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My friend @ar_the_og captured this incredible moment with my family just minutes after stepping off the prejudging stage. A picture truly does say a thousands words. My brother @nashadzovic, my cousin @homage15, my girl, and my mom never leave my side! As a family we win together, even sometimes we lose together, we strengthen one another, and stick together no matter what we are facing! #familyfirst #madrespect 👊🏼❤️

Diese tolle Frau, meine kleine Schwester. @lauuhie
So stark und so einfühlsam. Ein ziemlich feiner Mensch. Laureenchen, lass dir gesagt sein, ich bin so stolz auf dich und ich hoffe, dass unsere Kinder später gemeinsam durch dick und dünn gehen werden. Hand in Hand, nicht nur als Cousin und Cousine, als Freunde. Jetzt warten wir nur noch auf die Dritte im Bunde. 🌱
Große Familien sind toll. Nicht immer, aber fast immer. 😂😜 #familyfirst #liebeliebeliebe #grossfamilie

Saluti da #babylanna2 😄💪🏻🥊🥊!!!

Ladies I think it's important to require your man to court you, to open the door for you, to pull out your chair for you. Some men didn't have the example of what a good man looks like, so they don't know any better. Some men were raised to be so strong and tough that they didn't learn that a woman needs them to be gentle, for them to be a gentlemen. For me it's so much bigger than just treating me like the Queen God gave you, but understanding as a mother with two daughters, they are always watching. My husband is the first impression they will have of what a man looks like, and how a man should treat a lady. They say girls end up with men that remind them of they're fathers, so if that's true for my girls, I need my husband to be the best example of that. ❤️
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Cette petite bouille me manque ❤️ #familyfirst #mylove #instakids #kidsofinstagram

It Was Nuttn But ❤️at The @shawtylo_kob Tribute Southwest Festival Car & Bike Show Hosted By @d4lmookb #nuradio #familyfirst #kingofbankhead #longliveshawtylo 🙏🏼

Bom dia, genteeeeee!!!!
E a vida vai voltando ao normal 🙏🏼🙌🏼 levando meus filhos pra escola 😍🚙
"Recria tua vida, sempre, sempre.
Remove pedras e planta roseiras e faz doces. Recomeça."
(Cora Coralina)
Ótima quarta-feira, procês 💛😘😘
#familyfirst #bomdia

Ella es una de las mujeres que más admiro 🖤 y da la casualidad que también es una de las que más amo. Mi sho @mariu27 .
Siempre presente en los momentos importantes 🖤✨
#shousins #tbt #familyfirst


We want to wish a very happy birthday to Anthony's beautiful wife Ashley! Hope you enjoy your day Ashley! #happybirthday #familyfirst #ohio #thewilds #columbuszoo

"Mommy, your tummy is squishy"👧🏼
"Thanks baby, Mommy's working on it"😏
Gotta love the honesty right?! At least she brought it to my attention while I was wrapping up my workout😂 Day 3 done💪🏻

Happy birthday to my beautiful grandbaby Aubree Ross aka princess poppie she turn 1yrs old today can't wait to your bday parties love you..#familyfirst

Thank you to everyone who joined me last night in my Intro to Oils event on FB. It's a fun topic for me, especially with those henuine curious souls and even more so with those that know a little bit about oils and take something away at the end. My next event is next Thursday Sept 28th when I discuss oils, kids, babies & pregnancy. You all know someone who can tune into that one so share with them and tag them here 👇 •••••••••• OH, I will be announcing the winner of the 10ml bottle of Cedarwood later today. If you commented DURING the event, you'll want to stay tuned 🙌 #oilylittlenotes

Bébé Dalgui 😍
Tatie heureuse depuis plus d'un mois 😬👶🏻🍼😘❤
Bravo @gwendoline_m64 et @thomasdalgue ⭐️
#Bienvenue #petitBebeIban #love #crapaud #mercilavie #17aout #2017 #family #familyfirst

Dimanche, la Cabane fête sa 50ème ouverture mais pas que... On fêtera aussi le numéro 100 du magazine @clubsetcomptines ! À cette occasion, un super événement est organisé avec pleins d'activités : découverte des signes avec bébé, parcours de motricité, initiation au rugby.... Et une animation que vous aviez appréciés au début de la saison : David Le Savonnier sera également là ! Dernière surprise, il y aura même une tombola avec pleins de supers lots à gagner. Une Journée au top ☀️
❗️HAPPY HOURS ❗️Cette semaine, les Happy Hours de la Cabane jouent les prolongations : de jeudi à samedi, profitez de -50% sur toute la carte (hors boissons) en réservant votre table sur La Fourchette pour le créneau 20h-21h 🍔🍗 #lacabanederaba #domainederaba #talence #bordeaux #bordeauxmaville #family #familytime #familyfirst #familyfun #myfamily #instafamily #instagood #familylove #damilyday #happyfamily #lovemyfamily #familytrip #familyphotographer #familylife #dimancheenfamille #photooftheday #bubbles #kidshow #smile #fun #goodtimes #kids #instakids #igers #igersbordeaux

Well it's finally here!!! Today's the day we start this journey! Mom, Rocky and I start our drive to Florida this afternoon. The hardest part of all of it is being away from this little cutie for three whole days 😭😭😭😭 I know he is in great hands with his daddy but it stills breaks my heart a little bit. This is the longest we have been apart since birth.

#familyfirst #sisforever ...We will miss you!!!!

Možná bych si to mohla nechat jen pro sebe, ale ne...
Podělím se s vámi o to nejkrásnější přání na světě od mojí jediné lásky, strážkyně mého vesmíru, nejdražším pokladu,... - mé sestřičky ❤️
#loveyou #tothemoonandback #birhdaygirl #sisters #sisterslove #mylove #myqueen #itsmybday #bday #happy #behappy #familyfirst #thankyou #loveyouall

These keto cinnamon snickerdoodles were super easy to make and didn't last very long on my counter...works out to 1g of carbs for my T1D too. Got all the supplies I needed at the brand new @nutritionplus_taylor stop by and say hi to my lovely friend @__jademoon__ #keto #diabetesteamsilvaggio #kickingdiabetesass #chooseliveabetes #liveabetes #hopeandbelieve #familyfirst

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