Proud of you guys, you did it!!! 👏🏻 @maggieyuenz
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唔好意思,由於最近三個月實在太忙,冇時間update fb & ig !!! 又到一年一度嘅母親節,好開心再次為周大福籌備母親節活動,今次主題係 #MyMumIsMyBFF
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2017 definitely not an easy year for our family or our business. But we are still here tgt, staying strong and tough, facing all the unbelievable challenges together.
Thank you everyone who truly care and love us in 2017 (of cos in the past too.) you guys are amazing and we can’t live without u all. Your support meant a lot to our family, let’s work hard play hard drink hard in 2018, see ya again in our next dinner:) lots of interesting projects coming up, stay tuned guys! Xoxoooo
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H A P P Y 2 0 1 8 !! 🌟
Starting my first classes of this year tomorrow!
Jazz • 7:15-8:45pm @ziberty.sports
Jazz Funk • 7:30-9pm @fameunion
See you in class!! ♥️💋


Fame Union latest branding project for @canaricehk :) 去年大賣800套限量版賀年米盒番嚟喇
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🔸甘霖米🔸趁住狗年,今年設計以🐶為主題,特意設計2款又靚又得體嘅米盒,包收到禮物嘅人感受到你嘅心意! 每款禮盒內附有5款皇牌米,每包300克,全真空包裝,保證食得開心又放心❣️ FAME UNION會員們,想買就直接message or WhatsApp Maggie 98703666 啦🤗 頭100套可以友情價 $118/盒 (只限朋友) 🔺5款皇牌米包括🔺
👴🏻老人家至愛-低糖胚芽米👵🏻 3/1-20/1 前優惠價: 每盒只需$138❗️❗️❗️❗️

滿6盒免運費!(離島區需另加運費) ✨10盒以上,更附送甘霖米限量版利是封8包 (每包10個)✨ 適合過年送禮,春茗抽獎活動,公司團體訂購❣️ 無論親朋好友,商業合作夥伴都適合!

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Call me princess LOOFAH!! 🛀🏻🛁LOL. Next year's Halloween costume maybe? Haha. 👻
Such a tough day! So glad it's over! Thank you to these beautiful ladies for all your hard work! 😘♥️💪🏼
#grstaringenuityawards #hairshow #art #princessloofah #ilooklikealoofah #model #dance #dancers #haircorner #valerielui #choreography #fameunion @fameunion #LOVE

Thank you girls for helping me out:) another great dance production👍🏻 great work with #haircorner big thanks for you all sitting there for 8 hours, truly appreciated your efforts! Good show! Big thanks to my sister @vallui for arranging everything❣️ #fameunion #dance #agency thanks @ritzlam

Lotsa thanks & love to my Amuuurican fam, this Canadian's headin' home ♥
#AZreunion #Fameunion #eh #aboot #idontliveinanigloo #idonthaveapetpenguin

ARE YOU READY FOR MORE DANIE’S CLASS? Don’t miss out this Thursday! We can’t wait to see you! Trial package is available for new comers for just $380/4 classes! Bring a friend to join us, you will get a class for free! See ya xxx #fameunion #danie #sexythursday #jazzfunk

Thanks for coming! Sorry for the late update! We have been busy for events for the past three weeks! Here are some catching up! Sucha great class tonight with our dearest #valerielui ! Don’t feel like u have missed out, ure welcome to join us next tue🤗 book ur class through WhatsApp 98703666 and u are welcome to enjoy our trial package $380/4classes #fameunion #jazzfunk

Wohoooo! Thanks for making your TGIF PLAN with us tonight:) good to have Anson again on our Friday night❣️ don’t forget to book your class and see ya all again next week :) #fameunion #ansonlo #jazzfunk #girlicious #stupidshit

YES YES YES!!!!! ANSON IS BACK TOMORROW!!!!! @ansonlht come check out his class tomorrow at 8pm:) amazing jazz funk tutor! Come and enjoy the TGIF night with us:) #fameunion

唔舒服 😷 無得番嚟見大家:(( 見到 @fatfatjaii 俾我嘅video, 真係好開心:) thanks @danie_c and @trianpopo #manystudents #keeplearning #jazzfunk #fameunion

From now on, Thursday will become our “back to basic” night :) Twerking is definitely one of the Dance style requires a good foundation to start off and we are glad to have @trianpopo Trian teaching you from basic to advance techniques! Thanks for coming girls, sucha great improvement in 2 months:) don’t forget to sign up ur class if you wanna learn from basic :) #fameunion #twerking

大家一定好掛住Danie 老師同掛住剛過去嘅暑假🤣😂🤣😂 GREAT VIBES tonight at #fameunion ! It was fun learning one of the most popular routine from Danie tonight! #全新暑假 @danie_c
Thanks for coming!!!!!!!!!! Danie will be back soon after all the shows:) don’t forget to keep up the vibe and train with her assistant @hui.gaho :) see ya xxx
Trial package is available for $380/4 classes (valid for 2 weeks)
Please make ur reservation through WhatsApp 98703666 (Maggie)

Throw back to last week:) Gaho sub Danie’s class on Thursday 7pm:) Gaho will be focusing on beginners, so if you are new learner, do come and try out his class! U will surely love his well prepared Dance exercises and routine! #gaho #fameunion #subtutor #jazzfunk @hui.gaho

最近太忙,無太多時間打理studio... 感謝我有兩位超好嘅admin 仔仔Brandon & Marco 同Fame Union 一眾導師,幫我處理所有事情,我只能夜晚同你哋遙距操作,不停用我業餘技能cut 片 edit 相😂

廣告時間: 想學跳舞又怕難,就PM我啦🤗
想減肥就上我哋嘅slim Yoga & detox Yoga..
想試空中瑜珈又怕吊起個人,上我哋嘅fly Yoga basic class on wed 830pm😘😘😘😘😘😘 繼續送大家試堂優惠,最重要試咗先! 鐘意先買regular package :) 唔想大家一次過買好多堂然後又浪費錢上唔哂!😘 唔好唔記得介紹朋友買試堂優惠,會送番一堂俾你❣️ 一齊叫多啲朋友加入 #fameunion 大家庭😘

Feel free to support our classes:) Like us on www.facebook.com/fameuniondanceagency

thanks all members and friends who came to support Fame Union for all these years, not easy for me to handle a studio. Your support meant a lot to me, and thanks to all my tutors who gave me the trust to maintain this studio 😘 love you all xxx

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