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“I saw that you were perfect then I loved you. Then I found out you weren’t perfect and loved you even more” #quote
All my couples are flawed and help each other discover the unending love of God.
“I absolutely love the way Unoma builds her characters, bringing them to life in such a way that I have to stop and remind myself that this is only fiction! That’s just how real and relatable they are.”~ Reviewer.😊😊
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"For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home." Diane & Chris
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Weekend Reading!!
Is there a piece of you that wants to see your offender suffer? Do you forgive that easily or just hope God will be your avenger? #EntertainmentWithPurpose #toliveagain #books #goodread #filmlife #christianfilms

And suddenly the love songs are about you #quote
This couple reminds me of my Ibo couple; Ejike and Amara from When You Let Go.
You know you are into a book when you begin to pray for its main characters! Right now, Amara and Ejike are my two favourite book characters. 'When You Let Go' was a captivating read for me. I cannot explain it but it wasn't just an inspirational romance novel for me. It was more. I not only prayed for the characters, I prayed for myself. It's that kind of book. I loved that it was funny. I loved that I could relate to the 'Naija' bits which Unoma always smoothly explained. I loved all the Igbo language I picked up! But most of all I loved how, through its pages, we see what happens when we choose to let Jesus Christ live His Life through us. It's the only way the kind of unconditional love and forgiveness we read about in this book can be demonstrated. It's only when we let go that God can have His way in our lives and make all things work out for our good. Like her first book that I read, An Unexpected Blessing, I give this one two thumbs up!!~ Amazon Review.
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I’m hardly the only romance or African author out there, but I do believe I have something different to offer with what I do.
My Voice 🗣🗣🗣
For five years and a growing readership, I have told stories that I’m passionate about and would want to read as well.
Stories of faith, African Spice and a whole lotta romance. Stories that edify your spirit, educate your mind and provide lots of humor and entertainment.
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Saw this quote and thought about my last novel: To Live Again 💙💙
Osaro asked Itohan...
“What do you want from a man?”
She replied...”Consistency...”
Have you read their story? Swipe left then hit the link in the bio

Happy Anniversary to the Rices. Have you read Yomi & Ola’s story yet?
Here’s the latest 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review “I don't want this to be the end for Abayomi and Olanma. They went through a lot of ordeals, most of them due to their own stubbornness. During their ordeal, they relied on their FAITH. They soon forgot about their BLESSINGS and went back to their old ways. GOD will continue to Bless us if we totally yield ourselves to HIM. I LOVE books by Unoma Nwankwor.”

It’s the weekend! TV & Book things🤩
Have you read Osaro & Itohan’s story?
“This story revived my soul. I want to cry. I read a lot of Christian fiction, but lately I have been disappointed with it and then this book came along and sparked my love for this genre again. I love the honest conversations between the characters and how the author showed real emotions and responses when someone is going through the pain of betrayal. I could relate to Itohan; the last thing you want to hear is a bunch of scriptures when you've been wronged. Even though you know God is your avenger, there is a piece of you that wants to see your offender suffer. God is funny, He has ways of drawing you back to Him that seem foolish to the wise. Osaro was the instrument that God used to draw Itohan back. Even though there were some major hiccups in their relationship, the one thing that remained constant was LOVE!”~ Reviewer
Don’t miss out, relax and escape into the world of the Ikimis. Link in bio

