pray for. I'll put them in a mason jar and choose during prayer time. I'm making 50. Got this idea from @im_soworthit 👏🏾❤️ •

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Might be raining outside, but our taproom is open from 5-8pm! #fantheflame

Exactly what the body ordered.
Our all natural products are exactly what you need to feel good. Mind, body, spirit. Hey... the view is not bad either.
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We are so excited about this next semester at The Mission! So many things are already in motion and we are pumped about our students coming back soon! Let's fan the flame in each other this year. Let's burn. Let's grow. Let's go deep. May we become those who burn for the rest of our lives. #fantheflame #theslowburnofdevotion

Mmmm ❤️❤️love love love this pic... soothing to my soul 💦 as I ponder 🤔 on the way God calls us closer to His heart ❤️ saying " Child come sit and let me show you how much I love you" 💕 So inviting and so beautiful 🌺🌊🌟 #godisgood #godschild #beautifulplaces #peaceful #jesuscalling #deepthoughts #passionatelove #silence #pondering #love #holyspirit #fantheflame

7 days until Ignition. The worship band is ready. Are you? #fantheflame

Buy a pint of our Billy Jenkins Bock tonight @university_pub pint night and keep the glass! #fantheflame

Notebooks have always been my havens. Lately I find myself heading straight for paper and pen on the days I'm off work.
I plan, sketch, doodle and dream. I make lists and organize my thoughts.
Something struck me as I sat down this morning, full cup of coffee in hand, cicadas loudly chirping outside: all the planning in the world won't make those dreams a reality. And perhaps I have too many plans to begin with.
Rather, the plans are broad and scattered, smearing the lines between today and tomorrow and making it hard to see the first steps. Yes. Yes, that's it.
Take a deep breath. Good. Let it go slowly. What brings you peace? What brings you joy? What idea - the little nugget it was when it first came to you - glows like an ember in your belly and smolders while you do the dishes, work your day job, plan those big, amazing things?
That little nugget is the key. Those plans will wait. They will! They'll sit in your notebooks and sleep while you and the firery nugget get to stitching the slow dream to patchwork reality. The more you do, the more they'll stir until one day, not too far off, they'll wake up and say, "Ah, yes. Now the time is right."
Stoke those little nuggets, Dear Ones. What are they? You dont have to share if you don't want to but hold them close , fan the flame and do one thing, every day for the next week to make it burn brighter.

Alrighty folks, in just a few minutes we'll be kicking off our Brü Night with Ft Worth's very own @wildacrebrewing ! Join us as we tap their always delicious Tarantula Hawk, their in your face Super Hawk DIPA, and their latest release, Texas Blonde! Get on down here and show em some love!
#craftbeer #WildAcreBrewing #BrüCity #FtWorth #drinklocal #TexasBlonde #tarantulahawk #Superhawk #northtexascraftbeer #NTXcraftbeer #DFW #fantheflame

Daydreaming. Because without dreams there is no vision! DREAM. VISION. GRIND. #dreamcasting #knowthyself #staleysparks #nine10

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