~ Casa de Nina e Léo~
~ No quarto de casal~
NINA: Amor, quando você vai trazer o cachorrinho para Louise? Desistiu foi?🤔
LEO: Uai, eu já posso trazer? Achei que com a gravidez, você não iria querer mais.😐
NINA: Não querido, eu já até falei com a Louise, e ela já está toda animadinha.😀
LEO: Ah, sim! Então ta bom. Qual raça? tem alguma preferência?
NINA: Não sei vida, conversa com alguem lá e pede indicação, seja um filhote que dê menos trabalho do que a Louise kkkkkkkkkk😂
LEO: kkkkkkk 😂
NINA: néh Isi?
LOUISE: Xim mamãe..😬
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Chapter 30
Logan’s POV *Y/n’s parents finally came home and called the ambulance, telling them that she got ‘electrocuted’. Looking at her right now tears me apart inside, tears flooded my eyes and the thought of possibly losing her rushes through my brain. I tried to keep the tears in, I really did, but it started streaming down my face uncontrollably. Sometimes you don’t know how much a person really means to you until you lose them for good. Oh God, Logan. Stop thinking this way, she’ll be fine. After all my baby is a fighter, she’s a strong girl.* Y/n’s Dad: “Alright Logan you can go on the ambulance with y/n, the rest of us will meet you there.”
Y/n’s Mum: “Brendan, calm down. We’ll meet them both there okay?”
*Brendan scoffed and stormed in the car. I sighed and hopped in the ambulance. I grabbed her hand and interlinked her fingers with mine. I softly kissed her forehead.* Me: “Stay with me baby.” *whispers* *The nurses carried her in and I sat down at the waiting room. Eventually Brendan and his parents came so we all sat there waiting for y/n.* Doc: “Y/n North?”
Y/n’s mum: “Logan you can go in first.”
Me: “Thanks Mrs. North.”
*I walked in the room to see y/n attached to so many machines, wires and needles.* Doc: “I’ll leave you to it.”
Me: “Thanks.””
*The doctor walked out and I rushed to y/n’s side. Once again, I interlinked my fingers with hers and kissed her forehead. I started rubbing the back of her palm and I could see her eyes slowly opening.* Y/n: “L-Log-gan I-I c-can’t br-reathe.”
Me: “Hey, it’s okay baby I’m right here.”
*The heart beat monitor started going crazy, my heart is racing. What’s happening?!*
Me: “NURSE?! I NEED A NURSE! Hold on baby, you’re going to be fine..”
Y/n: “I-I l-love y-you L-Logan, I-I’m s-sorry f-for everyth-“
*Her eyes starts to close.* Me: “NO! STAY WITH ME! NO NO NO NO NO! Y/N!”
*Nurses and doctors ran in and pushed me out. Tears streamed down my face as I pucnhed a tree in frustration. My fists started bleeding. Am I really going to lose her...?* ——————————————————— @loganpaul @moreloganpaul #fanfics #like #follow #fanfiction #loganpaul #logang #beamaverick #maverick #dirtyfanfic #sad

