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woah look at my man || Q : FC BARCELONA OR REAL MADRID???
Barca duhh @camerondallas #camerondallas

IshRa TS : Tum Mujhko Mehsoos Karna .
Final part updated on wattpad 🤗 .
To read more follow the link in my bio 💕 and thanks for the wonderful comments for the first part .
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Basically me, every night, reading fan fiction.
I think I'm gonna give up on trying to read any new books until next Tuesday... I can't really focus. Are any of you taking the next day off from work to binge read ACOWAR?
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I have a writing week (malec). If you wanna read anything (fanfics) I write, look up 'BlueberryMonarch' on AO3 (archiveofourown.com). #malec #aleclightwood #powerplay #fanfiction #fanfic #ao3 #archiveofourown #shadowhunters #matthewdaddario #edit

Matt Smith is so cute😍

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Read caption and comment also for continue part 😊

Part :18
At rumya's room .

Somya- rudr ...tumhare lie juice lau ya protin shake Her leg sleep ..Rudy hold her by her wist ..both lost each others eyes ..few min later .

He drop her .

Somya - ooouchhh ..rudr tumne choda q?

Rudy - choduga Nai to Kya Karu ..kitni der tumhe pakad ke rakhta han.? ..pata ha tumhara weight kitna Sara ha ..agar thodi or der pakdta Na tumhe to..tum to Nai girti mere Dono hath zarur gir jate
She stand with jerk - hawwww..u mean me fat hu?
Rudy - Na Na..moti

Somya - ughhhh ..I will kill u
Rudy - sach kadva hi hota ha .

She take pillow and bitting him.Rudy take pillow.. Both start pillow fight .

Other side .. At hall
Om - mere Dono shetan Kaha chale gaye?
Shivay come.he is on phone.. He collied with Om .

Shivay - Soory .

Om- yes ..you should be
He going.. Shivay stop him.

Shivay - aaj tak tune kabhi mujse bat Karna Nai choda ..esa Kya ho gaya Ki Tu Aab Meri shakal Bhi Nai dekhna chahta .Mene ishana ko support Nai kiaa isliye Tu naraz ha na mujse
Om- don't take her between us..Jo tune kiaa Uske bad me tujse bat karne ka ya tera zikar Bhi Nai Karna chahta me.

He left angrily .Shivay stand confusing

Shivay - Om ..kis chiz Ki bat kar raha tha ?
Other side .. Om punch the wall - Shivay tune Jo anika and Rey ke sath kiaa Uske bad Muje khud pe ghin aati ha ki tujse Mera koi rishta thaa.

At canteen .. Anika in tears - ishana ke miscourage ke bad me Kuch din Uske sath rahena chahti thi ..usko sambhal Na chahti thi ..uska dard batna chahti thi ..lekin un Dino me Shivay ne Ek bar Bhi Muje call Nai kiaa or nahi Muje Milne aaye.and pinky ma ne call Kar ke kah dia saf saf Ki me vapas Vaha Na Aau ..and Ek din Muje pata chala Ki me pragnet hu..


— we ‘don’t’ belong in the city —
when jaycee wilkins and tate mcrae take on the upper east side, they’re lost like a freshman in high school one of the upperclass hoes, lexee smith, wants to show them around. what happens in the upper east side stays in the upper east side. shh.
|| 10+ likes to start??
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Chapter 20. •Help• 10 likes for next one(:
Johnny (POV)
As soon as I get to shore I look around for Kenzie and can't find her anywhere. I suddenly hear a piercing scream from the cliff and rush over. My legs cannot carry me fast enough as I maintain a sprint across the beach. I shove my board into the water and paddle as fast as I can out to the water where I can barely see Mackenzie above the surface. After a long minute I am there and she has fallen a ways under. I quickly dive down and reach her limp body pulling her back up to the surface. The coral stings my leg as it has been cut all over and I can see the blood. I could care less about my leg because I'm so focused on Kenz. I pull her onto her board and push her back to the shore. I feel something brush past my leg and get nervous it's a stingray and I go even quicker. We reach shore and other people are standing ready to help. "Someone call 911!" I shout standing over her body. I try CPR and calling her name but nothing is working. Her heart is still pumping and her pulse is still beating but everything seems to be slow. "Mackenzie! Mackenzie!" I cry shaking her. Lauren breaks down and starts sobbing "Call her mom, call her sister do something!" I command.
After what seems like forever an ambulance arrives. And Mackenzie is carried into it on a bed. "2 people can come and that's it!" Says the paramedic hopping in the back. "Lauren & John get in" says Sammy pushing us. Lauren and I hop in and sit in the back with the medic. Mackenzie is wired up to many tubes and he is pressing on her chest and preforming mouth to mouth. Lauren sobs even more. "Did you call her mom?" I ask. "Yes where should she go?" She asks balling. "Driver what hospital?" I ask quickly. "St. Catherine's" he replies. I quickly text Melissa from Lauren's phone. Then her eyes open.
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Chapter 2 of "Rediscovered Love" is up on #wattpad if anyone cares... #story #writing #quote #wattpadstory #lgbt #romance #fanfic #fanfiction

