This #famfriday, @alienvida talks on magic despite anxiety, trusting intuition, and creating without judgement.

What's your definition of “magic”?

Magic is in the moments that are created from the clashing of cosmic energy + human intention. When you can't find any other way to describe something so beautiful in what you see, hear, or feel, that’s magic. When you listen to yourself and the goodness inside of you, then believe in the universal powers that want to foster your growth, that's magic incarnated. ✨
How do you actively seek magic in your life?

I find magic in the moments when I let fear + doubt melt away. Every time I tell myself to try in spite of my fears and I act with all of my knowledge, strength, and bravery, I can find so many moments of magic in my daily life that I couldn't see before. ✨
What's your spiritual practice?

I float in + out of routine spiritual practice. I'm a certified yoga teacher, but I don't always want to practice or teach. I think the two surefire ways I connect with a spiritual energy is creating art or speaking to a higher power. My poetry, dancing, acting, and singing help me feel most grounded because I allow myself to be any version of my conscious or unconscious mind without judgement. This is when I know a higher power is listening to me and giving me the space to be my authentic self. ✨
What's a specific mantra that has influence in your life?

I always rely on the words "comfort, passion, purpose, hope, and love" to guide me. ✨
How do you empower yourself?

I never fail to feel strong when I choose to listen to my gut instinct and follow it without fear. This instinct could be telling me what to create, how to speak, which path to choose, or loving people even if it proves difficult. Like many of us, I have an inner saboteur that tries to rob me of my strength. Every time I give this thief the middle finger and live in spite of anxiety, I feel on top of the world. ✨
What's something you’re really proud of?

I'm proud of all of the moments where I didn't feel my existence was important or vital enough, but continued to follow my dreams anyway.

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This #famfriday, my dear friend Khadijah @khadijalkubra talks about her experience as a magical Muslim, martial arts, and creativity as a means of self-empowerment. ♡✨⠀
What's your definition of magic?⠀
✨ "I would define 'magic' as being the wonders of God manifested in everyday life, and I seek this magic mainly through reading books. To me, stories are one of the most powerful forms of magic in the world. I also seek magic through music (and I love to sing!!)."⠀
Do you have a spiritual practice?⠀
✨ "I pray, meditate, and generally try to make a habit of mindfulness and remembrance of my God in everyday life. My spiritual practices are strongly rooted in my faith as a Muslim, and we believe that everything good we do should be an act of worship."⠀
Do you have a mantra that has influence in your life?⠀
✨ "I have two mantras that have had a major influence in my life. The first is something I came up with as a teenager that I repeated to myself whenever I felt ashamed for being different or like I didn't belong: ⠀

♡ 'No one's a freak. Just unique.' ♡⠀

The second is simply 'Allah'. I repeat this often in meditation and prayer. It is the Arabic word for God and helps me to remember the oneness of the Divine, the interconnectedness of humanity, and generally helps me to center myself."⠀
How do you empower yourself?⠀
✨ "Studying martial arts over the years has given me a huge sense of empowerment as a woman. I also empower myself by singing aloud, even when I'm alone, simply because it makes me happy. I also empower myself through spoken word poetry, which helped me learn vulnerability and bravery through the power of words. ⠀

Even when I'm faced with challenges, I never give up. I don't let my own weaknesses, fears or loneliness stop me from working hard to achieve my dreams. And I never lose hope that things will be alright in the end."⠀
Isn't she a goddess!?!? Thank you Khadijah for your incredible words! To join in on the fun, DM me to find out how. ♡✨ #letyourmagiclead

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This #famfriday, the goddess Veronica will talk about magic in the mundane, living life without shame, and her spirit of eternal studenthood. ♡✨
How do you actively seek magic in your daily/weekly life? ✨ "I find magic in the mundane: flowers growing from cracks in the pavement, elaborate overhead spiderwebs, the bones of something gone finding new life elsewhere. I believe magic is in the way we interact with the world. When we receive a bouquet of cut flowers, it’s with the knowledge that they’re eventually going to wither. Magic is the choice to trim their stems and place them in water anyway. ------
Do you have a spiritual practice? ✨ "I read tarot cards and interpret dreams. I try my best to study continually to bolster my intuition with theory. I’m doing a lot of reading on the cult of Hecate, ancient traditions, botany, esoteric judaism, sacred geometry, and Sufism. I don’t separate my love of mysticism from my love of science and mathematics because to me they’re all expressions of a higher truth, just in different languages. ------
Do you have a specific mantra that holds influence in your life? ✨ "Not a specific mantra but a lot of poetry resonates with me. I’m trying to write my own knight’s code, if you will, not because I don’t know what I believe but so I may better hold myself to it. I’m not great with consistency, but I love ritual and I’ve been doing my best to write the book on what works for me, rather than what I think should be done according to some Western standard.
How do you empower yourself? ✨ "The best way I’ve learned is to stop shaming myself for not adhering to a certain standard of what I should be. I grant myself permission to feel, to want, to express and to live without shame for who I am. It’s a work in progress, but I am committed. Writing helps a lot. I write what scares me and to take back that power. I write whatever is ugly and raw and squirming. I try to be as truthful as possible acting and singing onstage. Honesty and self-awareness are my biggest gifts to myself." @veronicayonica , your words are POWER. To join in on the fam fun, DM me to find out how. ♡✨ #letyourmagiclead

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