Ready to start working out again!!!! Created this fun way! Each I will pull a rock with a number on it and pull that card for the workout. Over time I will add more cards! I’ll post each day on my Instagram stories my work out if you would like to join me in a healthy lifestyle!

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Fancy equipment isn't necessary for a challenging workout ! Shell out hundreds of dollars for high-end training equipment or try this effective routine that uses a single weight plate. Want to know how ? See you tomorrow for the next video.
Un équipement dernier cri n'est pas nécessaire !
Dépensez des centaines d'euros pour un équipement haut de gamme ou essayez cette efficace routine qui n'utilise qu'un seul poids. Vous voulez savoir comment? Rendez-vous demain pour la prochaine vidéo.

My second time🙄#summer#letsliftsomeweights


What a Bei!😅🥊
Loot at your posture now 😊

16 hrs of fasting ✌️
Feeling pump 😅

Trying 😅

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