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Детский и семейный фотограф 📷 Елена Миленина
Мои работы по таинству крещения
Остальные работы по детской и семейной съёмке смотрите в основном профиле @elena_milenina_photo

Мамочки - красавицы 😊
Детский и семейный фотограф📷 Елена Миленина
Здесь вы увидите все мои работы по детской 👶 и семейной фотографии 👪
Если вас интересует съёмка крещения - подробнее можно посмотреть в специальном профиле @elena_milenina.kreshcheniye
Фотосессии беременности на @mimi___photo

So happy to spend the day with the fam! A rare break from the usual weekend activities ✨💛 Thanks for my favorite pic @daniellepoffphoto 😘 @calypsostbarth @californiaranchevents #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #motherhood #motherhoodmoments

100% enchanted by this sweet 'n' fierce face...which does *not* have chicken pox! Whatever the mystery spots were, they are pretty much gone, and we commence this week as regular members of society! 🎉
#rejoice #ohhappyday #hiphiphooray

thank goodness the rain decided to not show up today! Kristina + Rob's beautiful wedding at @jorgensenfarms - y'all did an amazing job!! 📸 @thehowardbrand


Май. Нанюхалась я сегодня сирени на алом поле. Прям стояла головой в сирени минут 10 😂😂😂😂

Sneak Peak of The Lester Wedding yesterday 😍 #meetthelesters

"She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" ✨

I just love getting to see families grow! I've been capturing this sweet bundle since he was just a baby bump! Jackson, YOU are amazing!! Are you interested in booking a session for your family or little bundle of JOY? Contact me to learn more about booking a custom portrait session! Delight Photography only takes a limited number of sessions each month so don't wait to get on our schedule!! Delight Photography's studio is located at 1234 N. 4th Street in Abilene, Texas

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Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Butterfly kisses with mom 💞🦋

Have you ever had a book change your life? For the bookworms out there, you know what I mean. You may become more empathetic, more intelligent or more imaginative. You may be a totally different person when you start a book then when you end it. It’s all about the experiences we have that shape us. Drop a book recommendation, in the comments below, that has changed your life. Tell me what you are ‘more of’ since your last read. What are you currently reading? #klassicphotographyreads #klassicphotography #kpreads #bookworm

Sleeping in extra late this morning. Because this little girl + all her running around yesterday played Aunty right out. #letthembelittle

I've been working a whole lot lately and that "mom guilt" is totally kicking in. I think I'll spend tomorrow getting some quality time in with L&B. We all need it. #lifewithlandb

Sundays are for mastering your new bike. 🚴🏻 #missedfocus #stilllove 😍📸

Use code "Memorial" to get 30% off your purchase ! Now through Monday. We have bows for every occasion of different styles and sizes ! ❤️ link on the bio ⬆️

Long ways up! This horse is huge!
By the way, if you want some pictures of you working your horses (not just barrel horses 😉) at home, I would love to come out and work with you! #sarahreesephoto #westtexasphotographer #lubbockphotographer #lubbock #lubbocktx #familyphotographer #equinephotographer #seniorphotographer #lifestylephotography #westernlifestylephotographer #westernlifestyle #barrelracing #barrelhorse #runninmreins

This squishy snuggle puff was just too sweet!!

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