We’re screening our tv show pilot FANDEMONIUM on June 4th and YOU’RE invited! If you’re in the Atlanta area come out and see it. You MUST RSVP for the event, very limited seating and you will be turned away if you show up without reserving a ticket. #fandemonium #tvshow #pilot

I had the wonderful opportunity to play the “fanatic” mom on this show! RSVP ASAP for the showing! #actress #actresslife #actresses #agientertainment @jbrandinjay thank you! #fandemonium

Argentina are you ready!!!!! Whose going to be at Lollapalooza???? DM us if u want to hang out in Buenos Aires 😎 ✌🏽 #fandemonium

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A new vlog is up and posted! All on our time at the @smokiesbaseball stadium fir the fandemonium! Click the link in the bio to check it out!

The @rds_gp track walk gets way out of hand after driver intros! They let ALL the fans come onto the track to meet the drivers and get up close to their cars. Awesome energy and excitement from everyone! @lawntang braved the crowds to get you this harrowing footage. #RDS #RDSGP #drifting #fandemonium

✌🏽& ❤️ from our favorite San Fran local #fandemonium

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Happy #NSYNC Day. @nsync is getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today and it’s been #fandemonium since yesterday. Part of me wishes I could be there in person, but I’m just not ready for Comic Con type of lines and fangirling right now lol. I had to dig up this CD for today #itsgonnabemay LOL. Congrats #JustinTimberlake #JCChasez #JoeyFatone #LanceBass and #ChrisKirkpatrick Thank you for all the years of #music and memories ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

a realidade já tá aí batendo forte na minha porta mass esses encontros/reencontros são tão marcantes que fica um negócio difícil aterrissar no momento presente.
aos que já eram meus amigos e até aos que eu acabei de conhecer, estar com vocês é se sentir acolhida e aceita. até arrisco dizer: é sentir muito mais acolhimento e aceitação mesmo estando um tanto distante de casa. é amorrrr.
foi só um dia. um dia daqueles que não se vive todo dia.
gratíssima, cês serviram de espelho pra mim.
e ahhh
isso é só um até logo hein!!! @chilipeppers sempre proporcionando experiências incríveis ❤️
#lovelovelove #fandemonium #rhcpbr

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