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I love this series of images of Callum. I decided to bring a set of background cloth with me to the location, thinking and hoping that I would be able to keep the kids’ attention long enough that I could sneak in a ‘studio’ portrait session at their home. And glad I did! In this series, Callum and I chatted (while I kept pressing the camera’s shutter button) about animals we like and we dislike. He told me a story about the farm animals that they have in their farm. At one point he shared with me that he doesn’t like sheep that much because he was once ‘bumped’ by one of them... and that was when my camera captured his sad-looking face in one of the images here. I just love talking to kids and photograph their genuine, innocent expressions! #portret #portretfotografie #portraitphotographynetherlands #photographerdenhaag #fotodenhaag #fotograafdenhaag #portraitphotographer #photopainting #familyphotography #familyphotographydenhaag #familyphotographythehague #familyphotographynetherlands #familyphotographymalaysia #familyfotografie #familyphotos #familyfotos #familyportrait #familyportraitsession #familyportraiture #familyportraitphotography #familyportraitphotographynetherland

I spent my beautiful sunny Sunday morning doing another fun-filled family photoshoot, a short 20mins drive from where I live. Femke and Callum are such joy to photograph, and I love all the images from the session with the family. When photographing kids, I mostly go with the flow and follow the rhythm and mood the kids, while trying to be a couple of steps ahead with some ideas and my set up, in order to be ready for any golden fleeting opportunities that may (or may not) come up - but I was very lucky with these two. They are up for anything and the parents were super helpful too! Do share your number 1 tip photographing kids so we all could learn from each other. More pics will follow. #familyportraitsession #portret #portretfotografie #portraitphotographynetherlands #photographerdenhaag #fotodenhaag #fotograafdenhaag #portraitphotographer #photopainting #familyphotography #familyphotographydenhaag #familyphotographythehague #familyphotographynetherlands #familyphotographymalaysia #familyfotografie #familyphotos #familyfotos #familyportrait #familyportraitsession #familyportraiture #familyportraitphotography #familyportraitphotographynetherland

Looking into these eyes I see a boy with a heart almost too big for his body. A six year old heart that loves every living thing so tenderly. ⠀

He is the kid that stops to save a snail rather than crunch it. The kid that has to relocate 15 worms on the driveway before I reverse the car. You melt me kiddo xx Thanks for being my little lighting test model 😘 ⠀


If you would like to capture some photos of your child that say something about them, please get in touch. Sessions can be moody and still or action packed and messy! To me, it's all about catching your child being them. Give them photos to look back at that capture them at that time in their life. You can come to me at the studio or I'll come to you. ⠀

#laurenmurphyphotography #lowkeyportrait #myblueeyedboy

My SIL, Jamie, is a saint. She carried our sweet triplet nephews until 35 weeks and 1 day, and persevered through infancy while her husband was in his residency!!!😲 Now, the triplets are almost 8 yo, and we can't keep up with her!! They're always somewhere doing something that's loads of fun. Seriously, this childless, young couple can't hang...but we’re so proud (and in awe, ha!).

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