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Keto Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight #familyfav #ketoshepherdspie #lchf

Lagi sakit diajakin makan yg panas2 itu pas bingitssss 😂🤒😷😋😹👍 #familydinner #familyfav #gwsforme #thankful🙏🏼 #edisibosenbedrest

Merry xmas🎅🏼❤️ #familyfav

Sunday's 💛 #harrietanne #familyfav

Date Night at its finest!!! #TheLastDragon #MyFavoriteMovie #FamilyFav

Linguini with white, side of sautéed kale. Time to get back to #goodfood #meatlessmonday #familyfav

Dinner tonight. A family favorite. Just waiting on my boyfriends mom to stop by so we can all eat. #dinner #food #awesome #familyfav #deliciouse


I've been eating here since I was little❤️ and they have the BEST spicy string beans and crispy tofu #familyfav

Fresh basil, juicy chicken, pasta and tomatoes

Goodness that everyone loves!💕💕💕 Healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

Oh and this momma deboned the messed out of a chicken for the first time ever.

Enchiladas with loads of spinach 😍 Mine and Obi’s fav! Even got some prepped!

AMAZING Caramel Apple Cider! What’s better than caramel apple cider that is so easy to make and cooks in the crockpot? Pretty much nothing!!

I hear so many mommas/ friends /ladies tell me how hard it is to fit in a workout or time to make healthy meals because of the daily HUSTLE of just being mom/wife/partner/etc 😩

That honestly breaks my heart y’all! My dinner is cooking with 0 effort from me right now 🙌🏻 It literally took me a few minutes to chop my veggies (as the tea kettle heated for my mini’s oatmeal breakfast) and I dumped them on top of some boneless skinless free range chicken breasts and added Italian seasoning and a few cloves of garlic and a cup of broth 🤗

When mini hits the pillow for her nap I’ll shred the chicken and add some more ingredients but it already smells delish and is a family favorite 😍

Did I mention I use crockpot liners so there’s virtually no clean up either 🙌🏻 Let’s talk! My schedule is jammed with a tantrum filled terribly almost 2 year old attached to me 24/7 on top of everything else it takes to run a household and business 😵 but ladies - IF I CAN DO IT - SO CAN YOU‼️ Drop an emoji. I’ll be checking my inbox after my workout and I’ll contact you then 💋

The Foster ladies are starting out our morning right!! Mama's tired of this cold that's being passed around so we are giving it the 1,2 and knockin it out!!! Eight servings of fruits and veggies and helps your body detox and alkalize?! You've got to have this secret weapon in your house for your family!!!!! #familyfav #anditshealthy #momofthree #eightservingsoffruitsandveggies #alkalizeyoursystem #detoxyourbody #littletinypacket #householdmusthave

Soup for dinner!!! Enjoying my home-made barley soup. This is one of the best soup that my dad would love to prepare for us!😊
#barley #healthysoup #familyfav
#homemadeisbest #annieluskitchen #completemeal

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