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We are going through all your contributions for the photo competition 'Fang din by' (capture your city) 📸 #fangdinby #fangdinby_mellemrum #fangdinby_forbindelser


Gettin' around 🏂

#andthewinneris #dac #fangdinby #politiken vi har fundet vindere i fotokonkurrencen "Fang din by"

Composition #tipkbh

Photo by @michellereginelange from our second insta walk with @thomasborberg yesterday 🤘🏼 the insta walk is part of the photo competition #fangdinby (link in bio) ✌🏼 #fangdinby_forbindelser #fangdinby_mellemrum #danisharchitecturecentre


Nørrebro ❤


Composition #tipkbh

Do you ask for permission or do you ask for forgiveness? #ghanavatiportraits #ghanavati52in2017

The King | Christian X

smedie | forge

biking home


Woman, please let me explain,
I never meant to cause you sorrow or pain,
So let me tell you again and again and again,

I love you (yeah, yeah) now and forever
[John Lennon]

coffee or lunch | talking and laughing

Laundry day

Two persons, two stories...
Jeg blev et overmenneske, da jeg bar min døde søn i armene [I became a superman when I carried my dead son in my arms]

Jeg reddede min mor at dø [I saved my mother from dying]

Copenhagen, Denmark

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