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This is not SeoHan related but omg that girl look just like Seohyun from afar, at first glance I thought it was Seohyun especially that side view😲😲
#yongseo I wonder Yonghwa still have feelings for Seohyun?? Hm...🙂☺😊😄😍😗💕💕💕
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•chapter sixteen•
(Annie's POV)
it's been a week since i told hayden about me..you know, surprisingly we got so much closer, if you're wondering if john and i don't talk..well, we talk but not as much as we used to do, i just think this relationship won't work since we do everything on our own. Brooke left school and got homeschooled cause everyone started to bully her, i felt bad but think about it she's the one who caused me to die. Anyway, my birthday is today, i turn 18, i didn't really plan anything i think i'm just gonna spend my day in my room since i'm so tired and my family are visiting my grandparents, oh did i mention that everyone in school knows that i'm dying, it's so annoying to see the fake ass people come to me and tell the same exact thing "omg, i'm so sorry for what happened you don't deserve it" and then take a pic with me so when i die they post it and say we were "bestfriends" like no please. I'm currently in bed, watching "the fault in our stars" and i was wondering about how i'm gonna die and when and who's the last person i'd see. I decided to just walk in this silent neighborhood and clear my mind. I came back home i was feeling so much better, the house was all black, which completely was the opposite before i left, i was so scared then suddenly the lights went on, and my family and friends came out of nowhere and yelled "SURPRISE" i was shocked, but happy and excited cause i thought no one remembered my birthday, i was too happy that i just cried..knowing that i won't see them again.
sorry that this was short, because i'm in the car right now so i'm busy but i'll try to post another one.
oh and i'm gonna continue this fanfic whether you like it or not cause i don't give two fvcks about your opinion (to the haters) .
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Abertura da Fanfic "Três Vidas: Um amor" que voces encontrar no Facebook na pagina "Fanfics Hogazacolunga "
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Chapter 15// Kenzie's POV ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"I've been worried sick about you! I'm so glad your back!" Hayden hugged me. He pulled back and expected me to say something, but I was still in shock, I didn't know what to do because things were extremely awkward, especially because Johnny was right there... " Yea i missed you too hay." I gave a weak smile as Hayden leaned for another kiss. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Johnny sorta turns away because of how awkward things had gotten. Once Hayden noticed Johnny was right behind him, he turned around and looked back at me. "Oh right! Um Hayden this is Johnny, Johnny Hayden." I introduced awkwardly... "hey.." Johnny says smiling. Hayden raised his eyebrows and turns back to me rudely. "So how do y'all know each other?" Hayden asked in suspension. "Tutoring!" "Church!" Johnny and I said at the same time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Now he definitely knew we were lying! We weren't allowed to tell anyone what happened to us, people just know we were kidnapped and taken. " Um we had tutoring...in.. church!" Johnny saved. "Uh huh... well I'll see you later Kenz! Love you!" Hayden says giving another kiss and walking away with his guys. "Look I'm sorry about that, I'll.. I'll fix it." I explained. "Kenzie it's okay, y'all are dating and I don't wanna get in the way of it. Your back and it's best if you just go back to your old life and forget about everything, and plus I'm a huge memory of it." He says while stepping back.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"Johnny no! I don't want to go back to my old life! I don't wanna forget you even if it means remembering those terrible times." I exclaimed. " I.. Kenz... I'm sorry but I don't... your basically cheating Kenz!" He whispered. "No I'll break up with Hayden! I promise! Just please, please don't go!" I cried. Johnny sighed. "Alright, but as long as y'all are dating we're not gonna happen kenzie." He said with a stressed face.

•Chapter 28•
*Skip 1 year*
(You are 18 yrs)
Y/m~y/n did u already pack up your stuff
Y/n~yes mom
Today I'm moving back to Virginia yesss😊 I missed my house, but first I need to talk to Joey I don't love him anymore I hope he understands me 😥
*Via txt*
Y/n~hey Joey
Jo~hey babe
Y/n~I need to talk to you
Y/n~meet me at the park in 10 mins
Jo~ok see you there😊
*End via txt*
Y/n~mom I'm going to the park I'll be back
Y/m~ok don't take too much
I walk to the park and I saw Joey in the bench
Jo~hey y/n
Y/n~hey Joey
Jo~so what do you want to talk about??