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Part 36 💛
Don't miss the other parts ➡️ [#hollandsunshinefanfic]
You all borded the plane. You sat next to Tom, you were by the window and he sat in the other seat. Bryan was a few seats behind you. Tom held your hand and looked at you with a slight smile.
Tom: everything's going to be okay y/n.
Y/n: thanks baby.
He kisses your hand. The plane takes off. You fell asleep on Tom's shoulder after awhile. You were extremely tired and felt pretty empty after having many cry fests. After the whole plane ride you all got off. You packed your suitcases in your car and called your parents before you left. You got into the car, you were driving with Tom in the front seat and Bryan in the back.
Y/n: We're going to head to the hospital. Bryan do you want me to drop you off at your house?
Bryan: Do you mind if I come?
You could feel Tom's anger without him actually saying anything. You hesitated but said sure.
Once you got to the hospital you rushed inside. You saw both your parents in the waiting room. You hugged them.
Y/n: it's so good to see you guys. How is he?
Mom: were so glad to see you too. He's doing okay.. Y/n: why didn't you guys tell me? You didnt call me.
Mom: we didn't want to worry you.
Dad: we wanted for you to enjoy your trip. Also your brother told us not to tell you.
Y/n: of course he did. Can I go see him?
Mom: sure you can.
Before you walk up to the desk you see Tom introduce himself to your parents. After you tell the office Tom and Bryan come with you but stay outside of the room. Once you saw Kaleb you started to cry. His face was badly bruised and scratched, his leg was broken and his arms were basically swollen.when you walked up to the bed Kaleb partially opened his eyes.
Y/n: Kaleb. I'm so sorry.
Kaleb: y/n? What.. Why are you here?
Y/n: I came here to see you.
Kaleb: oh. I don't look to good do I?
Y/n: its not time for jokes.
Kaleb: Im sorry.
Y/n: what did the doctors say?
Kaleb: I'll be able to recover but it'll take a very long time. I'll have to be in a wheelchair for awhile.
Y/n: oh.. Kaleb: hey, its okay, the doc said I'll be able to recover.
Y/n: Ik, I just hate to see you like this. ...
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Chapter 2
Night time
Faith pov
I got ready (swipe)
When I was done I heard the motorcycles again and grabbed my phone and left downstairs
When I went outside I saw only one motorcycle and saw it was jack
F:Hey jack
J:Hey faith you look nice
F: *blushing* Thank you, so where are the other boys
J:Oh they went to our spot
F:Oh is that where we are going
J:Yea here put this on and hold on to my waist tight
I got on and grabbed into jack waist and we left
When we got their the place was all dark and their was a lot of people smoking
You didn’t really care cause you do it to
Jack parked and we got off and he grabbed my hand
J:Don’t let go of my hand and stay close to me
We went thru the streets, it was scary but with jack it felt safe when we stopped walking we saw a man ?:Hello leader who is this you know we aren’t allowed to let anybody here
J:She is my girlfriend and you guys can’t tell me who to bring ?:Yes sir
Jack opened the door and I saw all the boys
All boys:Hey faith
F:Hi guys oh and jack can I talk to you
J:Yea sure
We went to a room and he closed the door
F:Why did you tell him I was your girlfriend
J:Because he would keep answer me question and he would hurt you if I didn’t saw you were my girlfriend
Right after you said that he smashed his lips on my you and you were shocked at first but you kissed back he was going down to you neck
He started taking your cloth of when you guys heard a knocking
J:Ugh why now WHAT IS IT
D:Jack they are here
J:Shit ok be right there
F:Who is here
J:The other gang that is our enemy and here out this on so they won’t see you
He handed me and hoodie I put it on and followed him outside
When we went I saw some motorcycles and some guys ?:Well well well look who is it jack
J:What do you want Alex
A:You know what I want
J:If you want it so bad why don’t you fight for it
A:Oh bring it on Avery
Jack called the man we saw standing in the door and he whispered something of him
Jacks pov
I called the guys and told him to grab faith
He went up to her and grabbed her
I went up to Alex and punched him we stated fighting and I saw the other boys fighting with the other o

Chapter 1
I wake up in an empty bed, of course. It’s 10:30 and you have to be at work
in an hour. You get dressed (pic2) and head out for some food. You get to Starbucks and order your favorite drink then put in your headphones and start walking down Hollywood Boulevard. As you pass a door a tall blonde guy bumps into you causing you to fall down as spill your drink all over your top.
G: watch where you’re going next time
L:Oh i’m so sorry here let me go get you another shirt
He comes back with a black t-shirt that says “Dare to Fly” with a red bird at the bottom of it. You put it on.

G: thanks
L: No problem, I’m Logan btw
G: Gabbie
L: Pretty name
G:Thanks i guess, bye
L: See ya
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Chapter 1 (Swipe to see how faith looks like)
Faith pov
I was in my living room watching degrassi (Ya should watch that show it’s the bomb) when I hear motorcycles engines going off
I went to my balcony and saw the same-five motorcycles outside
I always see them there but I don’t know who they are so I went to check I out on a hoodie and went downstairs and went by the door and see if I can see them
Then they saw me and took of their helmets
When you saw them you were shocked they looked like you age but they were hot as fuck so you went up to them ?Hey beautiful who are you
F:Hello my name is faith what’s y’all name ?:I am Daniel ?:I am Zach ?:I am corbyn ?:I am Jonah ?:And I am jack
F:So are you guys like a gang or something (By the way both you and jack had his hoodie on so ya couldn’t see each other)
F:Since you guys are a gang There supposed to be a leader
J:Yea that’s me
When I saw him take his hoodie of he was hot his curly hair and his jawline so agh so I took my off to
Jacks pov
I saw a girl in the door she came up to us her name was faith but I couldn’t see her because she had her hoodie on until she took it off she was so fine and hot, her eyes were so beautiful
J:So how old are you
F:I am 18 what about y’all
F:Well I am gonna head out put I’ll see ya around
J:Why don’t you come outside tomorrow at the same you did and we’ll take you around
F:Yea sure well I’ll see ya guys later
Faith pov
You walked to the door you saw they were putting on their helmet and you faced jack he winked at you and started his bike and left
Wow he is so hot
So you went upstairs and went to sleep... Hope you guys like the first chapter 💓😏 #Whydontwe #Jonahmarais #Jackavery #Corbynbesson #Zachherron #Danielsevaey #Fanfics

