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Yesterday, we photographed 11 adoptable dogs (from 7 different local rescue groups) at our @bkbrigade studio. Watch my stories before they disappear to see behind the scenes! I can't wait to share all of the photos from the shoot and help all of these precious pups find their forever homes. Huge thanks to photographer @epicureanemily, @fosterdogsnyc for organizing the rescues, @erinsolari for set design, and @hollywang and our volunteers for all their help. Best day ever! #adoptdontshop #famousfosters #fosterdogsnyc

PS Coco stole the show again. #YouGoPupCoco

It's official! The very adorable 7 year old Charlie got ADOPTED!! πŸ’™πŸΆπŸ™ŒπŸ½ Little Charlie was originally found alone in an apartment building. He hadn't been properly cared for in awhile and was severely matted. So bad so that he had to be sedated in order to be shaved down. When we met Charlie at the city shelter he was trembling in his cage and nervous about everything. So many life changes for this little guy. Charlie was pulled by @shelterchic rescue and became part of our new #famousfosters program with @fosterdogsnyc. He was fostered by the amazing @ohlittleasianone who helped spread his story far and wide!

Jesse saw Charlie's story and her family was immediately drawn to him. They've always had two shih tzus, Chloe and Bailey, and when Chloe passed away recently it was a very difficult loss for them. And especially for Bailey. Jesse knew the next dog who came into their family would be a rescue, but she was surprised and nervous about considering adoption so soon. But as Jesse learned, it's not about replacing, it's about healing. Charlie has found the most loving and patient home and we are so thankful for them!

Jesse wrote, "I chose Charlie because, of course, his face is irresistible. But mostly because after losing my Chloe, our Bailey's sadness was heartbreaking. He has never know a day without her. We needed him to have a companion. I also believe that Chloe sent us Charlie. So many little things say so, like the fact that they both share the same two letters of their name. And the morning I was going to visit Charlie I woke up with anxiety and doubt. I almost texted to say that I changed my mind but then a post came across my Pinterest that truly sounded like it was sent to me from Chloe. She knows that Charlie is going to heal my family a lot quicker with him around. We will not forget her but we will have some comfort with this new addition that needs a lot of love.
Charlie is a cuddle bug, small but super confident. He is so sweet, smart and a good listener. I know with time him and Bailey will be best buds. They already look like siblings. In just two days we all love him already. He is a thief of hearts." ❀️ #seniordog #adopted

New post on the blog (link in my bio) all about Coco and how you can apply to adopt her. Tag a dog lover in the comments and ask them to share her story, so we can find her a great home! I'll pick a random commenter to receive a package full of makeup in the mail, as a thank you for spreading the word. Read more about Coco on keikolynn.com and apply to adopt through @beastlyrescue (direct link to her page is in my post). #YouGoPupCoco #adoptdontshop #fosterdog #famousfosters

Keiko and I have joined up with @FosterDogsNYC to help bring awareness to a belief that we hold very dear - #adoptdontshop.
Recently, we took in little Coco, an 8 year old little sweetheart, that is looking for a permanent home. She's housetrained, hasn't barked yet! and is completely awesome around our own little rescue, @mikupup, and our cats. She loves baths, long walks and belly rubs and is waiting for your help.
We, along with @SusiesSeniorDogs, hope that you'll share this post with your friends to help us find her a forever home. #famousfosters

When @susiesseniordogs and @fosterdogsnyc dognyc contacted me to do fostering many concerns came to my mind. Some of them were if Mochi would get jealous or what if the other dog eats Mochi's food?
Well, Mochi hasn't been jealous or territorial with Dorito at all. And when it comes to food...it didn't cross my mind that the issue would happen the other way around! Mochi is committed to eat all Shay's food πŸ™„.
Dorito is definitely not the best eater and Mochi is happily eating for the two of them. I spend my days trying to prevent Mochi from starving little Dorito πŸ˜‘.
@animalhaven is accepting applications for Shay's (Dorito's) adoption. If you are interested please email dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org
<desliza la imagen para ver la viΓ±eta en espaΓ±ol>
Cuando @susiesseniordogs y @fosterdogsnyc dognyc me contactaron para que acogiera a un perro me vinieron muchas dudas a la cabeza. Entre muchas otras me preguntaba si Mochi se pondrΓ­a celoso o que pasarΓ­a si el otro perro se le comise la comida.
Para mi sorpresa Mochi no ha sido nada celoso con Dorito. Y en cuanto a la comida, nunca se me pasΓ³ por la cabeza que la cosa irΓ­a al revΓ©s! Mochi se ha puesto como objetivo comerse toda la comida de Shay πŸ™„.
Dorito no es que coma mucho, ni muy rΓ‘pido, y Mochi estΓ‘ feliz de comer por dos. Me paso los dΓ­as intentando que Mochi no mate de hambre a la pobrecita Dorito πŸ˜‘.
@animalhaven estΓ‘ aceptando solicitudes para adoptar a Shay. Si estΓ‘s interesad@ por favor envΓ­a un mail a dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org