Y/n~ I want to break up with u
Jo~what??? Why???😱
Y/n~I don't love u anymore I hope you understand me I still love Jacob
Jo~ok 😔
Y/n~but we still can be friends
Jo~ok, well I have to go my mom is waiting for me
Y/n~ok bye
I went home and I'm finally leaving L.A
Your Pov
I miss a lot Virginia is my fav place bc I meet Jacob my ibf❤
End pov
We landed in Virginia
*Skip till home*
Y/n~finally home sweet home😻
Y/m~yess finally home
Y/d~yess I miss the bed a lot
Y/n~omg dad😂
Y/n~ok so I'm going upstairs to unpack my stuff
Y/d~ok 😂
I started to unpack my stuff then someone knocks the door
Y/m~honey someone came to visit you
Y/n~I'm coming
I go downstairs and I saw Jacob 😭
I run to him a hug him and I saw some roses🌹 in his hands
Y/n~omg Jacob I miss you a lot
J~me too I bring you this flowers
Y/n~thank but you don't have to
Y/n~when did u came back
J~ yesterday
Y/n~ I miss a lot
J~ me too, hey I bring some with me
J~y/n meet my new girlfriend Loren(@lorenxgray )
Your Pov
My heart just broke in 980765431352652 pieces 😭💔
end pov
Lo~hey y/n nice to meet you
Y/n~*fake smiling* nice to meet you too
What will happen next???
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Agora é 21:05, já estou pronta, coloquei um vestido preto, um sapato da mesma cor, deixei meu cabelo solto e passei uma maquiagem bem básica.
Alguém bateu na porta, abri.
JOÃO: Larissa.. [me olhou de cima a baixo]
LARISSA: Tô tão estranha assim?
JOÃO: Não, não.. Tipo..
Ele olhou pra mim e eu sorri.
JOÃO: Você é linda.
Entrei no carro, e em pouco instante estávamos lá, em frente a casa do Thomaz, o João entrou e eu fui atrás.
LARISSA: Meu Deus, João. [Falei meio que tensa]
JOÃO: Relaxa..
Um dos amigos do João veio até nós, ele parecia bêbado.
MATT: Poxa João, até q-que você não tem um péssimo gosto. [Me olhou de cima a baixo]
JOÃO: Cara, você tá horrível.
LARISSA: Eu.. Vou pegar uma água. [Olhei pro João, que assentiu]
Fui até a cozinha, e deparei com Thomaz e Rayssa (uma das amigas da Giovanna) se agarrando, se beijando.. sei lá o que era aquilo.
Tentei não ser vista, fui até um copo e peguei uma jarra que estava no balcão.
Estava virada pra eles.
THOMAZ: Essa água tá quente..
Me virei e Rayssa estava saindo da cozinha.
LARISSA: Você não cansa de iludir essas garotas não?
THOMAZ: Uall, até na minha própria festa, enfia o dedo na minha cara.
LARISSA: Não é questão de enfiar o dedo na sua cara, eu só quero que você enxerga o que faz.
Ele deu um sorriso cínico.
THOMAZ: Mas não me importa o que você quer, e sim o que eu quero.
Coloquei a água no meu copo e tomei um gole.
LARISSA: Você é egoísta.
Ele foi até a mim, e deu um sorrisinho irônico.
THOMAZ: Você não gosta de mim, e pra falar a verdade eu também não gosto de você. Então.. Não tem motivos para estarmos aqui conversando.
Não disse mais nada, ele apenas saiu da cozinha sem olhar pra trás.
Coloquei o copo no lugar, e assim que atravessei a porta da cozinha me esbarrei na Giovanna que estava com um copo de bebida na mão.
De primeiro olhei para o vestido dela e vi que era o mesmo que a moça da loja não deixou eu levar, e depois eu notei que com o nosso "esbarrão" o vestido dela ficou todo manchado.
