I swear this girl belongs in Hollywood 💖😂 Eliana has always been super head-strong and not afraid to express how she’s feeling. Her ‘terrible 2’s ‘ tantrums were fairly epic and they seemed to be getting worse as we approach her 3rd birthday. However I joked recently about reading her a book about dealing with angry feelings and sarcastically felt that the message wouldn’t get through to her, but I think it actually did! I explained to her what a tantrum is and the things she does - like kicking and screaming - when she’s having one. She really understood and now we can talk about it before it happens.⠀
I guess the lesson here is to never underestimate your child’s ability to understand and process messages that we otherwise would have thought were too advanced for them. ⠀

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Hey friends 🤗
So you may think this is another post about fitting into a pair of shorts .. and in a way it is 🤔

But honestly it's about Soo much more than that- it represents a battle that's been being fought 💪 for a year!
See these shorts used to fit. I bought them 2 years ago at our Coach Summit. At the point I had kept the forty pounds I lost in 2013 off for 3 years... I had found awesome balance in my life, paid off debt and built an awesome team of like minded rockstar Momma's!
I didn't know then that I would hit a wall in my health and fitness journey😣 ✴️That I would make a poor choice with birth control causing a sudden 10+ pound weight gain, brain fog and extreme fatigue 😴 ✴️That G would get severe debilitating migraines leading us both to chiropractic care ✴️ That Brent would find his anxiety flairing up like never before a simple fixes would not be the answer this time

All these "events" have lead to a year of fighting. Of being okay with not pushing my body like I used to, changing the way I eat again and believing in supplementation (thankful for a great company to get it from), seeking out new doctors, mentors and most importantly not giving up. Not giving up even when I lost and gained the same 5 pounds over and over (sometimes in 24 hours), not giving up when our adjustments ate into our savings, not giving up when we had to say no to events that were just too stressful!
Today I realized that although I'm not all the way back to where I was when I bought these shorts, I'm pretty darn close! ⭐ I have a supplement and nutrition plan that has me Soo close to my happy weight and I have energy and no more brain fog!! ⭐ Garrett's been headache free for 6 months!! ⭐ Anxiety is Not controlling our day to day lives anymore!
I don't know what your fight is right now, maybe your friends don't either (I know many of mine didn't) but please know I'm here, I get it and I promise to never stop trying, ever! I'm here for you friend 😍

Having my Recover after Day 51, AAA! I have most of mine and Wyatt’s packing done for our Vacation! It’s going to be so nice to get away for a while! #vacationbound #gettingaway #familytimes #stayingontrack
Going Going
Back Back
To Cali Cali!

Little cheeky smiles .. in between being a true 2 year old ! Not seeing my little love as much these days is hard but she is always so happy.. well almost always.. #hardwork #worthwhile #familytimes #precious #love #family #smiles #cheeky #loveher

Thankful to have family with a pool on this hot day. The boys and I enjoyed spending family time with them while cooking off during this scorcher of a day. My after sun lotion I made with lavender, peppermint and coconut oils will be coming in handy that’s for sure! 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ #oilylife #pooldays #heatwaves #loungingbythepool #justatadburnt #casperlegs #familytimes #younglivingessentialoils #aftersun #illfeelittomorrow #beoutside #enjoylifetothefullest #boymom #momofboys #boymomma #funinthesun😎 #summerdays☀️ #cooloff #poolview

Fucking get in... job done!! Fair play Kane delivered. A World Cup is about winning games but it was also a good performance... happy days 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #worldcup #england #buzzing #tunveng #boom #familytimes #teamgibbo #whitehartbagshot

Summer is fun (especially if you only have a short period to enjoy the time)! Remember your sunblock and hat...

Going to aquariums is one of their favorite things to do. It’s so fun to see how excited they get about all the different animals and fish 🐠

Graduation day! Just the first of many pics he’s gonna have to stand for today... #graduation2018🎓🎉👏

38'C Jacuzzi without the heater! #dubaisummer #familytimes #relaxing

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