Our annual week 1 of #classicalconversations picture even though this was day 29 for us this school year🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 One day at a time the Lord will see us though! Praying for a great work in these 3 hearts and minds this year💙💙💜 May we be the hands and feet of Jesus in all that we do. We had such a sweet time of prayer in the van before we walked into the building this morning. Hearing your kids pray to Jesus might be one of the sweetest gifts as a parent😭 #myarrows #familydiscipleship

This weekend we launched our new HomePointe campaign, Meals@Home, and we are so excited to see families finding their way back to the table to build memories and faith conversations! Go to our website to pick up the materials to begin your family's journey back to the table!
#LifeCommunityChurch #MealsAtHome #FamilyDiscipleship

(Last day for 40% off) Super excited about this brand new Great Hymns of the Faith curriculum we’re using! Use Coupon Code HYMNLAUNCH to get 40% off! (Click the link in my profile (Referral))
It’s exactly what I wanted and more: lyrics to print out little hymnal books for everyone, learning about the stories behind the hymns, videos to help us learn 4-part harmonies, music lessons, copywork and coloring, devotionals...! 😍 We plan to go through one every 2-4 weeks and really enjoy our time learning and incorporating the hymns into family worship. #hymns #familydiscipleship #proverbialhomemaker #homeschoolsuccessfully #realhomeschoolers

This week in our Live Wires class, the kids learned about Day 5 of creation when God created the birds and the fish. Genesis 1:1 is their memory verse for the series and they even have a song to the tune of Are You Sleeping that goes along with each day of creation! This week, help them memorize their bible verse or ask them to sing the song for you! 🎶🐧🐟
#LifeCommunityChurch #LiveWires #FamilyDiscipleship

Happy 37th Anniversary 😍

We celebrated this one’s birthday in Sabbath School today, and we had our family together during church to have him dedicated to God. Thanks to everyone who is supporting, loving, and praying our kids (and us) along. We are thankful for you!
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Teach your kids to pray with gratitude with this set of prayer cards for kids - a part of the Family Prayer Box craft.
Find Prayers of Thanksgiving with Gratitude Prayer Cards for Kids at ThinkingKidsBlog.org

Family - Where sisters learn to celebrate one another ♥️ #familyonmission#sacredkissoffamily #familydiscipleship #beginsathome

• launch day! •
@tinytheologians scripture memory cards release TODAY!! order some for you, your kids, grandkids, girlfriends-whoever! they also make amazing stocking stuffers (hey I know it’s early but we only have 19 more weekends 😱) use code LAUNCHLOVE to receive 20% off any purchase $50 or more on the site! .
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Need a great big list of the Best Books About the Bible for Kids and Teens? Find it at ThinkingKidsBlog.org!

We're giving away TWO $250 Timberdoodle gift cards in the Levels of Learning the Bible for Kids post over at ThinkingKidsBlog.org! Come enter and get set for going back to #homeschool!

We have so many useful resources in our HomePointe Center. We realize it can be overwhelming to go through everything we have available so we thought we would highlight a resource every month. First we want to start with this book from Brian Housman. Tech Savvy Parenting will give parents the practical tools and resources needed to help the whole family use technology wisely and responsibly. Check it out at our HomePointe Center at the church!
#LifeCommunityChurch #ItStartsAtHome #FamilyDiscipleship

little hands can’t get enough @tinytheologians new scripture memory cards! they will drop later this week (I may even have a coupon code for you 😏)-look out for them and follow @tinytheologians for more amazing family discipleship tools! .
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We started using the revised Writing Strands curriculum from Master Books. When I flipped through it I wasn’t so sure it would be a good fit, but I was convinced to give it a shot. You guys... it’s been fantastic so far! My son loves the gradual writing and language arts lessons and we’ve already had the most engaging and rich conversations during the reading assignment portion. Plus, one of those pieces of the reading assignment is going to God’s Word. 😍 Happy homeschool mama! (Click the link in my profile to check out Writing Strands. Don’t forget to use code TAUNASFRIEND at check out to get 5% off any order!) #proverbialhomemaker #homeschoolsuccessfully #realhomeschoolers #masterbooks.
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A few years ago someone familiar with our family asked me what my parents’ secret was to raising children who would continue in the Lord in their adult years. It’s no secret. My parents have been intentional about making their faith visible for their children. Everything from the very public (mission trips, service to the church, etc) to the very personal (prayer life, the study of scripture, etc), we have always had a front row view as well as the freedom to ask questions. Sometimes discipleship is more simple than we make it out to be.
There are so many things about this picture that encourage me. My mom loves the word of God. #familydiscipleship

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