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There's no innuendos, it's exactly what you think. Believe me when I tell you that he loves the color pink 🙃🌸💖🧠 #BlackBoyJoy

It's 2018! Working on my #ColgateSmile with @colgate @opticwhite toothpaste. 😁 I'm so stoked to be a #ColgatePartner 🙌🏾 and say hello to the bright days thanks to a whiter smile ahead. I'll be sharing results soon! ✨

Golden hours in a slot canton
Photo by @travelinglifestyle

It’s always a bit strange using the word “influencer” to describe myself. ✨ This platform is an interesting world of fashion looks, curated moments in time, clips of music and funny memes. But I’ve found that I’ve been able to use this platform to speak to the hearts of people. ❤️ I receive countless messages from young African queer folk asking me about how I’m able to “live out loud.” 🌈Or asking advice on how to come out to their friends and family. Conversations I never dreamed of having, let alone giving advice on. I’ve coached a young kid through getting a suit for his first prom (which he ended up winning best dressed)🏆🎩. And I encourage other creatives to never stop creating. It’s my obligation as a grown up kid. 😊This isn’t a pat on the back, by any means. I just think social media can get a bad rap. As much fluff as there is in this digital space, there’s a lot of good too. And I’m just happy to be a part of that. 🖖🏾👨🏾 @xomad #InfluencerLed #BlackBoyJoy

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