Day 1 of #StripDownAsanas5 🖤
Any Heart Opener 🖤
#urdhvadhanurasana #fullwheelpose 🖤
I feel like my heart is breaking a new lately.
Like I am opening up layers of myself I thought had been fleshed and exposed. But I find I was wrong; I am deeper and still learning more than ever before about life and being a woman and what it means to live each moment out to its fullest extent. 🖤
My life necessitates beautiful drives and yoga worthy views and I hardly ever stop to document it- it’s time to start doing what I love again. 🖤

Day 1 • Heart Opener
Day 2 • Pose that makes you feel Vulnerable
Day 3 • Hip Opener
Day 4 • Pose that makes you feel Proud
Day 5 • Bind
Day 6 • Pose that makes you feel Free
Day 7 • Balance Pose
Day 8 • Pose that makes you feel Strong
Day 9 • Shape Pose
Day 10• Pose that makes you feel Confident

How to play:
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✖️ Show love in the gallery and help encourage each other along the way!
✖️Be safe, be true to yourself, and have fun!
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