Part 19

You heard the knock of your apartment door. You woke up in your bed beside Tom, he was sound asleep. Who could’ve possibly been here at 1:16 in the morning, oh wait, now you knew.
You got out of bed, put on an all black pants and all black hoodie, you didn’t even bother to fix your hair but you were gonna bring a gun that you tucked under your pants in the back, hidden by your hoodie. You didn’t like the idea of killing but like Tom, you would do anything for the people you love and if Ty came here looking for trouble? You would be ready.
You opened your door but it was just Riley.
You: Riley what are you doing here?
Riley: Ty wants you and he said don’t bother trying anything because there’s back up.
You: Is he downstairs?
Riley nodded. You followed her downstairs and outside where Ty and two other guys, one of them you recognized, waited. He grabbed you by your arm and took you to the side without saying anything. He just looked furious.
Ty: I told you that you were suppose to report to me by last night. Where the hell were you?
You: Sleeping. Where else would I be?
Ty: I don’t think you understand-
You: No. I don’t think you understand. This is bullsh**. You just can’t leave me alone for a second?! You need me Ty, so if you want me to stick around you better talk to me right. Cause I’m not your b**** anymore.
You left Ty speechless and furious.
You: Now do you want to know everything or not?

Part 18

The night was coming to an end. You and Tom were still awkward but were able to make conversation. It took a lot of smiles... a lot of laughs... a lot of blushes. At one point your conversation went to what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse and it still continued till now.
You: Ok... well... I said my peace and what I would do... what would you do?
Tom: I’d... ummm... well I would save everyone I love and that’s super important to me.
He looked at you like you were one of those people. He said this stuff, talked about saving the people he loved no matter what but you were putting him in danger just by being around him.
Tom: And then I’d use your idea and move to mars.
You laughed.
You: wow... I really am weird.
Tom: No kidding.
You looked up and saw that you had reached your apartment.
You: Well... this is me. Thanks for walking me.
Tom: Yea sure. Do you need me to walk up with you?
You: Only if you want.
You secretly wanted him to but if he didn’t want to, he didn’t have to.
Tom: I would love to.
You looked down, trying to hide your smile.

Hi my name is Faith smith and I am 18 years and I live in LA california and this is how I fell in love with the bad boy...new fanfic hope you like 💓😏#Whydontwe #jonahmarais #Jackavery #Corbynbesson #Zachherron #Danielseavey #Fanfics

secret crush
chapter three
annie’s pov:
i was really nervous to tell everyone that was my crush was hayden
a- fine! i like... i’m sorry this is too much *runs to the bathroom to cry*
*everyone runs to the bathroom*
ja- annie are you okay
a- ya i just need time
ja- ok we are completely fine with that. how about you come back out here with us
a- ok *annie walls out of the bathroom*
jo- hey guys can we watch a movie
everyone- ya!
we put on the movie ‘IT’ and we all lay down on the couch. jayden and conner are snuggled up next to each other, kenzie and johnny were cuddling, carson and lauren were sitting together, and that left me and hayden. we were just kinda awkwardly sitting next to each other. as the movie went on we started hugging each other and holding onto each other and by the end of the movie i was sleeping on hayden’s chest.
a/n sorry this is a short chapter but i’ll try and write a longer one tmrw💘
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Title: Through Thin Walls
By: HeeeyAlex
Genre: AU (modern day) and Angst
Plot: Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had always been at each other's throats...until they weren't.
Ships (if any): Jamilton, Marthason, Mullette
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