It's raining so much in Orlando that I feel like a fish😂
Top: The Distinguished Gentleman (the better of the 2 for me)
Bottom: Hokkaido Roll (a little too sweet and rich imo)

You’re my soy mate, to go, on a rainy Friday night. 🍣

Hello favorite sushi place! 🍣
This was my third time here and my favorite rolls are still the 'Hidden Agenda' and 'Body and Soul' 😋
Also, did I mention that it's completely vegan 🙌
#shizensushi #fancysushi

The beautiful @mthielen is in town and she took out for a #fancysushi dinner 🍱😍

Yummy #sushi at the new #fancysushi by us.

Trying the new Omakase sushi place downstairs. Not a bad place to get a sushi fix #omakase #fancysushi #torontoeats #notabadprice #sushifix

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