Old school Sloppy Joes made new and better for you.
This version uses cooked #lentils instead of ground meat and a mix of spices and pantry items for the sauce instead of a processed can or packet of Sloppy Joe mix.
More pictures and the full #recipe are at https://vanillaandbean.com/tangy-lentil-sloppy-joes/

It looks easy and delicious. I'm picking up burger buns now to try this for #MeatlessMonday. #vegan #vegetarian #templecare #faithwhereforkis #cleaneating
#familyfitness #fitmom #healthyfamily #eatingwell

#fitfoodie also does #Southerncuisine for ❤ and household happiness. 👊

I'm a #cleaneating #vegetarian. Been one for three years.
My husband and children are not.
They have strong south Louisiana tastes I'm steadily shifting for health. Thankfully, it is possible to cook traditional foods with slight alterations to reduce the amount of meat, fat, added sugar and salt. (See the food tab on my webpage for more - link in bio.) Well, that's not how I cooked last night. For Will and the kids, I smothered pig carcass (I mean pork chops) in gravy and served it with brown rice and corn.
Admittedly, my family's dinner plate was not balanced, but the overall food/family situation in our home is.
My husband luvs pork chops and I love my husband so periodically I divert from serving my loved ones plant heavy cleanish meals and cook the southern #soulfood they luv. I don't do it regularly, but I do it well.
My Momma taught me well.

BTW - I don't do or desire that kind of food diversion. I also didn't want to cook two meals, so my dinner was a #vegan #quinoa #salad picked up from #ZoesKitchen. It was pretty good.

#moderation #balance 
#satisfiedhusband #happywife #happylife
#healthcoach #templecarecooking #faithwhereforkis #mealplanning #familycooking #menshealth #kidshealth

Friday Fit Tip --> Cook with Herbs

Herbs boost the flavor of dishes, allowing you to reduce the use of salt, sugars and fat. Many herbs have aromatherapy and medicinal properties, and herbs add beauty and lovely fragrance to your surroundings. Growing them is relatively easy, economical and connects you to nature.
Too cold outside? No yard space? No problem, plant your herbs in a pot on your windowsill or porch. Here is my current kitchen window pot. We are just getting back into the kitchen (kitchen window sills were installed this week - yay), but I've had this small pot of three of my favorite fresh herbs since Thanksgiving. In the pot - sage, thyme, and rosemary.  They grow together well, are hard to kill, and boost flavor in everything from soups, to sides, to beans, to spreads... They can help hook up almost anything.

Do you grow fresh herbs? If not, give them a try.
If so, what are your favorites?

#healthyfood #healthyhome #healthyliving #plantbased #healthyeating #fitfood #fitfoodie #vegetarian #fitfoodie #vegan #letscookvegan #thekitchn #templecare #cooking #thekitchen #templecarecooking #faithwhereforkis #healthcoach #gardening #mompreneur #Christianmom

Y'all know what today is.... 🏈🏆...🍵🍵🎉🍵 It's National Homemade Soup Day!
{Que roaring crowd} ​#​Soup makes my toes curl. It is so versatile. Light broth-based, hearty bean-based, hearty stewy-like to spicy chili-ish - I like. I like. I like.

Today I celebrated this big Super... National Homemade Soup Day with a bowl lentil deliciousness made earlier this week.
#​Vegan chili is my go-to ​#​lentil preparation made using this recipe or my shortcut method of hooking up a store-bought lentil soup with spices, corn, and soy chorizo.  But this week, I was inspired by Zoes Kitchen Lentil Soup which is so good, I decided to knock it off.
Click link in bio and go to the blog tab for the #recipe and more.
#templecare #faithfullyfit #faithwhereforkis  #fitfoodie #eatclean #eathealthy #vegetarian #MeatlessMonday ​#SuperBowl
#fitmom #healthcoach #weightloss #weightmaintenance #danielfast #wahm  #entrepreneur #mompreneur

This mornings #vegan breakfast held off hunger til 4 pm.
Roasted veggies (prepared earlier in the week)
Vegan sausage (from @traderjoes)
Apple slices (my fav honeycrisps are in season)
Toast with molasses.
#faithwhereforkis #fitfoodie #cleaneating #fitmom #nutrition #healthcoach #weightloss #weightmaintenance #mompreneur #mealideas #picoftheday

First week of workouts of 2018 have me singing like Tony! Toni! Toné! 🎶 It feels good! 🎵
2 outdoor runs, 2 treadmill runs
2 rides on stationary bike
3 weight training sessions
1 Pilates class, 1 Barre class

#MovementIsMedicine for body and soul.
#templecare #faithfullyfit #faithwhereforkis
#healthcoach #run #lift #ymca
#curvesncuts #fitmom #pushing50fit

