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This was without doubt the most heartbreaking but beautiful season finale of TO! It was THE END 😍❤️😭 Who said it was a cliffhanger it couldn't end with?
All mikaelsons got their somehow happy endings 💞😭 even if it wasn't together. Even if Cami isn't alive, Klaus went to her grave finally 😭❤️ He and Marcel talked it out.
This episode was so sentimental and it was like going back to every big moment. I think it was a sad but perfect ending!
Rebel got their happy ending, they were endgame 😍 Kol will propose to Davina with the diamond they had their first adventure with in s2 ❤️😢 Hope will have a normal life like Hayley and Klaus always wanted for her!
It was tragic and I've never cried more since Cami died than when Marcel compelled Elijah to be free ❤️😭 honestly he is free now. I'm heartbroken but my babe was stuck up having to do all this for Klaus and his family and Hayley. This was a perfect conclusion to this perfect ride!
I won't let JP ruin it. #MichaelNarducci beautifully heartbreaking as usual summed up what this show has been all about all along!
I'm happy about this end and I can look at the old episodes without puking like with TVD.
Q: What did you think of 4x13? Do you feel like it was a real end?

Weekend getaway with the family ❤️ #familyaboveall #pismo

My TBT's will almost always include my brother RIPAlexFashion 🙌 Truly missed! Life has never been the same😞 #familyaboveall #friendswhobecamefamily @jason_productions @tiny_so3

The Darna's 😎🙌🏻 #FOE #DARNASQUAD #thefam #familyaboveall

A blessed Father. @djkhaled if your looking for a pianist let me know.... I'm one lucky Dad. My son did amazing. Proud of you CJ....... #Familyaboveall

This right here is the ONLY gift I need for Mother's Day! Spending time with my babies (yes you will BOTH always be my babies to me ☺️) I love you both more than you will ever know. As usual I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I know I drive you crazy with how I am always worried about you but it is only because you both are my world, my reason, and my purpose. When you were little and I was diagnosed with cancer I KNEW in my heart that I had to survive to watch you both grow up, to be here as your biggest fan and to support you through life's ups & downs. I am proud of you both and always will be ❤️ @alenardo7 @dionnalenardo
#family #myworld #familyaboveall #siblings

"I made a promise to you , always and forever. Family above all" -Elijah Mikaelson❤ season finale made me cry like nothing else 😭❤ #AlwaysAndForever #TheMikaelsons #FamilyAboveAll #TheOriginals


Family❤️👨‍👩‍👧 my family is your family goals 🙏🏼 #blessed #thankful #familygoals #familyaboveall

Among all our crazy vintage fun on my side of life ...this amazing also took place this week for our family...Go get em Bubba...He's our sweet boy and we are more than over the moon proud of his own dreams being fulfilled,thru his determination and hard work along with relentless dedication he landed here.. oh what a journey.. Twins you don't know how lucky you are..#thisiswhathardworklookslike #happyweekend #hesourboy #reallifegoals #familyfirst #beyondthenoise #makingdreamsreality #ourkidsrock #blessed #grateful #lifeisgoodtoday #ourgodissogood #familyaboveall #notenoughhastagstodescribe

"I made a promise to you , always and forever. Family above all" -Elijah Mikaelson❤ season finale made me cry like nothing else 😭❤ #AlwaysAndForever #TheMikaelsons #FamilyAboveAll #TheOriginals

My Elijah baby is free 😭 He's finally able to start living for himself 💔 I have so many emotions! I cried my heart out on this scene. They slayed it and Klaus smiling to Elijah and watching over him 😢💞it's so emotional and it's a perfect heartbreakingly ending for me!
Thank you #TheOriginals for 4 amazing seasons! Now I can finally rest. I love this show so much! And with this as my last episode (even if it's a s5) I don't wanna see my fav show get ruined. MN summed it up perfectly bittersweet this time!
I'm forever thankful for the road of always and forever ❤️😭

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