LARISSA: Meu Deus.. Desculpa. // Continuo com +280 likes ❤ // #imaginejolari #imagnetholari #fanfics #tholari #jolari // Ativem as notificações ❤

PART 3!!
This part have more edits bc you have been waiting too much and you all deserved, tysm for all the love💖💖
If you want to be tagg just ask :)
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You: awh dont cry :')
Johnny: im not..😂 but i could've though-
You: idiot.
Johnny: oh you love this idiot, dont youu? :p
You: i-i do..😶
Johnny: h-huh (he gazed at you for awhile) oh, um right. The project's due on next MONTH so..
You: okay, lets just do this next week deal? \('.' )/
Johnny: deal :p
You: (the food arrived) um, John.. shouldn't you be sitting-
Johnny: across the table? Oh nah (you gave him the 'you better MOVE' look) okay.. you're creepy-
You: h-heyy, im nott😂
Johnny: wait, wouldn't it be great just so that i'd listen to all of your orders? :3
You: oh yea that's great :l
Johnny: you're so mean:(
You: wha-
Johnny: eat.
You: nah, you can have mine. Im not hungry..
Johnny: oh, cmon. You gotta eat something..
You: hm.. nah😔
Johnny: ohh i get it. you're wanting me to feed youu.. :p
You: what? Ew no (you quickly grabbed your spoon and chew on some food lol)
Johnny: being a responsible boyfriend keeping his own girlfriend alive, checked✅
You: ahaha-aww you idiot. that 'girlfriend' part tho-
Johnny: why? You like itt :p
You: no.
Johnny: girlfriend girlfriend girl-
You: shut it😂
Johnny: what? I know you love it -3- (you just smiled at him and he 'cutely' smiled back at ya | in the car)
You: woah-
Johnny: what?what's wrong-
You: nothing, im just..
Johnny: girlfriend, what's wrong?
You: aww😶 a little light-headed that's all- (he didn't say a word. He just made you lie your head on his shoulder)
Johnny: ugh.. it's all my fault. I should not have asked you to go out with me-
You: how can that be your fault? Im just a little light-headed, no biggie. We can still go there if you want-
Johnny: no, i dont want. All i want now is to see you rest.
You: .. im never going to regret having a boyfriend like you..
Johnny: h-huh? .....
👑what's your fav emoji?i'll be using it more in my stories if u want 😂❤👑
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• chapter(4) •
~ AnniesPOV ~
I turned my head to see Carson smiling at me. "Hey Annie" he hugged me and I hugged him back. "How come you look so happy on the first day back" I moved over a seat so he could sit down, "I'm so not happy about coming back to school are you crazy?" He sighed as those words came out of his mouth. "Sorry to burst your bubble but I am crazy" I giggled to myself and the the teacher shouted out are name and telling us to keep quiet, the next minute all eyes were on us. A couple minutes later the teacher let us off with are work and we had to do it in pairs so me and Carson decided to do the work together.
"So what did make you happy today then?" I said as taking a look at the papers in front of us. "Coming to this lesson and seeing someone" I looked up to him to see a wide smirk appear on his face. "Who is this someone?" I stopped what I did and he looked me dead on in the eyes. "You" he was still looking into my eyes at this point, I was shocked that he was happy to see me like out of all of the people he has talked to today. "Are you sure your talking to the right person Carson" I giggled to myself "I'm 100% sure that I'm talking about Annie Leblanc" I felt his hand rest on my shoulder and I placed my hand on top of his. "I honestly don't know what you see in my Carson" I said as I gave out a sigh.
Without a warning he pulled his hand from under mine and looked down at his feet, I turn my head to see what the problem was. My eyes landed on Hayden, he was looking at us dead on his eyes like he wanted to kill someone, was he the reason for why that just happened. "You okay?" I asked as I pulled his chin as I looked him in the eyes, "He thinks he owns me and it pisses me off Annie" he looked right into my eyes and then turned back to see Hayden stare at me, he didn't blink he just stared right into my soul. "Forget about him, he being stupid" I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.
For the rest of the lesson we planned out are duet we were going to do at the end of term together, I was going to be the singer and Carson was in charge of the beat. I would still look over to see him stare at me dead on in the eyes...