I make a group chat on iMessage with Jacob, Blake and Ariel.
*Y/n changed the group name to bestfrenz*
Y/n: Hi ppl ❣️
Ariel: yooo❤
Blake: sup
Jacob: morning👅
Y/n: So, My mom is in the hospital n Joey is W/ her so im home alone today, y'all have plans¿
Blake: I was actually going to hang with mark and Mario
Ariel: Have to babysit Jacob (her lil brother)
Y/n: Jacob?
Jacob: rehearsals today, sorry baby❣️
Y/n: that's okay ig
•end of text•
I decided to go on a walk, I go upstairs again and take a quick shower, brush my teeth and make two braids, I make my eyebrows, lashes, liner and some matte lipstick and grab something to wear, I took on some black high waisted ripped shorts and a t-skirt form Jacobs merch, I end the look with some white converse. I grab my phone and head outside, I stead out the door and see the blondie again... I'm not going to talk to her, I'm kinda shy and she looks like "the popular one". I lock the door behind me and see her sitting on a blanket outside, on her phone. I carry on walking and she stands up...
Girl: Hi! Do you live there? (Points to your house)
Y/n: Um hi, yeah I do.
Girl: cool! I'm Loren (smiles)
Y/n: I'm Y/n
Loren: were you going somewhere?
Y/n: Um yeah actually, I was going on a walk since all my friends are busy, and I'm kinda new here as well (laughs) you wanna come with me? I'll show you around
Loren: Sure!
- as we walked loren seemed Nice and sweet, Guess i thought Wrong about her...
Loren: So I'm trowing a party this weekend wanna come?
Y/n: Sure! But didin't you just move in?
Loren: I did but i Know some people her anyways tho (Smiles)
Y/n: Can i bring my boyfriend?
Loren: That'll be perfect! (Smirks)
#jacobsartorious #fanfiction #jacobsessed

After a long time, a new chapter with Jude and Timothy #jessicalange #sisterjude #judymartin #timothyhoward #ahs #asylum #fanfiction #americanhorrorstory

Teil 4
P.o.v Lefloid
Stockend erwiderte ich Jakos Kuss. Vorsichtig Schloß ich meine Augen. Von dieser...Naja nicht ganz dieser...aber sowas ähnlichen hatte ich schon lange geträumt. Dennoch war hier irgendetwas falsch. Warum musste ausgerechnet ein stönender Frodo im Nebenraum sitzen?! Ich hab nichts gegen ihn, er ist mein bester Kumpel, dennoch würde ich gerne mit meinem Jako alleine sein. Und warum stöhnt er überhaupt? Und wozu brauchen die Bilou?
Um ehrlich zu sein will ich das glaube ich garnicht so genau wünschen. Nach einem vermutlich ziemlich langen Kuss, welcher mir aber zu kurz erschien, löste Jakob seine Lippen von meinen und grinste mich verführerisch an.
"Und hat dir das gefallen mein Florian?", fragt er mit rauer Stimme. "Ja", antworte ich knapp.
Plötzlich streckt Frodo seinen Kopf durch den Türrahmen. Seine
Haare waren mit Schweiß an seine Stirn geklebt und sein Kopf war hoch rot.
"Kommt ihr beiden endlich?", fragte er ziemlich aus der puste aber dennoch mit einem schelmischen Grinsen auf den Lippen. Jakob grinste erst ihn und dann mich an. Bevor ich irgendwas verstand hatte der langhaarige Musiker bereits die Tüte voll Bilou und mein Handgelenk gepackt und zog mich ziemlich ruckartig in das Zimmer. Was ich dort sah konnte....WOLLTE ich nicht glaube.... SOOO endlich mal ein neues Kapitel hoffe es ist zu eurer Zufriedenstellung. Anmerkungen gerne im die Kommentare
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