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♡Romione or Dramione♡
Who is your celebrity crush?💘💘 #Romione #Dramione #Fanfiction

rip jalissa lmao

He's so fluffy I'm gonna die (last pic) ♥️♥️♥️

Sunday morning + coffee in hand☕️ + reading the Daily Prophet📰.....❤️ ..
perfect day for a snarryhead..
🌟 #bliss .
⚯͛ ⚯͛ ⚯͛ #myedit ⚯͛ ⚯͛ ⚯͛

EDIT: APPARENTLY THE EXPRESSION IS WRINKLING YOUR NOSE!!!! I don't know if I will write a continuation because English is not that easy, but it was fun. Hope y'all enjoy it!
#fanfic #fanfiction #vampire #au #writting #prompt #writter

Part 52🥀 *Maya texting with Brandon, a guy from her school* For more informations read Part 6 on Wattpad (@jbieberstorys) So what do you think will happen? Jason is there too? Oh ouh..👀 Will Jason meet Brandon? Comment for more and if you want to be tagged😍



(Art is not ours)

#diaboliklovers #anime #fanime #fanfiction

It's on wattpad it has one chapter but I'll update it soon!❤️
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Chapter 3: (Annie's pov)
Well, it's Friday. The day I've been dreading all week. Every coral girl is coming over tonight, including Emma. My mom is always happy inviting the team over for a sleepover, but I haven't told her about emma. I think if it goes wrong tonight, I'll tell her. It's 5:00 pm. When people are supposed to arrive. Katie shows up first, then the rest of the team. We all get into our bathing suits and start walking down to the doc. Emma walks up to me. Please be nice. "Your house is so ugly." She says as she knocks the soda I was holding out of my hand, spilling on the floor. She walks away. I pick it up and set it down on the doc. Once we all get there, we are all very anxious about getting in the water, because it's cold. Emma gets closer to me and 'accidentally' pushes me in. "Annie are you alright?" Katie asks, along with Mia. "Yea. Emma why did you push me in?" I ask, putting her on the spot in front of everyone. "It was an accident in really sorry." She says. This girl is mental.

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**at the hospital** Caleb: are you ready to find out when faith savannah rivers will be born
Hanna: yes *both smile*
Doctor: Hanna, your up
Hanna: coming
Doctor: so it looks like faith will be coming soon have you decided off you want a middle name for her?
Hanna: yes, savannah and do you have a date??
Doctor:okay and faith will probably end up being born in two days!
Hanna: that's soon
Doctor: I know but get prepared
Hanna: I will *hanna walks out the room*
Caleb: so do you have a date
Hanna: faith will be born in two days apparently
Caleb: wow that's soon
Hanna: I know, what are we going to do?
Caleb: your going to go home and relax and I'll sort out the bedroom
Hanna: thank you so *they hug and kiss and walk out the hospital* **hanna's apartment** Hanna:so what colour shall we paint the walls
Caleb : hmmm I think purple
Hanna: yes that's my favourite colour
Caleb: I know *they laugh*
Caleb: you relax I'll get this done
Hanna: thanks babe
Caleb: no problem *A few hours later *

Caleb: I'm done
Hanna : wow Caleb it's amazing *hanna leans on his shoulder*
Hanna: your going to be the best dad in the world
Caleb: and your going to be the best mum in the world *they hug* *A few more hours later * *Hanna and Caleb cuddled up together *
Hanna: shoot I forgot to ring "mum" about the due date
Caleb: who's "mum"??
Caleb: ohh
*they laugh*

Chapter 11 #pllfanfiction #pll #prettylittleliars #fanfiction#haleb #hannamerin #calebrivers #hanna #caleb


Saw this girls and it was like a flashback of me and Mandy 11 years ago 💙💗 #venice #venicebeach #bluehair #ThePinkAndBlueDay #NeverIsALongTime #joshan #fanfic #fanfiction #california #bff #bestfriends #mandy #anastasiatruman

