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We made it to church on time today #saywhat...but my house looks like it's been ransacked! #nojoke #happysunday #familyofsix

3.5 weeks ago my parents were getting ready to get on a plane to fly down to Honduras to go get my little brother and sister. There time there so far has been filled with ups and downs, but over all they are more than overjoyed to be there with Ashton and Alia. Missing them here at home and excited for them to come home! #familyofsix #overhalfway

Hey Instagram. Thanks for watching my dad's videos.
#yourock #24hrsold #4of4 #familyofsix

The Hernandez Baez family ❤️ #MyPeople #FamilyofSix

I had just finished feeding Tess graham is playing on the iPad and we notice tess stretching her neck to see what graham was doing so I sit her next to him and she reaches out to hold his arm #heartmelted he loved it and was all giggles telling us about it. --------------------------------------------
I loved @masonjarsandlemonbars post today and the quote she shared so I had to re/share it "Of today you are a little better than you were yesterday, that is enough." David Bednar. As moms sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. I find myself guilty of that but I love this quote because it reminds us that we can always try and be a little better each day. When I catch moments like this and not only the usual ones where he just stuck his finger in her eye it's gonna be okay. 😆 We keep trying keep teaching keep loving. Tomorrow is another day. Happy Sunday. ❤ #siblinglove❤️ #familiesareforever #motherhoodmoments #familyofsix #momoffour #brothersisterbonding

Family ❤️ 2017 current ages 6,4,3,1😱! #familyofsix #boygirlboygirl #familymatters

It's a pomade party over here. #pomadefordays #familyofsix #mensgrooming #baxterofcalifornia (📷 by @bethcath)


Meine 3. Ein echtes Unikat. 😍 So krempelt sie z.B. alles hoch ... Jeder Pulloverärmel wird - unabhängig von Jahreszeit und Temperatur 🙈 - sofort und immer wieder hochgekrempelt und auch jedes Hosenbein ... hier ihre Schlafanzughose. Haben eure auch so kleine liebenswerte Macken & komische Angewohnheiten? #töchter #momof4 #familyofsix #familyfirst #familie #lebenmitkindern #spassmitkindern

We made it to church on time today #saywhat...but my house looks like it's been ransacked! #nojoke #happysunday #familyofsix

I'm obsessed with this kid... And I'm doing laundry pretty much round the clock
#familyofsix #clothdiapers #laundryfordays

Sunday is a gift! 💗 Much needed family time together and Birthday girl wanted to watch a baseball game and eat cotton candy---so her wish is our command! #youonlyturnfiveonce #postfamilyfun
These are my most favorite days 💗#makingmemories #familyofsix #blessed

I love being able to hand off the baby and get to work! It's very liberating. I'm not tiptoeing around trying not to wake him, I'm not cringing in fear that I'll have to cut my workout short. Unfortunately it only happens once a week but I'll take what I can get. .
Today's workout was almost 40 minutes and worked my body head to toe. I'll definitely be feeling this tomorrow but that's the best feeling amirite????

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