#andwerelive ... again!! Ha ha. @indigoidaho event at Storey Park in #meridianidaho until 5pm!
We are hanging out with @handcraftedmagick again today and I must say, they are a wonderful #familyoperation
#stoked to be hanging out with them again today! Come out! #freehighfives and #freesmells all day long!!

New photos from our finished kitchen reno. Done and done!

Hi everyone! We are the Reiger family! Our passion is organically grown produce and natural living and knowing where our food comes from! We bought our farm in 2016 and have so many big things in the works! Our son mason is a great help and our 3 labs make the cutest mascots i ever did see! Come along on our wild journey with us and dont forget to visit our farm stand this summer at 1250 miller road, wind gap pa in bushkill township! Thanks for following our journey ❤️ #organicallygrown #familyoperation #supportfarmers #buylocal #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #excitedforourgrowingseason #hardworkpaysoff

We are bottling our cream-line milk this morning and lots of it!

From start to finish (on the bottling side) bottling our cream-line milk takes about 5 hours. .

Here are the steps:

1. Pick the milk up from our dairy
2. Unload the milk into our vat-pasteurizer at creamery
3. Gently pasteurize our milk (145°F for 30 minutes)
4. Cool the milk down
5. Move the milk over to the finish tank (stainless steel lines)
6. Run the milk through our single-bottler
7. Transport the milk to our storage cooler

In one batch of cream-line milk, we typically bottle 3,000 pounds, which is around 348 gallons. We bottle our cream-line milk twice a week and our chocolate once every week. .
. **As a side note: Grade A products can never be touched by hands, everything has to be done mechanically, and everything has to be in perfect working order. .

#edgewoodcreamery #makingmilk #bottlingmilk #milk #dairy #farmfresh #freshmilk #dairyfarm #dairylife #grassfedcows #dairygood #creamlinemilk #oldfashionedmilk #gentlypasteurized #milkfacts #dairyfacts #creamery #MOagriculture #PurdyMO #MOmade #familyoperation

Rehearsals are under way for the Haas Sisters’ first tour EVER! Headed to Ireland in less than 2 weeks!! Little still from our video shoot the other night with the one and only @10xgreg Photo by @yannfalquet #familyoperation #fiddle #cello

Hungry mamas this morning! It’s always a good Monday when this is what your day looks like. Raising the best quality mamas to raise the best quality babies to feed America the greatest quality beef, along with other products is pretty rewarding but doing it in a family operation next to the people you love the most makes it pretty special. #beef #wayoflife #feedingamerica #familyoperation #farmher #godisgood #breakfast

Meet Ashley! She’s the oldest daughter of Harold JR & a big part of AW Brahmans. She is married to Michael Slocumb & together they have a sweet baby boy, Stetson Hew. Ashley was born and raised in Starke, Florida where she is today. She graduated from high school in 2006 and became a nurse in 2011. Ashley helps maintain the Florida operation with the help of her husband, Michael. With the majority of our show cattle born in Florida, she helps decide which calf would be worth the haul to Texas to show/sale or whatever the case may be. She also helps with advertising and social media for AW Brahmans. Ashley is a huge family person, if she’s not in the pasture checking on cattle, she’s in her grandmothers house checking in on her - with of course, her sidekick Stetson.
If you’re in the south east, make an appointment and come see Ashley. She would love to meet with you during our weaning season to help find the right bull or heifer for your herd.
@amslocumb09 #awbrahmans #brahmancattle #brahmangris #familyoperation

Meet Amber, the youngest of the two Waters girls. Amber was born and raised in Starke, Florida and moved to Texas in 2013. She works as a Property Preservation Analysts Lead while also taking care of the Texas herd with her two blue heelers Katie and Dallas. From pulling calves to tube feeding, she will get the task at hand done. Amber was a past American Junior Brahman Association director and traveled with her family all over the United States showing brahman cattle. Amber helps with advertising and selling, registration and social media. One of her favorite hobbies is duck hunting with her boyfriend Heath and photography. Interesting fact- Her favorite cow in the herd is not a brahman but a beefmaster recip cow, “Red”, who is as gentle as if we raised her from a calf. Red stands on the porch most days gazing inside waiting on the door to open to come on in.
@amberrwaterss_ #awbrahmans #brahman #familyoperation #brahmangris

Family owned and operated. On nice days, we even open the door to get some natural light and fresh air. #familybusiness #familyoperation #nicedayoutside #freshair #springhassprung

Meet Harold Jr, the brains of our cattle operation. The “go to man” with any cattle related questions. The perfectionist. He knows how to pick “the one” out of large group of calves. He studies pedigrees like it’s an assignment because let’s face it, it is the most important decision you make when breeding cattle. “Quality not quantity.” Born & raised in Starke, Florida, Harold raised his two daughters Ashley & Amber in the show barn and on the farm with his late wife Donna. 10 years ago his girlfriend Robin joined our family and she fits in perfectly. In 2011, Harold moved to Texas. Harold is a civil engineering inspector who is currently working on a pipeline job in Virginia. He’s still the boss and calls daily to check in on both cattle operations in Texas and Florida. There is so much knowledge to learn from this man. #awbrahmans #brahman #brahmancattle #brahmangris #familyoperation

Here we go! Akule Time! #sadangohana #kahanashores #familytime ##familyoperation 🐟🐟🐟🎣🎣🎣😎😎😎😎🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

The Catch B4 Da Rain 🌧 North Shore Action!!! Got Some New Recruits Today Gada Teach um again b4 dey 4get 😂😂😂😂😂 #sadangohana #kahanashore #akule4life #familytime #familyoperation 4/7 🐟🐟🐟🎣🎣🎣😎😎😎🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

Big Thank You to our Camera Man and Videographer of the day!! It was a cold one out there! They held us down! 📸🎥 #FamilyOperation #MassageMeKt

A few and far between night where we’re both home before 8 p.m. and get to enjoy the fruits of our labor paired with some fantastic red wine. Okay, so we may also be processing orders for delivery tomorrow and taking on a house project - but hey, at least we are doing it together.

Fresh Akule Bottom Of Lahaina Luna Rd! #sadangohana #kahanashore #familyoperation #3rdgeneration #akule4life 4/4/18 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🌧🌧🌨🌨☁️🌥🌥🐟🐟🐟🐟😇😇😇

We hope everyone’s Monday is going great!!! We are so thankful to be raising kids and cows in such a beautiful place! #jennerfamilybeef #allnaturalbeef #raisingkids #sixgenerations #since1872 #ranchlife #cattleranch #feedingamerica #longlivecowboys #wrangler #stateofjefferson #norcal #northerncalifornia #familyoperation

Discovering his voice as he takes his first poop! 💩🤣😳 #concernedmom

Our daily sap drinking walks 🍁 Sap has stopped so patiently awaiting for the next run....

“We get by with a little help from our friends” In this case, friends and family are everything... kudos to a fine day of #cattleing😉#familyoperation but #friendsarepriceless 👍😊🤠 #badlands #gatheringcows #tophands #goodhorses @buhjibbuh @cherokeegammon #ranchlife #gratefulheart

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