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Derrick & PJ at the Bulls and Celtics game ❤️.

You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy❣️-Garth Brooks. 📸 by @bryanbrndn.
#familyof3 #lovethem #familyovereverything
Ps: Ethan's romper is from @patpatshopping, get 18% off use code : patpat18off. BTW new video is now uploading guys!🤗 should be up soon! Aku tinggal tidur dulu ya tapi, udah ngantuk disini midnight hehe love you all! 😘💛

I Wanna give a BIG CONGRATS to my Sister @nursekaylala and my Brother @2fromthedoux9 for getting Married this Weekend and For letting me be a part of your special day!! It will be something I will Hold with me FOREVER and I Will ALWAYS Love Yaw for that!! Thank You! 😌 #familyovereverything

Доброе утро мои родные люди, добре утро, всем тем кого вы любите✌.
Мои крохи спят, пушкой не разбудишь, но я знаю подход к ним )) А, вообще, сегодня очень крутой день, потому что воскресение, это значит что мы идём в церковь всей семьёй, ну и неделька тоже сулит быть интересной, наши друзья уезжают в командировку и попросили нас пожить у них, с их детьми😂, наши + их, короче, я думаю будет очень весело!! Ну а сразу после приезжает моя мама с племянниками 🙈, ну вы все сами понимаете - дни будут насыщенными ))Ладно всем самых лучших выходных.
Лова от Орлова!
Good morning my dear people, good morning, all those you love. "
My crumbs are asleep, you can not wake a cannon, but I know the approach to them)) And, in general, today is a very cool day, because the resurrection means that we go to church with the whole family, well, a week also promises to be interesting, our friends are leaving On a business trip and asked us to stay with them, with their children наши, our + them, in short, I think it will be very fun !! Well, right after my mom arrives with nephews 🙈, well, you all understand - the days will be full)) Okay, all the best days off.
Lov from Orlov!

Räknar ned dagarna tills vi drar till Kreta🌞Så otroligt välbehövligt efter en intensiv vår på alla sätt. All inklusive och lyx kommer göra oss gott. Perfekt inledning på sommaren och det bästa av allt är ju att nästa resa också är bokad🙌Drar till Mallorca i juli i nästan 2 veckor☺️🌞Det blir bra det här✌️ #springamera #semester #livet #livetskanjutas #njutavlivet #familyovereverything #life #familjen


Finding a happy balance between work and family is God's grace and greatest gift...The love of family is life greatest blessing #familygoals #familyovereverything #Umu #Nnochiri 🏹💕💕 Have a great week Fam #africanprincess #bilasababu #riwemylove

At Jayce's birthday party... all the cousins. As you can see, we just couldnt get it together ... #familyovereverything @tinktink221 @redhotbelizean @cool_beauty1 @demcarterboyzmama

Emma - no filter - just naturally beautiful inside and out- #selflove #familyovereverything #grateful #lovemybaby

Show love if they will always be your BABY no matter the size!
Remember when you were able to hold them like this??? They go from being the smallest thing you ever loved to big boys and girls in a blink of an eye!
They say the greatest things come in the smallest packages and they are 100000% correct!
What they didn't tell us is that the smallest package can also be the most work.
No matter the size of your child, we are always presented with a new challenge and that's what makes #fatherhood extra special!
A challenge to you might be a blessing to someone else so take advantage of being present like a REAL #dad is supposed to!
Make it a great week, they will always be your BABY!
Salutes to the homie @danamionline for the reminder and showing us why #FatherhoodIsLit 👉🏽👉🏽 - "You are the sunshine of my life that's why I'll always be around, you are the apple of my eye, forever you'll stay in my heart" - #StevieWonder

Aging like wine🍷👸🏾💃🏾. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother. #blessed #familyovereverything

Settling debts after 15 years. Finally got her to drink "the blue drink". Happy Birthday Moom! ✔️✔️✔️ @marymat424 #bluelongislandicedtea #familyovereverything #laugh #mondaymotivation #life #love

4/24 resonates as a special day for my younger sibling Khira aka Sasmeen @sassy12no #happybirthday from ya Big Bro ...disappear for a day pamper ya self I know @queenshakeera can give u some ideas lol .. love you much #familyOvereverything #Siblings 💯 #NJ

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