The Niffler is here! And he’s our latest addition to the Waterstones Lakeside family #niffler #fantasticbeasts #softtoy #waterstones #waterstoneslakeside #lakeside

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April: Money, Magic & Muggles!

This month’s book is Whisper by Lynette Noni (@lynettenoni) – it was accompanied with a promotional bookmark, a signed bookplate and a letter from the author!
Fantastic Beasts made an appearance on this adorable print || by @saramichieli || this art was also on 2 double sided bookmarks were also included, with quotes about the character/fantastic beast
A Luna Lovegood art print was also included || by @tjlubrano || isn’t she just adorable
2 Groot magnets || made and designed by @dks_art_design || little Groot is my fave
Occamy candle WITH GLITTER 😍 || smells like pink pepper and tangerine || from @bookish.intoxication.candles || honestly would smell this all day if I could but I got glitter on my nose last time I tried so maybe no
And okay, my box is a little bit different to the normal box; there is a cosmetic bag pictured here with a Star Wars print – I was the only one who received the Star Wars print. This gorgeous cosmetic bag from @lizzicharlesworth for everyone else was a Harry Potter design. You also might have noticed there is a keychain with the matching design – these were rep gifts and were not included in normal boxes! •

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Keep swiping to see the stop motion as it loses light 😂

Looking forward to seeing #SueQuinn at #MPS2018 next month! With credentials including @FantasticBeastsmovie, her #Location Managers #Masterclass on the #Production stage is not to be missed! FREE to attend, register now - Link in bio! #FantasticBeasts #speakers #locationmanager

Katherine Waterston and @AlisonSudol at @CinemaCon 2018 in Las Vegas.
#fantasticbeasts #crimesofgrindelwald #cinemacon

Nachdem mich jetzt zwei Tage lang das #AnthropomorpheMythischeWesen durch die #Ausstellung begleitet hat, habe ich beschlossen, ihm einen eigenen #Hashtag zu spendieren.
Ich bin der Meinung, dass es ein #Leoparduscolocolo ist. Ist ja logisch : Wesen + mythisch + anthropomorph = #Katze. Ausserdem herrscht der #Leoparduscolocolo über das Land. #catsrule sowieso. 😸
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn eure anthropomorphen mythischen Wesen aus der Ausstellung meinem Gesellschaft leisten würden. Viel Spaß!
P. S. : Schon mal probiert, dreimal hintereinander #AnthropomorpheMythischeWesen zu sagen? 😁

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