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Jo: y/n i know you just got out of a break up and I know it wasn't right to stalk you but I really like you and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?💙😬
Your pov
Well..... yes he's hot and pretty nice not to forget really smart but my friends would think of me as a slut😔
I'll give him a chance but I hope they don't think that.
End of pov
Joeys pov
I can't explain how I feel about her she is so beautiful 😍 i hope she said yes!
End of pov
Y: Joey I will but, I'm scared people will think a slut
Jo: y/n breaking up with 2 boys because of them then being with another who won't break your heart is not being a slut plus your fans never knew about Mario 😌
Y: your right wanna go live and tell them?
Jo: yesss || we setup near the bunks and go live nearly 8k + people arrive||
Fan1: omg are y'all dating?!😩😍
Fan2:eww why are you here with that ugly ass boy (joey)
Fan3: awww #/y\oey ~
Y: hey guys I'm here with Joey!! Jo: hey guys
Y:we want to tell you something!
Jo: me and y/n are......
Y+jo: dating!!
Jacobs pov
I was going to my bunk bed to get my charger but then I saw y/n and Joey broadcasting so I decided to eavesdrop I wished I never had done that 😪 I lost y/n
End of pov
Y: hey j
I feel hella bad for Aaron 🙁
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-please give credits-
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"I want this,this,this..." you pointed on the delicious food on the menu. " y/n ah,I think those should be enough for both of us" jungkook said with a worried face "why do u eat so much?" He continued. "I always eat this much,don't u know ?" You said "Are you sick? Or are you pregnant?" Jungkook said as you look at him in shook "we should wear protection last night" he continued while looking at your cherry red cheeks "did I do it too hard?"he said in no embarrassment. "ARE YOU KIDDING?" You said as he smirk "you're making me embarrassed".

Should I start doing fanfics? Maybe tomorrow ?...
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I miss got7 I need a comeback ❤️ QOTD : Of you could be any of the members for a day who would you be?
I would like to be yugyeom even tho Jackson is my bae. It's just that for once in my life I want to be able to dance and not look like a dying chicken when I try to 😂💗
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Esta Yomi 7w7 ~Pandicornio🐼~
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《Comment "more" below for chapter 11》
*a week later the doctor comes in*
Doctor:Ms.carter we have enough results...
Mother:oh please tell me-
Doctor:you survived cancer!!!
Y/n:omg congrats mom!
Mother:omg thank you so much *two days later your mom leaves the hospital and your father takes you back to LA*
Y/n:wait father...?
Y/n:how long are we gonna be in LA?
Father:most of the time
Y/n:but what about traveling?
Father:I didn't get to telling you but I'm jacobs new director!
Y/n:so wait you direct all his videos?
Father:yep but I still direct a few others as well
Y/n:that's awesome
Father:yep now that we're back in LA go Visit jacob
Y/n:I think he hates me...
Father:doubt it he kept talking to me about you when I was talking to him
Y/n:dad...that was a week ago
Father:come on just give it a chance he's off tour for a bit
Y/n:okay fine...
*you walk over to jacobs house and knock on the door and someone very unfamiliar opens up*
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My heart keeps going back n forth between SeoHan & MinSeo, but guess what? Thanks to @seohyun_pairings , I can finally make up my mind on being loyal to one couple hehe, but only for today😁💕💕💕 she surprised me with some shocking news of SeoHan yesterday, I was at work when I read her messages n omg I was in cloud nine throughout the entire day, my heart felt like it is going to explode inside🙂😊😄💕
It seems like Luhan have changed his ideal type recently, im sorry if it's not on focus or unclear but if you can see on the pic above Luhan went in for an interview not sure what kind of interview is that but there is a question in which Luhan has to answer, @seohyun_pairings found this in a book she bought therefore it is written in malay language, I manage to understand the question n translate it. Not sure if it's exactly right but here it goes.
🌸 the interviewer: "How about your ideal type? Does the criteria of your ideal girl still the same as it was 5 years ago? 🌸 Luhan : Absolutely different! As far as I remember, I used to say I like someone with big eyes, white skin, small face and lips. I was totally obsessed with the idea of a girl with long hair. But ever since now, I've found out about an actress from another country which has a short hair, I find her very beautiful. And because of that, I can finally open up my heart to girls with short hair. Wonder why I was too obsessed in girls with long hair few years back. Hahaha!"