πŸŽ₯ SSD and @fosterdogsNYC is so excited to announce the newest #famousfosters hosts - @157ofgemma + Mochi! 8 year old Shay Nieves (in Gemma's arms) is up for adoption and @157ofgemma has so generously offered to take little Shay in to give her a comfy foster pad while (comically) sharing about their fostering experience. @157ofgemma creates some pretty hilarious and relatable comic dog scenes and has quite the devoted following. What a great chance to spread the senior dog adoption word! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ Shay Nieves was originally surrendered to the local city shelter when her former owner became very ill. She was then pulled by @animalhaven in collaboration with @fosterdogsnyc. Shay was very matted and needed an emergency grooming, but she is as sweet as can possibly be. πŸ’ž She's had a lot of changes going on the past few weeks and the shelter was a very scary place for her (one of the volunteers described that in her kennel Shay "makes herself very small, flat to the bottom of her den, her two lovely eyes peering despite themselves through a curtain of hair.") Shelters can be incredibly stressful for some dogs and this little one is so lucky to be out of there now. Shay Nieves, welcome to the #FamousFosters club! Thank you @157ofgemma & Mochi for fostering her!! And head on over and follow their page for the foster journey with Shay Nieves! πŸ€— To adopt Shay Nieves, email @animalhaven at dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org to submit an application. ❀️ #seniordog #fosterdog #newyork #adoptme

We are fostering Shay Nieves (aka Dorito) while she is looking for her forever home.
She is a very sweet tiny senior dog. She is only 11lb and 8yr old. She came into our life through @susiesseniordogs and @fosterdogsnyc.
@animalhaven is accepting applications for her adoption.
Her owner got very sick and couldn't take care of her anymore. When she arrived at the shelter her hair was matted but thankfully she got a nice makeover! Her fur is beautiful and very soft now. Besides that, you can tell she was well treated in her previous life. She is very sweet, loooooooves to cuddle and be pet. She is friendly, well behaved, fast learner and good listener.
She always follow people around is ridiculously low maintenance.
We hope she finds a great family that gives her all the love she deserves. If you want to adopt her please email @animalhaven at dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org ❀️🏠
Tenemos a Shay Nieves (para nosotros Dorito) de acogida mientras busca una familia que la adopte permanentemente.
Es una perrita minΓΊscula y muy dulce. Pesa casi 5kg y tiene 8 aΓ±os. Nos llegΓ³ a travΓ©s de @susiesseniordogs y @fosterdogsnyc
@animalhaven estΓ‘ aceptando solicitudes para su adopciΓ³n.
Su antiguo "dueΓ±o" se puso muy enfermo y no la podΓ­a cuidar mΓ‘s. LlegΓ³ a la protectora con muchos nudos en el pelo pero por suerte le hicieron un cambio de look! Ahora tiene el pelo muy bonito y suave. A parte de eso se puede ver que la trataron bien. Le encantan los mimos, siempre nos sigue a todas partes. Es super cariΓ±osa y se porta muy bien. Aprende muy rΓ‘pido, responde y estΓ‘ bien enseΓ±ada. Es exageradamente fΓ‘cil de cuidar, necesita bien poco.
Esperamos encontrarle una familia que le dé todo el amor que se merece. Si estÑs interesad@ en adoptarla por favor envía un email a @animalhaven a dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org ❀️🏠