I felt that!! And so did Mensah from He Changed My Name. In fact it’s one of my readers most quoted line. SWIPE LEFT to read his take and Ayanti’s response.
✝️Writing His Stories✝️
Faith. Romance. African Spice
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Ayanti & Mensah honeymooned in the Seychelles.
They’re my Naija/Ghana couple and I dare to say my most loved with 56+ raving reviews.
Well what do you expect from a story about a rebellious pop star and a laid back Pastor with too much swag for his own good.
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Dinner on the beach. Fregate Private Island, Seychelles🌴 #TravelAfrica #Seychelles #SeeAfrica
✝️Writing His Stories ✝️
Faith. Romance. African Spice
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Y'all read 'em or nah? (SN: I'm a huge Transformer fan. Optimus Prime is bae . The Disney ride is bananas.)
📚Alex & Feranmi in AN UNEXPECTED BLESSING were my first couple. She walked out on him 4 years ago because of cultural differences but when her parents told her it's time to get married to their arrangee, she called on him to be pretend boo.
📚Ayanti can't get it right in HE CHANGED MY NAME until Pastor Mensah walks in to save the day😉 📚Both couple reunite in HE CHANGED MY NAME and even had a #NaijaJollof vs #GhanaJollof cook off.
Guess which couple won?. 😉

Everything before you was black and white, now I see color#afroluvbites
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✝️Writing His Stories ✝️
Faith Romance African Spice

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Concerts are not really my thing. I prefer my private car or shower stage featuring moi
Most of my hero’s however are suave with it. And their women love it.
In An Unexpected Blessing, Alex took Feranmi to the Fox Theatre to watch the Lion King Live.
In Mended With Love, Kammy took Ebele on a surprise trip to see the Soweto Mass Choir perform live.
Are you a concert goer? What’s your most memorable one?

It’s Friday!! No matter what yesterday held, today is a new day!
What’s you favorite morning beverage?

Hey what can I say... it’s what I do🤷🏽‍♀️😉
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Enuff Said...
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“I think you know you love someone when you are in love with them, not the idea of being in love; just the person- themselves fully. You want to be with them on their moody days and saturate yourself with them on their bad days. You don’t care if they are a grumpy over thinker at 11 at night and you don’t care if they are miserable when they wake up. You don’t care if they get excited over something you think is pointless. You love them, so you love what they do. You love them and what they love.”
A 60 day love letter
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Once you do... no one can tell you different. Self discovery keeps you grounded in your truth no matter what anyone says...

#BookSayings: Feranmi wasn’t against marriage, she wasn’t feeling being pressured into it. To alleviate this pressure Feranmi found herself spiraling down a rabbit hole that began to close up on her. Alex offered to pull her out but on one condition.🤔
Have you met the gang? Fera, Alex, Ini, Kayla & Kofi? Check them out in An Unexpected Blessing🔗 in bio 👆🏾

You’ll never know unless you surrender to it. #quote. Happy 5th birthday to my debut novel, An Unexpected Blessing.
Alex & Feranmi are my only African American/ African couple . They were fun and intimidating to write but I loved them... so much so, I brought them back in another book.
“A refreshing look at a common issue plaguing most youth. Girl meets boy, girl loves boy, girl's culture is against boy. Unoma tackles a topic that transcends nationality; when it comes down to the wire, do you follow your heart or what society dictates? Written with such "down to earthiness", this book will have you sharing every topsy turvy feeling the characters feel while rooting for love till the very end”- Review.
This pic reminds me of the scene when the storm got Alex trapped in Fera’s house and they were ultimately saved by the bell or actually Fera’s BFF, Ini....
SWIPE LEFT👉🏽 or click the 🔗 in my bio to grab your copy.
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Climb the mountain to see the world and not for the world to see you. The quickest way to frustration is doing things with the wrong motive.

Would you do me a favor? Read everything in quotes as if you’re an announcer at a Monster Truck Rally. Ready? Here goes: “I’ve been working HARD pouring out BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS and NOW I’m ready to announce the brand new BLOG Blog! Blog! you've been waiting for!”
Too much? Blame the ☕️☕️☕️🤷🏽‍♀️
Maybe it would be better just to let you know today is my 5th year as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Yep, exactly five years ago today I placed my heart on the line for the 🌎.
In today’s post, I detail the top 5 things I’ve learned. Not the pretty stuff either but helpful tips for the aspiring, new or struggling seasoned author. Check it out! 🔗 in my bio

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