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“I think you know you love someone when you are in love with them, not the idea of being in love; just the person- themselves fully. You want to be with them on their moody days and saturate yourself with them on their bad days. You don’t care if they are a grumpy over thinker at 11 at night and you don’t care if they are miserable when they wake up. You don’t care if they get excited over something you think is pointless. You love them, so you love what they do. You love them and what they love.”
A 60 day love letter
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Once you do... no one can tell you different. Self discovery keeps you grounded in your truth no matter what anyone says...

#BookSayings: Feranmi wasn’t against marriage, she wasn’t feeling being pressured into it. To alleviate this pressure Feranmi found herself spiraling down a rabbit hole that began to close up on her. Alex offered to pull her out but on one condition.🤔
Have you met the gang? Fera, Alex, Ini, Kayla & Kofi? Check them out in An Unexpected Blessing🔗 in bio 👆🏾

You’ll never know unless you surrender to it. #quote. Happy 5th birthday to my debut novel, An Unexpected Blessing.
Alex & Feranmi are my only African American/ African couple . They were fun and intimidating to write but I loved them... so much so, I brought them back in another book.
“A refreshing look at a common issue plaguing most youth. Girl meets boy, girl loves boy, girl's culture is against boy. Unoma tackles a topic that transcends nationality; when it comes down to the wire, do you follow your heart or what society dictates? Written with such "down to earthiness", this book will have you sharing every topsy turvy feeling the characters feel while rooting for love till the very end”- Review.
This pic reminds me of the scene when the storm got Alex trapped in Fera’s house and they were ultimately saved by the bell or actually Fera’s BFF, Ini....
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Climb the mountain to see the world and not for the world to see you. The quickest way to frustration is doing things with the wrong motive.

Would you do me a favor? Read everything in quotes as if you’re an announcer at a Monster Truck Rally. Ready? Here goes: “I’ve been working HARD pouring out BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS and NOW I’m ready to announce the brand new BLOG Blog! Blog! you've been waiting for!”
Too much? Blame the ☕️☕️☕️🤷🏽‍♀️
Maybe it would be better just to let you know today is my 5th year as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Yep, exactly five years ago today I placed my heart on the line for the 🌎.
In today’s post, I detail the top 5 things I’ve learned. Not the pretty stuff either but helpful tips for the aspiring, new or struggling seasoned author. Check it out! 🔗 in my bio

I say this with a humility... you gotta to believe in YOU.
If you don’t why should anyone else? Facts!
Ps: Confidence and Arrogance there is a difference.

“Nwankwor exhibits ability to capture and convey the emotional complexities, both in the story and within the characters. Nwankwor adds more depth with the cultural nuances that could be a roadblock or a gateway to understanding. She expertly intertwines all of these elements, including faith lessons, to make a tightly woven story for a reader’s enjoyment.”~USA Today HEA Blog
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No long action necessary.

Faith. Romance. African Spice
✝️Writing His Stories✝️

You know that feeling when you’re pseudo behind on literally every. single. deadline? And then that feeling right after when you plop down on the sofa with some correct native Jollof rice, the one with all the assorted dry fish and meat... ehn?
THAT’s the feeling you give me.
That warm. THAT fuzzy. For all those who buy my books, listen to my shenanigans and have trusted me to give you writing advice or encouragement along the way, I could cyber-cuddle you forever. Well not that long sha...😂 but you get my drift. Thank you for being here.

When she got dumped, Itohan thought it couldn’t get worse. Well when her revenge plan tipped and inadvertently rocked her future, Itohan knew she couldn’t have been more wrong.
Did she have the last laugh? Or wished she had left it all in God’s hands? TO LIVE AGAIN 🔗 in bio

I agreed with my readers on FB when they said this is exactly what Kamal Danjuma would say.
SWIPE LEFT 👉🏽to read Kammy’s actual words.
Scene set: Ebele had been dodging him for some weeks and he finally caught up with her in church.... and still had no filter for his mouth.
The next pic served as my character inspiration. PS: I do not own the picture o... they just look like Kam & E in my head😂😂
The book is 💯 % mine sha.
Have you read it yet? All the brothers were something serious but Kammy was on another level🤷🏽‍♀️

The strength to love with passion, persistence & purpose.
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Everything in its place. God’s place is first. More than our words, actions draw others to His love...the gospel...salvation.
My couples date with intention but there is never an ultimatum given to “attend a church service/building”. Through their life, the other gets introduced to Christ and He takes it from there.
Singles...Be the light you want to see. Focus on you. If the person is interested enough, you’ll never have to change or compromise who you ARE.😉
Meanwhile relax with any couple of your choice🔗 in bio

The Danjumas, my most beloved series pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 With over 80 plus 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews.
You have spoken, I have heard......
Tag a reader so I can get theses babies on AUDIO!!
Must have 🇺🇸🇳🇬intonations 😉
PS: One day soon, this series will be on @owntv mark my words.

Get lost in art...bliss.
All my books have a music soundtrack because MUSIC for me is so soothing. I chill, write, read to it. This is me, I am that person that will restart the whole song because I got distracted and missed a critical piece of lyric 😜
I have so many songs I listen to... Afrobeat & Gospel topping the list. Currently “So Will I” by Hillsong and “IRE” by @adekunlegold are on repeat in my playlist.
What you got on repeat on your playlist...need some soothing music to get me on my feet.??

Some of my readers always tell me I need to write a cookbook because my books are splattered with Nigerian/African cuisine. Uhmm, no can do because cooking is not a passion of mine.🤷🏽‍♀️
However I can share with you the delicacies the Danjuma men in the Sons of Ishmael love. You have met the Danjumas right? Hmmm😉
📙Rasheed loves Catfish Pepper Soup
📕Jabir loves Bole(Roasted Plantain)
📗Kamal loves Kuli Kuli
SWIPE LEFT 👉🏽 to check out images of these delicacies in order of mention.
PS: None of theses images are mine. They are via Nigerian Food TV, @welovenig and @irocafrica
Make the Sons of Ishmael your weekend read. Readers love the Danjuma men. 🔗 in bio

My next project is a real labor of love! It’s a FREE short story. But only those who are subscribers to my newsletter will get it.
Obianuju and Jide fought against all odds to be together but in the end, it turned out not to be enough.
They should’ve been able to clear everything up with a simple talk.
What happens when an unexpected twist makes even that impossible?

TBT 2015: In Lagos, Nigeria at one of my first book appearances with Uncle Kunle Kasumu of Channels Book Club. I’d heard about him way before visiting Naija but didn’t know he’d be the one moderating the event.
I’ve gotten to meet so many people on this journey of mine and I’m thankful for each one of them

Saw this cool pic of Zobo on @9jafoodie and remembered my couple from A Scoop of Love.
How did Rasheed and Ibiso go from a refreshing drink of Zobo to combat the Abuja heat one minute to having an explosive break up the next?
What’s your favorite summertime drink?

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