#famousfosters is even MORE famous now! Thanks @dogsofinstagram and @susiesseniordogs ! :: "Meet Shay Nieves! She goes by Shay for short. This little 8 year old cutie pie is up for adoption in the NYC area. Shay has recently gone through many life changes yet she still remains as sweet as can be. Shay was surrendered to the public shelter when her former owner fell very ill and could no longer properly care for her. Shay was matted and dirty, but it's apparent she has been loved for most of her life. She is very friendly with humans and loves to roll over for belly rubs and will even 'paw' at you for more pets. SO cute. Shay weighs in at only 11 pounds; she sometimes gets scared of bigger dogs but she is friendly and very good with dogs closer to her size. She is currently being fostered with another dog (check out @157ofgemma for more pics!) and they love going on walks around Brooklyn together. Shay is affectionate and loves to be near people, but she also loves taking naps and will happily snooze the day away while you work. She's quite low-maintenance. Shay recently had a vet exam and was given a very good report. She has many good years ahead of her -- she just needs a forever family to live them with! Shay is currently being fostered through @fosterdogsNYC; and she is available for adoption through @animalhaven located at 200 Centre Street, SoHo, NYC. Email dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org to submit your application" - @susiesseniordogs #fosterdogsnyc #adoptme #fosterdog

πŸ“½πŸ˜πŸ’‹ So much amazing here!! Jesse (the human) bought her first two shih tzus at the pet store. Charlie (a #famousfosters graduate of @ohlittleasianone & @fosterdogsnyc) is Jesse's first rescue dog, who happens to be a #shihtzu from the @nycacc, rescued by @shelterchic! And Jesse and her entire family could not be more smitten with this adorable little fella! 😍 Jesse lost her female shih tzu Chloe just a few weeks ago. And when her male shih tzu Bailey was showing signs of depression and grieving she wanted to try adopting him a buddy. Although some family members were originally skeptical of a shelter dog, Jesse and her family met 7 year old Charlie...and then they never looked back! This cutie had originally arrived at the shelter covered with severe matting with feces and other needs. And now with Jesse he'll never have to worry a day in his life again. THANK YOU, @cruzingcruzs!! 😍😍😍 #seniordog #adoptdontshop #adoptdontbreed


BROOKLYN, NY: What a glamour girl! And she needs an adopter! β˜€οΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ 9 year old Coco is part of our special #famousfosters program with @fosterdogsnyc and she is still up for adoption. Being a #famousfosters dog means that while little Coco is looking for her forever home she gets to spend her days in a comfy home with social media stars @keikolynn + @thisfellow -- how lucky! And although she is very much enjoying her stay in their home, Coco just wants to move on from being a "house guest" to someone's permanent family member. She is gentle, precious, and oh-so-special! Coco is waiting for someone to apply to adopt her today. And if you cannot adopt, PLEASE SHARE! πŸ˜ŽπŸ–βœŒπŸ½ @beastlyrescue writes, "At approximately 9 years old and 22 pounds, Coco is the sweetest and gentlest little pup. She currently shares her foster home in #Brooklyn with another dog and cat and is happy to have their company but at the same time, just as happy to nap the day away moving from dog bed to dog bed within the home.
Coco's senior vet workup revealed that she has thyroid disease which can be easily controlled with daily medication. Coco also has a bacterial infection which has caused sores on her skin. Because of this, we cannot have Coco groomed until it is all cleared up. Coco loves laps, loves treats and loves meal time. She eats up all her food then is content to lay back down and snooze. She enjoys walking too and does all her business out on the street.
Coco would do best in a quiet home with someone who is looking for a friend to spend nights with in front of the TV. Even though she loves children, because of her tender old age and the fact that she can get startled out of a deep sleep, we don't prefer to place her with any. We want to make Coco's last several years extremely loved ones." To adopt Coco, please email @beastlyrescue at beastlyrescue@gmail.com with any questions. An adoption application is required. (Photo by @epicureanemily.) ❀️ #seniordog #fosterdog #adoptme #newyork #adoptdontshop

Will the sun β˜€οΈ come out in New York today? Coco sure hopes so! β›±
Thanks to @fosterdogsnyc and her #FamousFosters @keikolynn and @thisfellow for this fun-filled (and sun-filled) beachy photoshoot! 😚
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