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Today hasn’t been one of my best days. The second picture breaks my heart, I miss my boys.💔☹️
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Chapter 5
Zayn's pov
Liam may be caught up in moments but I know he has got my back. He means what he says. I don't know why people are comparing Perrie & Liam. I have a totally different relation with them. I have to ask Perrie soon.
"I'm nervous" I rub my neck. I'm standing outside the country club. I asked Perrie to meet me here. "Its okay. Go" Liam push me inside. Instantly I'm surrounded by dancing people. The music vibrating through my bones. I look around and quickly spot Perrie at the bar. She looks beautiful. I smile to myself. But before I can step forward, someone yanks be back through my shirt. I slowly turn & come face to face Tristan, Perrie's ex. "Gonna ask Perrie huh ?"he smirks. "Where is your little boy Liam ? No more fun?" he adds further. Tristan & I never get along. He is the biggest jerk I've ever seen. I clench my fist, trying hard not to create any scene. "Tristan leave" I ask firmly making him laugh. "Does Perrie know how close u r with Liam ? Will she be able to share u with him?". His words make my blood boil & I snap my self control. I pull him by collar and my fist connects with his jaws. "Don't u dare talk shit about us" I yell. I don't care if people are watching. Tristan wipes the blood. "How dare u" he grit his teeth and charge forward. But before he can come to me he is thrown on the floor.
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From the #MCU to the DCCC Pt. V
If they were never contracted and hired by #Marvel, these are the roles I would have given the MCUs cast.

#sinestro #thaalsinestro - Benedict Cumberbatch #drstrange
#superman #valzod - Chadwick Boseman #blackpanther
#redtornado - Paul Bettany #vision
#ritafarr #elastiwoman #elastigirl - Brie Larson #captainmarvel
#doompatrol #sinestrocorps #earth2 #drtomorrow

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The story hasn’t even begun ... And I’m already love sick. 🖤💋
Arkham: Riddles is the next video (#3) in the Arkham series. The story follows Harley Quinn (previously Dr. Harleen) as she begins to distance herself from Joker and lean towards Edward, an old friend. With an unsuspecting turn of events something in Gotham begins to brew but this time it’s out of everyone’s hands. (LINK IN BIO so you can catch up on the madness)
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So I decided to do a face reveal even tho I'm an ugly potato but enjoy my ugly face. Might delete later // #facereveal #wdwfan #Wdwfanfics #fanfiction

This is for the Fanfic... I lost my marbles and forgot to add it in sooo... THERE YOU GO #fanfiction #jenzie #jenziefanfiction

ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 6
it hurt so bad , he went slowly at first and held me down . i struggled to get up but i couldn’t manage to . he went faster , really fast . i tried to push him away but he held my arm down .. he held my whole body down .. so i couldn’t move . someone came into the room and cody stops instantly . it was his friend , zander ( z )
c - heyy finally you’re here
z - yep
c - you know what to do
i am so scared , and wondering what they’re trying to do . zander takes off his clothes and lays on the bed . i don’t know what he was doing but then cody put me on top of him .. zander made me ride his dick . as i did that cody went in and fucked my ass . it hurt so bad . cody went harder and deeper and i pretty much cried but i couldn’t stop moving because even anytime i slowed down zander slapped my ass . i felt zander cum inside of me .. he didn’t have a condom on .. he took his dick out and he shoved me over to cody and cody was about to cum .. he stuck his dick inside my pussy first to make sure he’d cum inside me .. and he did .
c - nicee babygirl
z - yeah she’s hot , call me again sometime and let’s do this again
y/k - NO !
i fall on the bed in pain , everything hurt
wanna see what happens next ? turn on post notifications and like & comment to read the next story !!
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P.1 your pov:
"It is so freezing in here, like why must they keep it so cold?" "Bella, stop complaining." "Cmon y/n admit it! It's so cold in here I think there might be a snow storm on the way! My nose is freezing!" "Okay fine, it's cold. You happy?" "Yes!" Bella nodded. "Okay, so I got this new level 10 coming in today. I'm assigning him to you. That okay? I've already got Randy to deal with and your the only other person in this division I trust." "Yeah it's cool, I mean it's not like I can say no. You're the head of levels 8-10 and I have to do what you say sooo I guess I'll take it." I laughed. "Bella if you really don't want to I can see if someone else will do it." "No no, I'll do it." "Thank you! Here's his information." I handed Bella a pile of papers in a folder. "His name is Harry Styles. He should be in room 137. Thanks again." "No problem boss." She giggled and walked through the white double doors. She is right though, it's super cold in here. More so than usual. Okay time for regular check ups. I grabbed my clip board and walked through the same double doors into the bare hallway. They really should put some decorations up in this place do it doesn't look so morbid. I'll bring that up in the next meeting I thought to myself while entering the hallway that has all the doors to the rooms in it. One by one I open the first door of each room which leads me into a smaller room that has bars on it so there is at least something separating the inmate and myself. I ask them the regular questions, check their blood pressure, and inject their medication. It's sort of like weird nurse work. I get to Randy's room and he meets me at the bars. "Hiiiiii, I've been waiting for you. You took longer than usual to come see me today." "Nope. I've actually been coming to see you the exact same time every day for the past four years Randy. Please give me your arm." "Anything for you." He stuck his arm through the bars. He's a level 9 but I'm very good at controlling him. I've taught him how to control himself aswell so he's beginning to not need me as much. He definitely has a thing for me, but I would never do anything with an inmate. ///that's part 1, thoughts?\\\

