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This morning stung..unfortunately yesterday was not my day or what I planned. Everyone else showed up for me and I was the only one that disappointed myself. My everyday support system of my family was there encouraging & cheering me on and my team was incredible every step of the way from early morning preparations, make up/hair, tan touch ups, food/macro intake, pumping up backstage with moral support, coaching during stage prejudging and so so much more way before the stage even happens. Even taking the time and effort to see what I can adjust in the future. Never giving up on me! I am so grateful for you all❀️ In no way am I looking for anyone to feel bad for me because there are no excuses! Not all work was lost but it doesn't matter because I can do better. The only way to improve is to learn from it and own up to my actions in this sport. Every competitor must show up to perform at their greatest in the moment it counts. Just OK or good is not enough for me. It's a competition and I come to compete. Although I looked my absolute best so far & I was very happy/satisfied with my overall package, in the judging moment I did not nail it.
Now moving upward and onward it's time for my own personal redemption in 3 short weeks so I've got work to do. Thank you all for reaching out with good luck and well wishes. I appreciate it😊

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Leg day was a series of failures. Couldn't keep my chest up, feet too far apart and turned out too much, had trouble keeping my knees behind my toes, couldn't drop my butt. I'd drop the weight, hit it perfect, then add 10 pounds and failed every single time. I tried over and over and couldn't get it. Came back from Thailand a stranger to lifting. Here we go back to square one 😭 #falldown7standup8

My plan was to make the slopes my bitch but what had happened was .... #falldown7standup8

Anything worth doing, is worth failing at. #motivation #falldown7standup8


The next chapter of life begins 🀘 #lookingforwardtoit #happygal #falldown7standup8

"Hay que caer para ver quΓ© tan arriba estΓ‘bamos." πŸƒ
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I think I needed to see this tonight. Last year I made the decision to get in shape, be strong, and be healthy. Earlier this year I was hitting PRs and was ecstatic. Since then I've had a lot of physical and stressful setbacks. These days I find myself having to choose between sleep, homework, time with my family, or housework - the gym is the furthest thing from my mind. When I do workout, I'm not focused. Working out isn't fun anymore. Chronic sinus and TMJ issues that cause dizziness and migraines have actually made it scary at times. I've lost that drive. Meanwhile, seeing others stick to a routine and crush goals is motivating and exciting, but at the same time it's discouraging knowing I can't be as dedicated. But honestly, it doesn't matter. Shit happens and even now I'm stronger than I used to be. I understand what it means to be dedicated and I know how to get back there. I know how to listen to my body and fuel it properly. All that's missing is setting aside the time to focus on my own personal goals, even if I reach them slower than everyone else. So now if I can just get my shit together, maybe my actions will speak louder than my words! #shithappens #falldown7standup8 #setgoalssmashgoals #gottastartsomewhere

Ok.....shit has gotten out of hand!!! Back to the basics today!!! Im going to do 2smoothies a day for 2 of my meals for at least a week!! That has worked well in the past!!! Turns out dieting in summertime is still hard even with alcohol removed from the equasion!!! Boating yesterday I ate chips with everyone....some bites of a bunwhich.....um bread what!!!??? Do NOT like this bloated feeling or look.....scale has jumped 10lbs....crazy...im hoping I can get this bloat off in 2wks and back to normal!!! 9.5wks to breast reduction and I WANT to be as close to my goal as possible!!! #idealprotein #ketosis #low carb #summerishard #soberthough #diet #goals #nevergiveup #falldown7standup8 #thestruggleisreal #weightlossjourney #health #motivation #backontrack #pickyourselfup

Never stop working on yourself, there's always room for improvement. #SundayMood #FallDown7StandUp8

Always check up on your "strong" friends. ✊🏻 #itwillgetbetter #trustme #evenifitdoesntlooklikeit #live #lifeisworthliving #falldown7standup8 πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ’― #iwishyouenough #always #happyfriday

When you get off work 3hrs early.....you go home and make turnip fries!!!! 2cups ready to go in the oven for 20mins!! First i microwaved them for 5min, seasoned and oiled!! Will add heinz no sugar added ketchup of course!! Back on track...wont ever give up! #eatyourveggies #turnipfries #nomorecheese #stopcheating #phaseone #ivegotthis #ketosis #lowcarb #idealprotein #and #idealproteinalternatives #weightloss #weightlossjourney #longhaul #20morelbs #sober #goals #motivation #imnotaquitter #falldown7standup8 #bingeeater #foodaddiction #thestruggleisreal #imbeatingit

When the signs are not aligning and it seems like all odds are against you, only then will you know how resilient and fearless you are. .
Now is the time to not give up. Push through and test your strength. It is ok to have meltdowns, but after a reasonable amount of time. Start again with a smile on your face and a happy heart. .
The answer is YES. Yes You Can.
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2 weeks from today I will have just gotten back from Dallas for our annual Seminar. I will have gotten to walk across stage all dressed up in front of 5,000+ people to pick up this gorgeous ring. To be honest, it hasnt really hit me yet. I cant really say how I am feeling now but i know that the emotions will be running high that night.

What I do know now is that this past year was full of change, growth, excitement and disappointment, falling down and picking back up over and over again. I learned so much about myself and what I can truly do when I put my mind to it and decide. And I made big things happen. And now with a new year, I am on to even more big things, growth, change and excitement.

But the real MVP's of this past year are all of you. My family, my friends, my boyfriend, and my incredible customers. Thank you for all the support and the prayers. Thank you for pushing me out the door. Thank you for every single purchase that allowed me to sell $40,000+ last year. Thank you for loving this product. Thank you for all the referrals. Thank you for letting me ask one more time. Thank you to those of you who ordered in June as I raced to the finish line to have my best month ever. Thank you to the ones who ordered a second time just to help out me get even closer. I couldn't have done any of this without you and I am so blessed to know you. I love you all ❀❀❀

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