THIS FIC. I SWEAR 😭 I'M AN EMOTIONAL MESS AND I'M NOT OK #savingblue edit: now i need to draw some depressing shit #iwillneverreadafanfictionagain #ripmyheart #thisleftmecrying #hellno #fanfiction #wattpad #klance

Nein, meine Schreibblockade ist leider noch nicht weg. Darum hab ich beschlossen, dass ich Seelentattoos jetzt mal zur Seite lege und stattdessen etwas vollkommen unabhängiges beginne. Dafür bin ich auf der Suche nach einem #SAFEWORD 😁 nein meine lieben es wird kein BDSM darin vorkommen 😁 das Wort sollte eines sein das man nicht sehr oft benutzt, sich aber dennoch leicht in Sâtze einbauen lässt. Ideen? #quote #storyteller #storytelling #writersofinstagram #writersofwattpad #wattpadgerman #wattpaddeutsch #writing #stories #geschichtenerzähler #geschichte #liebe #love #no #fanfiction #inspiration #authorsofinstagram #author #poetryisnotdead #seelentattoos #ilovetowrite #novel #lovestory

Nanami feel tired today..🙅
After receive so many people come to our house.. 🏠
Need rest.. 💆

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*10* ~ MERIEM ~
Monday? Monday. Ugh. Why did Mondays exist? No one likes them.
I turned off my alarm and checked my phone. 7:42.
I didn't even work at certain times, but my nice boss - watch out, sarcasm... - made me come to the studio every workday at 8:30 in the morning.
I checked my phone once again for today's weather forecast. 'It's going to rain? Nah.' I looked outside to see a bright blue sky with only a few white clouds.
No monday weather.
I made myself a cup of green tea, waited until it was brewed, took the cup and went to my room. "Damn that's hot." Okay, monday vibes on their way.
I decided to not let monday ruin my day and took out a pair of blue ripped jeans and a white crop top to wear.
I took a sip of the tea and regretted it the second after. Guess what? Still hot.
I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Nothing good in it.
I closed it.
I opened it.
Still nothing delicious.
'Screw it. Why do cafés exist?' 8:04. 'Ok, hurry up a little bit Meriem.'
The bathroom was my life saver.
Makeup. Only a little bit, but some.
Today was more of a natural day.
Why was I in such a good mood? Hm.
I left the appartment at 8:13.
Shit. No more time for breakfast. Maybe I should just get up earlier? Nah.
I ran to my red mini. It had been my dream car since I was 12.
Hella expensive, but my parents got it for me for my 18th birthday. Don't ask me where they got the money from... I arrived just in time at the studio, ran up the stairs, set up my camera and other equipment and sat down.
The studio was a small appartment where all the walls - exept the bathroom walls - had been removed.
I personally loved it. The walls were painted in a soft cream tone and the few furniture pieces were white.
The doorbell went off. The clients for today. ~ JOE ~
Although I had found Meriem's twitter profile, I hadn't done anything with this 'knowledge'. I had filmed my video for Sunday, I had gone out with the boys and I had made a general cleaning of my flat. Not me at all.
Monday. New week, new start.
I decided to drive to Meriem. ~ another part, wooo! ~
I am actually quite happy with this... :) @joe_sugg #joesugg #fanfiction

