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„Fokussiere dich auf das, was wichtig ist.“ Diesen Satz sage ich mir nun jeden Morgen und versuche ihn auch Tag für Tag umzusetzen und ich muss wirklich sagen, dass ich mich seitdem besser und glücklicher fühle. Ich meine überlegt mal... Du hast nur dieses eine Leben und wieso sollst du dich mit Sachen beschäftigten, die dich stressen oder unglücklich machen? Natürlich geht das nicht von jetzt auf gleich aber man kann dran arbeiten.
Ich bin ein sehr stressanfälliger Mensch und habe mir heute gesagt, dass ich heute Abend was leckeres koche, dann noch zum Sport gehe und abends mit Thomas ne Runde Fifa 18 spiele. Und schwups... ganz ohne Stress esse ich gerade mein Hähnchen mit Reis 😂 Später gehe ich dann auch noch trainieren, wenn es bisschen leerer im Fitti ist und danach kriegt @kaz.art.official ne dicke Klatsche in Fifa 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Das macht mich jetzt schon glücklich ❤️
#Fokus #köln #focusongoals

Because you made my daaaaayyyy with that shout out #fangirlmoment
@mymalishka more power to you for everything you say and do. Keep making our days brighter and happier. Be blessed girl 😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗

Tonight was fucking incredible! Every band annihilated the stage at the Roxy, but I enjoyed Panzerfaust and Belphegor the most. Helmuth gave me a pick after their set, and an awesome friend, David, got me back into the Roxy to get a picture with the sexy and shirtless Helmuth ;) He also signed my Necrodaemon Terrorsathan lyric book like I wanted. I got to shake a hand of the guitarist of Panzerfaust and tell him I loved their set after that. And when I said goodbye to Helmuth, I hugged him and he picked me up and put me on his hip and swung me a bit 😂 These amazing experiences are what I live for. Pictures and video of the show to come! #helmuth #helmuthlehner #belphegor #blackeneddeathmetal #blackmetal #deathmetal #necrodaemonterrorsathan #guitarpick #autograph #fangirlmoment

Oh yah!!! @teddysphotos ❤️
Thank you @farahkhankunder for an amaze amaze evening.You’re just the best 😘 #fangirlmoment #edsheeran

Dreams do come true when you believe in them and yourself ! Felt blessed to have met the legendary @maheshfilm sir .. felt like having won the biggest award when an iconic personality like him admires your work! Bhatt sir, I will always remember your words "Just believe in yourself always" .. #gratitude #fangirlmoment #blessed also, heartfelt thanks to my producer @guroudev sir for believing in me and giving me such an ocean of golden opportunities 😀🙏🏻


Guess who I got to meet? 🍍 That's right..@ohsofemme 💕 Ashlee is so lovely and down to earth! If you don't already go and follow her!
▪p.s im on her Snapchat!
#sheisagem #ohsofemme #thanksforthepicture #fangirlmoment

#fashiongoals #instagood #photooftheday #fbloggers #bbloggers #love #life #beauty #fashion #style #friends #thefashionhideaway

#fangirlmoment Thanks @renaecowley 💜💜

It was a long, chaotic day at work today (my look says it all), but look who came to perform at our World Culture day! Yup!
I was just telling my brother the other day that it's a small world/city we live in. Why don't we ever run into the Hmong celebs? Well, I FINALLY got to meet Nrees Xyooj from #HandsBand
Had been waiting for this moment. #fangirlmoment

Best. Day. EVER! #fangirlmoment

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