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1. Scripture: James 2:17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

2. Lesson: You can either recreate this lesson in your own way, Or read it to you family and discuss: “The Bible, or another book of scripture was always at my father’s place at meal times. He would read a chapter aloud and lead the discussion during meal time. But one day as we assembled for our meal, there was no book of scripture but a single watermelon seed. He appeared not to notice the missing book but recalled something he had discussed concerning faith several days ago. We all joined in on the lively discussion. Then very carefully he picked up the watermelon seed and held it so we could all see it. ‘Boys,’ he said, still studying the seed. ‘Do you believe that there is the possibility of several watermelons here in my hand?’ We all agreed there was. ” ‘Do you believe that I have the beginnings of a whole wagon load of watermelons here?’ “One of the older brothers said that he couldn’t say that, but he’d like to plant the watermelon seed and see. We all agreed with him. ” ‘Boys,’ Father said with a twinkle in his brown eyes, ‘you have the right idea. You have faith that watermelons will come from this seed but with out your work of planting and caring for this seed you will never know for sure." Alma 32, is an amazing Chapter on Faith you could also study with your family.
3. Activity: Plant a Watermelon or other seed together as a family! Make a plan for who will water, and tend to the seed as it begins to grow, don't forget to talk about when and how often. It might even be fun to make predictions for the harvest. How many watermelons do you think will grown on the vine?

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👭 Surround yourself with good people! You become a piece of them.
I put together an outline for family night about friends and how we influence each other as we move through life together. This will be a two part series on my website of ways to teach your kids the importance of the friends they choose. It is entertaining, I promise!
I figure it's important stuff to talk about especially at the beginning of the school year!
The link to the lesson is in my bio, enjoy!

All I want to do is go to bed, but forcing myself to have fun with my kiddos. #familyhomeevening #wearewhistlingzippadeedoodah

Jensen Family Dive Competition. (Not caught on video:
1 bloody nose, 3 belly flops, a couple rounds of trash talk and a 4 minute hot tub prayer-turned-song from our little Etta girl that blessed and thanked Heavenly Father for everything from fingernails to unicorns and lucky charm marshmallows to dirt.
Family nights are my favorite.

Family Home Evening tonight at Round 1. #piutausummer2017 #round1 #fhe #familyhomeevening #bowlingandarcade

On Monday nights, we pancake 🥞 well, tonight we are anyway and my sister is visiting so what better excuse?! #pancakes #familyhomeevening #mondays

Drove up the mountain for Family Night tonight. If you've been following along with my FREE year-long #FocusedIn17 monthly challenges, you know that July is Focus on Family month. On the free calendar (get yours at FunCheapOrFree.com/BestYear) I encourage everyone to set aside one night per week, and to call it Family Night (or Family Home Evening/FHE). It's traditionally a Mormon thing (I'm LDS if you didn't know) but I honestly think everyone should do this!! No friends, no screens, no distractions, just everyone in your family together. Doesn't have to be long. Heck, sometimes ours only last 10 minutes! But we spend time together so it counts. We sing a song/pray/do something fun, and try to teach the kids an important principle (tonight was honesty, see my IG stories for how it went!). Spending QT as a family doesn't have to cost a dime. I went through my fridge and pulled out anything edible, we drove, found a table, and called it a picnic. Make family a priority this summer and I swear, it won't take much to make it magical ✨✌🏻.
Does anyone else do family night? Do you do it on Monday too? Share summer FHE ideas below! 👇🏻👇🏻#FamilyNight #FHE #FamilyHomeEvening #SummerAtThePagesl


For #easyfhe this sweet neighborhood of friends decided to get together for an ice cream social/pool party. Seeing a community come together, forming a family community is a reminder that, "what is most important almost always involves the people around us." - Thomas S. Monson

We always attempt to end summer with a bang, hopefully distracting them from the more boring days, but who am I kidding, my girls remember EVERYTHING!
I totally copied my friend/partner in crime @lipsthatstickbybrit, this year on her family theme, but I felt like it was too so fitting for our family. The kids asked for pizza for their last summer dinner ✔. We then had a family night based on this theme. We had races and the sweetest family discussion. I broke down moments in each of their lives where they had "fallen" yet chose to get back up, dust themselves off and moved forward. It was the perfect school night eve with these sweet crazies of ours. What family traditions do u have before school? I love hearing new ideas.

Family Home Evening tonight was at the Andersen's home. We had a musical FHE, we sang our favorite hymns, and discussed some of the background of one or two of them. Those who requested favorites were asked to explain why it is a favorite. The time flew by really fast, it was very enjoyable and could have gone on for another hour without complaint from anyone.
Then of course treats, and everyone sitting around talking and enjoying each other's company.
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Family Home Evening tonight at Round 1. #piutausummer2017 #round1 #fhe #familyhomeevening #bowlingandarcade

Family Home Evening was a Hodge Podge. We are trying to finish the Book of Mormon before the end of May. We also watched some news footage from Adam's class about the Eclipse. #fhe #familyhomeevening #bom #thatmormonlifetho #iamamormon

Spiral donuts. I've wanted to make these since April and found the recipe at #almanzowilder farm. Done properly, they really do self-rotate:) #familyhomeevening #tuboflard #spiraldonuts #donuts #homemadedonuts #doughnuts

My sweet boy 😍 He loves giving out kisses lately, and I don't complain one second! What #familyhomeevening activities do you guys do with your toddlers? I'd love to hear! We need some good ideas over here.
Don't mind those little boogies, we're working on fighting a little cold before it gets worse!

All I want to do is go to bed, but forcing myself to have fun with my kiddos. #familyhomeevening #wearewhistlingzippadeedoodah

Bath time is one of our favorite times of the day! 🛁🛁
As Hayden is getting a little bit older I am starting to think about good, toddler friendly Family Home Evenings. Is that crazy?! You have to start them while they are young right? Even if he might not fully understand yet. .
Where do you guys look for fun toddler friendly home evenings? Or what have you done?! 💙
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Fizemos nossa noite familiar sobre história da família  foi muito espiritual, espero que os outros jovens também! Teve bolinho de chuva😍 #LDS #ldsfriends #ldsyouth #familyhomeevening #noitefamiliar

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