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Truffles attract pigs- but doesn't make them any fucking less exquisite. When you're dirty and delicious, everybody wants a bite. Anyways Summer is pretty much over. And, as we begin to move into the brisk days of fall and bitter-cold months of winter, guys, it’s time you prepare for the inevitable: Your girlfriend’s hands and feet are going to be freezing. So have your blankets and hoodies ready because you’re not getting through a movie without ‘em. — holding a wine glass like a survivalist attempting to spark a flame in a sub-zero climate. How is this even possible? With more than two layers, I heat up like a Hot Pocket left in the microwave for 30 seconds too long. Well, there are actually some biological factors that contribute to why your girlfriend is so much cooler than you (figuratively and literally). Things like metabolic rate, the use of particular birth controls, and the specific hormones that vary between men and women all help create this cool-factor disparity. (Trust me, there’s science behind the heart of every furious ice queen. Elsa didn’t choose to be that way; she was born with the icicle touch.) Now, whether metaphorically heating things up in the bedroom — or actually heating things up by thumbing the thermostat — your girlfriend isn’t going to wait for you to take a hint. And it’s this kind of independent thinking that contributed to the fact that nearly every major advance in heating was invented by a frigid female. Let’s run down a list: The first home with a built-in fireplace; dreamed up and commissioned by Eleanor of Aquitaine during renovations of her French palace sometime around 1137. The first car heater to redirect heat produced by the engine back onto your feet; invented in 1893 by Margaret A. Wilcox. The first set of plans for gas-powered central heating; designed by Alice Parker in 1919. And, the first home heated solely by solar power; built by architect Maria Telkes in 1947 . . . Well, you just learned some fucking history. You’re welcome. Now, guys, if a girl doesn’t return your hoodie, that’s just her way of inventing yet another fantastic method of staying warm without you. #winteriscoming #manbun #tomford #fallhair

changing leaves = changing hair ✂️🍂
#newdo #beforeandafter #fallhair #autumntones #balayage

👀📽Peep out how to get that magical rainbow hair minus the bleach👌 I also kept these
tape-ins from @glamseamless long to add drama!!!
Custom colored with #pulpriothair neons☇☇
#erinmanemaven ✌🎨
- @erin.mane.maven

By @lauryn.hair

💯% Authentic from @katkolors DBL💜💖Tap and show your love and support🙌

Fall Obsessions 😍🍁👌🏼Transformed via @jordangabeeee

I am bringing this chart back to the top of my page for my clients who want to darken for fall. Here are some tonal references for you. Which one is your favorite? @hairmeroar


Feeling like autumn..bring on the darker colors #backtobrownhair #byebyeblonde #fallhair #haircolor

Wash over me like a wave and I'll sail away in your sea🌊🌺

Thank you to the uber talented 📸@isabae.photo for capturing the shot💕

Loving my new haircut and color 😍 thanks @happilyheidi_hair #purplehair #fallhair

blended | balanced | balayaged

PSL hair I created today♡
#ULTABEAUTY #Balayage #Fallhair

Appointments with me are available this week Monday-Thursday!!!
I will be out of the salon the first week of October (next week), so make sure you're able to get in before I'm away! 410.646.8272
#fxsalon #fxstudios #hairbylaceyk #FallHair

Brought down the root and added some warmth to my usual full head blonde @kelliallyse 😍🍁🍂 #salon701 #fallhair #sacramentohairstylist #hairslayed #nofilter

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