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Nothing like family...when the going gets tough they're always there...❤️ just a reminder for today... love the people that God gave you, because He's gonna need them back one day...so my motto is to give love very innocently and freely so you don't have regrets later. #familyovereverything #havealovingheart

STRIPES of MY PRIZE... PERFECTLY IMPERFECT AND LOVING EVERY SECOND of MY JOURNEY 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸RepostBy @miaredworth: "My body has changed more than I could've ever imagined this year. The first picture is at 8 weeks postpartum, I hated my body and the shock of realising what the MAJORITY of women look like after a baby hit me hard! You never see anywhere especially Instagram what is the biggest possibility after having a baby. You'll only snap back to rock hard abs if you live in the gym while you're pregnant (which isn't possible for most) but Instagram likes us to believe otherwise! The second picture is at around 5 months taking my baby swimming for the first time and loving my body for everything it has done for me. I was pregnant for 42+ weeks to a huge baba and then a C Section, my body went through a lot and I should give myself some credit! I can always change my body but I can't change memories so nothing was holding me back from being in a bikini taking my boy swimming even if I wasn't 100% satisfied with myself. The third picture was a few days ago (after pigging out all December 🐷) 11 months #postpartum after hard work and only weightlifting for the past 6 months. I love my body in all of these pictures because it gave me the most perfect little boy and I'm not posting my #transformation to brag but at the start I never thought my body could change and look at me now! Anything is possible and even slow change will eventually get you to where you want to be. I can't wait to see how my body changes even more this year and I wish this gives people hope. Good luck mamas 🌸🌸🌸 #motherhooduncensored #motherhood #mothersperspective #motherspointofview #mom #mommy #momlife #mommylife #mommyandme #mommydiaries #family #familyovereverything #familyfirst #familytime #momjourney #baby #babyboy #cute #cutebaby #adorablebaby #adorable #selflove #itmom #itmoms #tellitmoms

Woo driving like her mumma......she learnt from the best❤️😂🙊

2015 They last time on stage ... I share this video a lot 😊 I love it , My husband and Daughter was so happy 💕😍 Memories never forgotten Big P & Lil P 🙌💫✨💜 #summerstage #brownsvillebrooklyn #shaunprice #seanprice #lyricalgenius #imperius #comingsoon #husband #father #love #daddy #daughter #familyovereverything

Happy birthday to the man you all know as the makeup guru and Face Off mentor but I must say I'm the luckiest girl to have this guy as not only my father but my mentor! Through the years he's taught me everything from key work ethics, how a man should treat his wife with amazing love & dignity, how to be an incredible father and how to not let the craziness of life get you down. I've never known a man to be so happy & bright all the time! Happy birthday dad but honestly you're a gift to me!! Thank you for being the man you are. I love you so much!! ❤
#happybirthday #dad #daddysgirl #fun #love #family #familyovereverything #freaks #notyourtypicalhollywoodfamily #hollywood #hollyweird 😜💕

Всем привет от нашей семьи!! Спасибо @zakrevskayanataliya за этот веселый #шарж ❤❤❤ #шаржотЗакревской

Con mi sobrino casi hijo ❤️ Nos parecemos hasta en los lentes 😎 #familyovereverything @franzcarranza69

Ritsoş babaannesiyle gezmelerde 😍 giderken çok duygulandımm ama o beni hiç takmadı 😂 #annelik ne tuhaf 🙄


Habibi, wünsche dir nur das beste vom besten & vorallem Gesundheit & Liebe. Ich kann es immer wieder sagen, dass ich so verdammt glücklich bin das du zur meiner Famile gehörst & meine Schwester & meinen Neffe so glücklich machst, meine Schwester von tag zu tag glücklich zu sehen & meinen Engel Neffe Gabriel genau so!!! Durch euch weis ich, dass liebe der Schlüssel ist & wenn man sich liebt alles zsm schaffen kann..Du bist so ein toller Mann & liebe dich von gaaaanzen Herzen du geile Sau❤🤙🏽 Brudi, Inschallah für immer & weiter Momente mit dir Habibi ❤
#familyovereverything #familygoals

- Ох, спасибо, что посидел с Машей, я хоть посуду успела помыть!
- Эм, вообще-то я просто приходил в конструктор поиграть!

Первые сорок лет детства мальчика самые тяжёлые! Как бы то ни было, спасибо! 😂

Никита едет за новым конструктором. Побольше. Дедушка мастерит лук для Маруси. А машинка на радиуправлении, подаренная дядей, давно стала любимой у Мэри.

У меня был старший брат. Я тоже играла в основном машинками и собирала конструктор. У меня была всего одна кукла и то только потому, что на ней было красное платье. 🙈 Так она и стояла в своём красном платье на полке невостребованная.

Но Маша не такая. Каждое утро я выгуливаю Марусю, а она выгуливает в колясочке свою куколку. Дома рассаживает кукол в ряд и тычет им в лицо яблоко. У них контакт, не то что у меня в детстве!

У нас нет гендерного разделения в игрушках. Считаю, девочкам в этом плане легче. Слабо представляю мальчика, играющего с розовым кухонным сервизом! Хотя...

Мамы мальчиков, играете с куклами? Мамы девочек, дружите с оружием и техникой?

"My life is easy. Feet in the sand. Grown man, believe me. I ain't got stresses. Two beautiful girls in my world; their flowery dresses." - @thegrouch 💕💕💕😍😍😍🐨🐥💚🖤💚

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