Can I just ask why Luhan always ends his sentence with 'hahaha' ?? 😅😅😄
Even his weibo update sometimes he ends it with that small laughter😁💕 he is a fun going person🌸🌸🌸
"I know an actress from another country with short hair and I found her very beautiful." Okaaaaaaaay.....😁😅 wow I didnt know Luhan can still be this obvious after all these years... lol I wonder if he watch Seohyun's drama bad thief?? 😁😊 'an actress with short hair?' We all know Seohyun cut her hair short bcs of the new drama she got in and now Luhan stated in a recent interview saying that he prefer short hair girls instead of long hair girls now?? 😄💕💕💕 (more in comments)

That awkward moment when you read a good fanfiction and you don't know what to do with your life anymore pt.2
*crying in the corner*
VK is killing me af, thank you my writer friend, Nana

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The Look Of Love (part 4)
She was still very nervous but she smiled back to him charmingly. They started to talk more and they ordered the meals. Then Madonna noticed that Sean was looking at her. "I have to say that you look stunning!" Sean said again. "Thank you...but Sean to be honest why did you want to meet me.. I mean this is kinda wei-" Sean interrupted her. "I just want you to know.. I mean.. I still have..To be honest i still have feelings for you and.." he explained and Madonna was looking at him. They both suddenly quiet and just stared at each others. Sean became closer to Madonna and touch her hand tenderly. Then he looked at her lips. Her lips were beautifully red. "Red as always" he thought. Sean couldn't resist. He kissed Madonna, she kissed him back.
Madonna looked into Seans eyes and said " why did you do that? You have a wife" Madonna looked down and waited for Sean to answer "M, i..i still love you, I can't stop thinking about you" she caressed Madonna's cheek and smiled. Madonna blushed and smiled at Sean "you know I'll always love you Sean" she smiled and gave him a quick kiss on his lips, she got up and looked at Sean "i gotta go" she left the restaurant and went back home. Madonna didn't know what to do, she had a thing with Kevin but at the same time she has strong feelings for Sean, she sat on her bed and few tears fell down her cheek, she got a message from Kevin saying "hey M, I'm coming to your place asap!" She quickly wiped her tears off and changed into comfortable outfit and texted Kevin back "alright see ya soon!"
A few moments later the doorbell rang. "Im coming honey!" She shouted and opened the door... and there was Sean standing at the door! "Wha-what are you doin here..?" Madonna asked. She was really surprised and nervous. She knew Kevin could be there any moment. "Listen to me M. I am really sorry about what happened today.. ya know when I have wife and everything.. ya know Im so sorry for her too and I wanna be honest." Madonna tried to keep him out of the house cause she didn't want Kevin to see Sean there. "I know what you meant. Now if you please.. Someone is coming here soon and you should just leave, its over Sean"

PART 3!!
This part have more edits bc you have been waiting too much and you all deserved, tysm for all the love💖💖
If you want to be tagg just ask :)
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Chapter 12
Annie's pov
The next day I woke up and Hayden was asleep, he looked so adorable. He woke up and kissed me as we stood up. We got breakfast and went out to my deck and sat there looking at the water. It taunted me. I felt terrified from it and it made me sick. I ran to the bathroom and threw up crying. Hayden ran into the bathroom and rubbed my back in circles comforting me. I told him how afraid the water made me just looking at it. He told me that we need to quit our lifeguard job. I said "I agree" but then was confused. "Why did you say we, you don't have to quit for me" I said. But I am going to and we are going to find a job together he said then kissed my forehead.
Hayden pov
All afternoon Annie and I did online applications for jobs nearby. We ended up having an interview tomorrow at a school supply store.
Such a boring and short chapter I'm sorry 😂 comment more for another chapter! THX FOR 100 FOLLOWERS AHHHH❤️❤️❤️ #hannie #hanniefanfic #hannierules #hannieisreal #fanfics

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