My version of #mealprep.
I enjoy cooking. Really enjoy it. Creating in the kitchen relaxes and excites me - plus after 16 months without a fully functioning kitchen, I look forward to the normalcy of preparing meals. That considered, cook once, heat and eat the rest of the week is not for me. My meal prep involves preparing 'base foods' on the weekend to save time, money, and help me 'play' with food during the week. This brings on my happy dance.
This week's base food is a roasted #organic #vegetable medley. Zucchini, baby Yukon golds, baby Bella mushrooms, red bell pepper, red onion, and Brussels sprouts with olive oil, Himalayan salt, cracked pepper, fresh rosemary and thyme. Simple. Clean. Nutricious and delicious.
So far meal ideas for this week include these beautiful #veggies:
In a panini with brie and fig or date spread;
Served on top of mushroom risotto;
And in a pasta dish. (Trying chickpea pasta for the first time. Not sure if I want to do a pesto or marinara sauce... what you think?) I'm so grateful to be cooking again!!! Need help health-ing up your eating? Follow me on (Instagram and Facebook) and make sure you are on my email list at nettyejohnson.com where you'll get details on upcoming workshops and the launches for my podcast and Faith Where Fork Is book club.
I'm also opening a few health coaching slots in February (applications open 2/1). God is blessing. Exciting things are coming.

#vegetarian #fitfoodie #cleaneating #faithwhereforkis #vegan
#buylocal #healthcoach

​Old, altered, and new traditions came together with heart tugging, lip smacking balance in our New Year's Day meal.

As my mother did back in the day, I made cabbage and black-eyed peas​ for #health and #prosperity. I recently got a few pieces of my Momma's old cookware and used her #Magnalite pot that is decades old and still doing it. My alteration: No pig parts for 'seasoning' in the veggies. The peas and cabbage are #vegan and well seasoned with 'the trinity', herbs, spices, and a delicious roasted vegetable broth. So yum.

For Will and the kids is the somewhat new tradition of replacing a meat main with gumbo in this holiday meal. No preparation alterations here - it was made the way they love it with a rich roux, chicken, #Manda pork smoked sausage and crab.

The newest addition to our new year tradition is for me - the inclusion of a pot of soup I am currently crazy about. This year, it is a spicy, thick, chili-like vegan stew made with lentils and soy chorizo. Flat-Out-Perfect with a wedge of cornbread on this cold day.

Now it is more football for Will. Toy and game play for the kids. Nap for me.
Have a happy new year!

#vegetarian in #omnivore household
#plantbased #cleaneating
#holiday menu #moderation
#TempleCareCooking #faithwhereforkis #healthcoach

Look at these beauties. Look at em!

Low in calories and high in fiber, antioxidants, Vitamins K and C and one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Brussels sprouts can help reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels and protect against certain cancers.
True: Overcooked to mush - Brussels sprouts can be quite foul.
Also True: Creatively cooked - they are quite amazing.

Roasted. Sautéed. Shaved. Crusted. Air Fried. Au Gratined... Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum!

Do you enjoy #BrusselSprouts?  If so, what is your favorite preparation?

#MeatlessMonday on #Tuesday

Tonight's Sunday Supper ... made in less than 20 minutes.

#Vegetarian Italian sausage (from #TraderJoes); sliced and pan sautéed in a bit of olive oil.
My 4-ingredient smashed baby gold potatoes. (Will said they are delicious and taste 'loaded' LOL). These are so easy to make, I don't bother to peel the baby golds - just give them a good scrub, boil in salted water, drain and mash in the same pan with some unsweetened almond milk, #EarthBalance, and Neufchatel cheese; season with salt and pepper. Leaving the skin on saves time, adds a bit of texture interest, and ups the nutrition. Potato skin has more than double the fiber, eight times more iron, and less sugar than the ​potato flesh.
The colorful vegetables are bagged slaw mix, sweated down in a skillet and seasoned with kosher salt and pepper.

#Nettyeskitchen  #templecarecooking #fitfoodie #recipe

​Here's to the end of an exhausting, exhilarating weekend.

Hope yours was great as well.

Better than #candy.
Tart, sweet nutrient dense cherries are packed with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, melatonin, and antioxidants. Cherries have health benefits linked to the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and inflammatory diseases.
Learn more plus 5 cherrilicious #recipes at http://www.nettyejohnson.com/2017/09/cherries.html

#faithwhereforkis #vegetarian #eatclean #comfortable ##healthcoach #templecare #cherries #snacking


Trying something new... What cha think?

August is the month of new beginnings. The kids returned to school and  I'm returning to myself with a new-ish attitude.

Do you need 'newness' in some area of your life, but don' feel up to doing anything new? I totally understand and share some encouragement in this week's blog post "Do Something New". Pop over to nettyejohnson.com for more.

​Often God has blessings waiting for us. What we want/need is right there on the other side of a step of obedience.

Pray for direction and get busy.

It's a new week.
Go get it!


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