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Noah doesn't really draw much at home so you can imagine our surprise when we were informed he will be presented with an artist of his cohort this semester. That he had to go to the front during assembly and get on stage to collect his badge. Today, during the parents teacher meeting in school, we noticed an exhibition going on in the school library and there we found more of Noah's work. Ha. I now have it as my phone's wallpaper. 😏
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Wanna hear a little insider information? I’ve been on the hunt for an office/studio space! I’m hoping to have something secured by the end of the year—that’s my goal. I just want to find the perfect space with lots of light. ❤️ Stay tuned!

I love kisses!!! ❤️😘🐰

Why are you look so grumpy? 😠

Memorial Day Weekend = Sunshine & Bottles 🥂😎

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

happy giggles...
I love candid photography. You get sweet moments like this; unposed, natural, and beautiful.
Sometimes poses take away the emotion. The most interesting photography shows emotion captured.
I'm not against posing but would like to learn more about directing subjects into a mood rather than telling them where to put their limbs.
When it just happens naturally like this is the best...

Five years ago on the same exact date, I photographed her parent’s wedding! On this day, she was the star. Meet two week old, Alexandra 😊 #littledunksphoto

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