Kapitel 49: -Sarahs Sicht-
Mike lag auf dem Boden und rührte sich nicht.
Lu: "Fuck, hab ich so fest geschlagen?" Ich: "Sah schon heftig aus. Aber trotz Danke das du mich sozusagen "gerettet" hast." Er nickte lächelnd, aber wandte sich dann wieder an Mike.
Lu: "Mike?! Mike?! Bro..." Er wirkte irgendwie voll traurig und das "Bro" flüsterte er. Ich merkte das er mit Mike schon die ganze Zeit wieder richtig befreundet sein wollte, aber er konnte es glaub ich nicht. Wegen mir. Ich hab mal wieder alles zerstört.
Lukas rüttelte an ihm und sagte immer wieder seinen Namen. Ich sah eine Tränen über seine Wange fließen.
Ich: "Lukas, alles okay? Warum weinst du?" Er sagte nichts.
Ich: "Ich hab alles zerstört, oder?" Lu: "Wie alles?" Ich: "Eure Freundschaft. Eure ganze Freundschaft ist wegen mir zerstört.." Er nahm mich einfach so in den Arm und flüsterte: "Das stimmt nicht. Du kannst überhaupt nichts dafür." Als wir uns lösten, konnte ich richtig erkennen, das er weint. So habe ich Lukas noch nie gesehen. Er entschied einen Krankenwagen zu holen, da wir nicht wussten was wir machen sollen. Mike wachte einfach nicht auf. Als der Krankenwagen kam, musste Lukas alles erklären was passierte und kurze Zeit später nahmen sie Mike mit. Lukas guckte dem Auto traurig hinterher und ich tröstete ihn.
Ich: "Komm alles wird gut. Und wenn er wieder gesund ist, kannst du dich mit ihm aussprechen.." Lu: "Ach, was bringt das?! Er sieht mich als sein Gegner im Kampf um dich." Ich wusste nicht was ich sagen sollte, aber Lukas kam mir eh zuvor.
Lu: "Aber keine Sorge, er wird damit nicht durchkommen. Ich bin schließlich kein Stein, er weiß gar nicht mit wem er es eigentlich zu tun hat..ich mein du hast ja gerade gesehen was passiert ist.." Ich war eigentlich ziemlich froh Lukas zu haben. Man kann sich einfach immer auf ihn verlassen, er ist so toll und so ein guter Freund.. auch wenn ich mir manchmal mehr wünsche, als dieses "ein guter Freund"...
------------------ Weiter? 55 Likes♥:) #teamrieger #lukasrieger #lukinator #fanfiction

Chapter 25
Annie's POV:
I don't really feel like talking, I'm feeling sick. It feels like I'm going to throw up blood argh! In the middle of the class, Mrs. Myers called for me. "Ms. Leblanc" "yes ma'm?" "come here please" she said. It looks like I'm in trouble, what did I do. I came towards her. She asked if I'm feeling well "not that much, it feels like my head is floating and I'm going to throw up blood". Mrs Myers told me to drink my pills because I look pale, and she said to go to the nurse afterwards.
Katie's POV:
Mrs. Myers called for Annie, I wonder what they are talking about.Annie's not very active, she looks down, she doesn't write notes. I look at Hayden, I'm pretty sure he's worried about Annie.
Hayden's POV:
Annie went back to her seat, she grabbed something in her bag which looks like pills, and her water. The whole class started to look at her while she's drinking it. I started to feel uneasy, what's the pill for? then Mrs. Myers said "you can go"..Annie went to the door and leave. I can't handle the situation, but I know Mrs. Myers wouldn't let me out. We continued taking down notes Mrs. Myers wrote in the board, after 30 minutes of Annie being out of the class, the room phone rang and it's obviously from the office, Mrs.Myers answered it. (Convo from the phone)
O: Mrs Myers, Juliana Grace Leblanc collapsed on the way to the bathroom after the nurse checked on her.
M: What?! What about her mother? Have you called her?
O: Yes Mrs Myers. We already called her mother, she's on her way. Sorry to interrupt your class, but please come to the nurse office.
M: Okay Mam. I'm on my way. Bye.
Jayden's POV:
Mrs. Myers said there's a problem and she needs to be in the office. She told us to be quiet so we won't interrupt the other classes. When she leaves the door, I began talking to Hayden and Katie!
J: What's happening?!!
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Mrskimjeona presents...
For Part 1 : wattpad account mrskimjeona
#Jungkook #JUNGKOOKFF #btsff #btsimagine #image #fanfiction #taehyungff #taehyung #bts_vkimagine

At wattpad as mrskimjeona ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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