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Swipe right, this post was wild from start to finish but it's worth the read i promise
Okay but the first one??? Oh my god?? I remember my good ol wattpad days and all the fucking summaries were like bad rom com plots anskksksk
Hence why i use ao3 now :'))
Word of the day : reprise
Recommendation of the day: okay so, recently so much shit has happened, gay people being whipped here in Indo, bombs in Marawi, Manchester and Paris Shooting (? Not sure bout this one heck, feel free to comment more that i've missed btw)
Lots of accounts and websites have links on where u can donate to help the victims but i guess the we can do is signal boost this, make up for what the media doesnt show, stay safe everyone. ❤️❤️
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rudy is me.

#apart #FF #fanfiction #imaginestory on #shivika #ishkara #rumya by Dhara
Read caption also comments for continue part😊 Part -21
At hospital
Om on strature. Shivru crying.

Shivay- om.. Rudy (tears ) - o..plzzz ankhe kholo.. Doctor come - Aap log operation theater me Nai aa skate ..Aap log Yaha hi khade rahiye .

I love this musical.ly 💗
They are sooo cute! -
Credit: Me ( @martinezztwinss._ )
|Tag twins| @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez -
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This is my firs fanfic post, so this is part 1, Im making fanfic about gray and y/n (its your name), so you can imagine it.
"Want You So Bad"
Grayson is a bad boy in my school, he is rich and know how to style. Ugh he's just perfect! But the thing is he's too perfect for me. Im y/n, im 17 years old, just like gray, im just a shy girl with blue-green eyes, with a brown long hair, who loves fangirling. Fangirling? yep, over Ethan, he is grayson's brother, he is a instagram star and he got like over 5 mil followers. Oh yeah, gray is Ethan's twin, gray is Ethan's twin brother. Grayson's ig is private, he has like 10k+ followers, he only accepting people that he know, well.. not me, and i bet he has like 9999+ request. Idk why he doesnt like fame, he always said that "My brother is using his look for fame, im using my look for girls". Since they both has a pretty face, sharp jawline, and they have huge muscles that i love to stare at, not just me tho, and last thing is, their voices oh my god. I've never heard Ethan's voice face to face bc he is homeschooled, he is to famous to be around. But grayson, i heard his voice everytime he talked in class, because we are classmates. Every night i stalked Ethan and every morning till noon i saw Grayson, everyday is like heaven to me. I'm okay with them not noticing who i am tho, i guess gray is too cool to know me either. But im fine with that. I want to tell you my story with them, starting from..
(next post -> part 2)
this is weird, its okay for not reading it tho, im cool. Enjoy if you did😊
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@avianime saw it first 🌸
[credit to @punziella]
Check out their stuff, cause honestly, it's so aesthetic.

Seorang Malaikat tdk seharusnya menyimpan kebohongan! Dan Apapun itu alasannya itu tetap sebuah kebohongan yg tdk bs dimaafkan! KAISOO/CHENMIN/SULAY/KRISTAO/HUNHAN GS story

FF Favorite gua banget gak nyangka bakal dmintain buat bikin covernya😭 maaf banget kakak authornim hasilnya bgini😭😭 gak sekeren fanficnya 😢
Fiction by aerii

Lay gs by @dhita0618

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I was writing a short season7 theory and it turned out like a fanfiction and I'm kinda proud of it😂😂 I'm hoping for Season7 starting like this...so enjoy!(don't forget that Jen is coming for one episode so we still have hope!)
And I'm thinking about writing a story on Wattpad about CS or Colifer. I'm not that good at English but I just want to try so comment if you'll read if I write one!
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Part 14:- And she texted me... Preethi:- Y/N stay at the room itself for the whole day today!! But there is something unusual with rohan yaar!! He doesnt seem to be tensed.. Me:- Ohh is it?? Maybe he is acting smart!. And then preethi heard a loud noise and she ran to see who it was it was ROHAN standing in the 5th floor her hands started to tremble she immediately took out her rose gold iphone 7 and called me... Preethi:- Y/N rush to the main buliding!!!. Me:- Dont ever say me that rohan is ready is ready to jump!!. Preethi:- Oh yeah he is!!! Now come na!!. I started sweating like never before and ran to the and there i saw Rohan standing in the 5th floor but with a guitar.... Me:- ROHAN ARE U INSANE DONT JUMP!!!!!. Rohan:- Why am i gonna jump?? Now dont distract me i need to pratice for the annuals.. I was shooked i didnt knew whar just happened the whole stopped rotating for a minute for me..... Preethi:- Wht?? I dont get it yaar he came with a bouquet just an hour ago... Me:- Look there.
I pointed towards the fifth floor and it was nicely pasted in the wall it was just a decoration for the annuals... Preethi:- But Y/N if it wasnt him! Then who was it!?. Me:- I know who is it!!. And my eyes rolled to virat who was innocently seeing my actions as soon as he noticed me seeing him... Virat;- Ummm... Hi Y/N now are u okay?. Me:- U wrote the letter right???.
Virat:- Noo which letter i didnt write any letter!. Me:- Dont bluff!!! Now speak out why did u write that letter???. Virat:- I wanted to know whether u loved me truly!!! Cuz u said rohan chased u for years so i was curious to know whether u really loved me!! But now im damn sure u love only me!!. Me:- U.... u... didnt trust me??. Virat:- Yaar i do trust u but was just more anixous on this!!!. Me:- After all i found u tried to test me wheter my love was true or not!! So u never really loved me!!! Did you??. I Said it angrily with tears in my eyes... Virat:- Y/N i love u so much yaar now dont cry..... (In comments)