Hey guys! Can't wait to reunite with these boysss☀️⛈ @brycehall @joeybirlem #joeybirlem #brycehall #birlem #fanfiction #wattpad #hall #brikey #joey #bryce #choey #teamchoey

When I spend all my downtime at work. Worked on several prompts in a couple of notebooks. These are all rough drafts, a few unfinished and some that are and need to be fleshed out when I type them up.

I also need to start writing more Yonekuni/Shirou :) #notebooks #fanfiction #writing #fictions #roughdrafts #multifandom

~Chapter 14~
Johnny’s Pov:
K: Why are you so nervous to ask me that? *she giggles*
J: I- I don’t know
K: Of course I’ll go out with you
J: Oh thank goodness 😅
She laughs and hugs me, I hugged back.
K: So when exactly?
J: Oh. Tomorrow 7:00 pm
K: Okay got it.
H: Sooo Heyyy
J: I did it!!!! SHE SAID YES!! WOO HOO!!! ..... Oops your still here 😬
K: *laughs* that was cute.
J: Soo... We’re gonna leave now bye girls!
A: Byeeee!!!
Ha: How was it?
K: You guys planned this didn’t you?
L: Not really the boys did.
Ja: They told us the plan
K: Oh okay
A: Can we just sleep all day since Tomorrow is Pro D-Day?
K: Sure.
*they go back to bed* ~End of Chapter 14~
Another boring Chapter 😬 #jenzie #jenziefanfiction #fanfics #fanfiction

Vamos falar sobre fanfic?
Quem me conhece sabe que eu sou uma fã de fanfics desde os meus 11 aninhos.
Comecei lendo fanfics de Naruto e assim o vício teve início.
Mas uma coisa que sempre me incomodou e que parece ter piorado com o passar dos anos foi a falta de conhecimento da língua portuguesa por parte dos autores.
Quando eu era mais nova, existiam as fanfics boas e as ruins.
As boas tinham reconhecimento nas plataformas (eu lia pelo nyah e anime spirit que hoje se chama social spirit), eram mais visualizadas e comentadas.
As ruins ficavam lá, apenas existindo.
O que eu tenho visto acontecer nos últimos anos é o oposto.
Fanfics com escrita péssima atingindo altos números de visualização e outras muito boas sendo esquecidas.
Eu entendo que quem escreve comete erros e as vezes esquece de algumas regras do português. Mas quando a pessoa começa a por abreviações do tipo "vc, pq, kd" desculpa, mas não consigo acompanhar a história. Me incomoda demais.
Pior que isso são as histórias sem nexo, sem nenhum tipo de coerência no texto e que parecem ter sido escritas por uma criança de 10 anos. Talvez tenham sido, vá saber.
Minha opinião é que, antes de postar uma história em seja lá qual for a plataforma, tente aprender o básico sobre produção de texto.
E isso não é só para os aspirantes a autores, também serve de exemplo para os autores de textão no Facebook.
Não sei para os outros mas para mim, quando um texto é mal formulado, ele perde a relevância.
O que eu notei foi que está situação tem se agravado com a popularidade do Wattpad.
Direi minha opinião sobre isso no próximo post.
Me diga nos comentários o que você acha desta situação.

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