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#FAMFRIDAYS Howdy members here are @nguwinning and @jessi_nguyen8 vacationing in Houston Texas!!! As you can see this picture is the definition of LOVE! 😉 So this FAM shoutout of the week goes to this LOVEly couple!
Beo having just graduated as been one of the most impactful members of FAM leaving his legacy at JMU and FAM with a boom! For all the new members of FAM this year, ask about this guy and I guarantee you every member knows this guy.
Cant forget his lovely girlfriend Jessica Nguyen! The apple to his pie. The gorgeous Jessica Nguyen is mainly involved in ASU (Asian Student Union). But that doesnt mean her involvement in FAM is A1 Day 1. Shes very active in her family BOOTY clan and is there for every one of her family members! ❤️
Direct message us your vacation photos, use
#JMUFam, and tune in next week for our next shoutout! Summer is almost over!!

#famfridays. @chloe_birch love the fam so much!! Let's go out again soon?? ❤️. Licking the marshmallow flavoured edible sexyland glitter off my tits lol

True say, I don't have much family. But the few that I have, I cherish. Here are some of them..
#famfridays #brothers #bros #day1 #haitian

Touristy things 🌉 #famfridays #nanilove #favlady #loveyou

#Famfridays! But this time it's not just one family but the whole @vankulture_indonesia Fam.

Sponsored by @DadSwaggOfficial , post your favorite family pictures with your van and tag us! Maybe you'll see it next week 😁

#vankulture X #Dadswagg

#famfridays 👩‍👩‍👦

This weeks edition of #FamFridays features @ameet_t36 who scooped some major projects in the last purchase spree & included #Entitled amongst these classics.

Vegas strip Aloha Famfriday!#fam#famfridays

A domesticated peanut in her natural habitat. #FamFridays #Ginstagram #Tonspiration


A domesticated peanut in her natural habitat. #FamFridays #Ginstagram #Tonspiration

#famfridays 👩‍👩‍👦

Family Fridays wouldn't be authentic if the fam didn't pull up 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 we got @banjbillions in town visiting from the motherland and the usual suspects #Ramonty @jah_pino 🙏🏽⚡️🙏🏽#alestudios #famfridays #lategram

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