E nonostante la maggior parte delle volte l’amore finisce per devastarci, non possiamo sfuggirgli e forse è meglio così. Amare qualcuno ci rende diversi: felici, allegri, romantici e spesso ci fa prendere i panni di uno stalker. Ma sfuggire all’amore sarebbe come sfuggire alla vita. Se non ami non provi, se non provi non vivi.
Allora proviamo, buttiamoci dentro nuove esperienze.
Gridiamo al mondo il nostro dolore e la nostra felicità, ridiamo per tutto, balliamo ad ogni canzone, dimostriamo il nostro affetto alle persone alle quali teniamo, amiamo con tutto il cuore.
Viviamo perché la vita è troppo breve per vedere le cose di grigio. Proviamo a guardarle in azzurro, come gli occhi della persona che mi ha fatto capire tutto questo e mi ha fatto provare per la prima volta certi sentimenti.

Chasing feelings disponibile su Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07253F1LG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_xhZkzbE78E9KW

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I've read just a while ago a #Tomatofox #fanfic on #fanfiction .net called Pretty Poison. It rated M, because of being a lemon and it was so far the best lemon, I've read so far! I recommend it to you guys to read it.
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Every time #Google asks me to review a restaurant I go to I write #rauchy #fanfiction

Kapitel 7

Meine Zeit habe ich bis 17 Uhr im Café verbracht und bin dann ins Einkaufszentrum gegangen. Ich brauche irgendwas, was ich heute Abend anziehen könnte, ohne scheisse auszusehen. Letztendlich habe ich mich für eine schwarze Skinnyjeans und ein schwarzes Hemd entschieden. Mit Schwarz kann man nicht viel falsch machen. Auf dem Nachhauseweg höre ich wieder all meine Lieblingslieder durch. Zuhause ziehe ich die neuen Sachen an, style meine Haare und ziehe meine weißen Schuhe an. Da es schon 18:30 Uhr ist, muss ich direkt los. >Wo treffen wir uns eigentlich?< schreibe ich ihm und setze mich frustriert auf die Treppe im Flur. >Komm einfach zum Stadtpark, ich warte dort auf dich.< antwortet er und ich begebe mich dort hin. Ich setze mich auf eine Bank, da ich nirgends Taddl sehe und warte. 5 Minuten später lässt sich jemand neben mir auf die Bank fallen und legt ein Arm um mich. Ich sehe die Person an und rutsche etwas weg. “Na Felix. So allein?”


Capítulo 25 "Quiero Amarte" PARTE 1
Narra Rober:Ha pasado una semana, aun no he logrado poder pararme de esta maldita cama,quiero ir a ver a Mia,no aguanto esto,estoy desesperado, no se que haría sin ella.Veo que a lo lejos viene Zabdiel, genial él amigo de Mia.Se acerca a mi,tenia una mirada de odio y tristeza en los ojos,yo agache la mirada,no podía pensar con claridad.
Zabdiel:Vaya..miren a quien tenemos aqui-dijo serio-
Rober: Zabdiel,si has venido a reprocharme..
Zabdiel:-me interrumpio- TODO ESTO ES TU MALDITA CULPA!
Rober:-enserio era todo mi culpa, que Mia este así, era mi culpa y solo mia- Zabdiel yo no quería que esto pasará, todo fue tan rápido
Zabdiel: Sabia Que tu,no eras él indicado para Mia,ahora ella esta en coma, que tal si nunca despierta? Que harás? DIME-dijo gritando-
Rober: yo..yo..-no sabía que decir estaba en blanco-
Zabdiel:Si hubieras tenido cuidado al conducir, esto nunca habría pasado,nunca te perdonare que Mia este Así,eres un imbécil!
Rober:-las lágrimas se derramaban en mis mejillas- Zabdiel solo fueron 5 segundos, no pensé que en esos 5 pasaria él accidente, yo no quise,me siento muy mal por esto, no he podido ver a Mia en estos 7 malditos días, no sabes como me siento,ya se que todo es mi culpa, no tienes que repetirlo PORQUE LO SE!-dije alzando la voz-
Zabdiel: Te juro que si Mia despierta, no te voy a dejar estar con ella,ella sufrirá mucho, yo me encargare de hacerla feliz,no tu-dijo serio-
Rober: Que idiota eres, tu crees que yo voy a dejar que tu,un idiota como tu me quite a Mia, ella me ama, y no voy a dejar que tu me reemplazes,imbécil Mia jamas será tuya.
Zabdiel: Eso ya lo veremos..pero haré lo imposible, ya veras-dijo advirtiéndome y se fue de la habitación-
YA SIGO.....
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Lectoras que otros # puedo poner ayudenme😂 @adelina_fominykh grax por tu ayuda❤

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