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Tonight for me was a successful night even though the enemy tried to block me for giving my all I poured everything out regardless and I’m just so thankful for everyone who actually came to support me I’m so honored and thankful for true friends and support it’s only up from here!🙌🏽🔥🔥🙌🏽 and thank you to my amazing friends/band and my amazing husband @one_way_out_productions for being my support and backbone/photographer 😍💕 #CreatedToWorship #enjoy #HumilityisKey #whatyougiveiswhatyouget #bibletime #gate #bepatient #ministry #noothername #relationshipsbelike #intuition #fountains #devotion #faithjournaling #womenintheword #godsmercy #youthleader #goodnews #worshipsong #givethanks #godovermoney #scriptures #perfection #gospelmusic #praisehim

I have been working on remembering who’s I am:
• a daughter of the one true king
• fearfully and wonderfully made
• created in His image
And that He has a plan for me. I may not see all the pieces or understand why He needs me of all people, but if He says He does, I will believe Him

The way I’ve been strengthening my faith is by memorizing scripture. There is no better way to truly start to believe your worth and purpose than to write The Word on your heart. Manifestations and Verbal Affirmations have nothing compared to the power of the Word of God! •
What’s a verse you’d love to memorize (or have already) to strengthen your resolve with the Word of God? I’d love to hear it!

PS snatch up this free lock screen! Check out my story! 😘
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more watercolor fun in my faith journal 😊

Continuing my reading through Genesis, I read in chapters 4 & 5 about Adam & Eve's 3rd son Seth. The meaning of the name Seth is "the appointed" because the Lord appointed him to fill the place of his brother Abel. This made me curious about the meaning of my name. I did some quick research online & discovered that my name, Elaine, means "bright" or "ray of light!" I just love that. It really was a call to action for me as well, beckoning me to be a ray of light for the Lord. You should look up the meaning of your name & see what God has called upon your life through your naming! Leave it in the comments! I'd love to know your name & what it means!
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#notetoselfie #yesican - Did mention I love #papercrafting ✂️ and #journaling 📖 well if not I do. I’m not a pro, I just go with how I feel. Lately I’m been feeling like encouraging myself and hopefully others as I share my #faithjourney to #selfimprovement - This #faithjournal is all about me getting to know more about God’s plan for my life both natural and spiritual, documenting what is said during #prayertime and #devotion as well as note from #selfhelpbooks I’m lead to read as a complement to the #bible - The #faithjourney is a wonderful experience so if you’ve lost the joy of your salvation I encourage you to get creative and spend one on one time with the creator. I feel so at peace, more confident and connected. 🙂

I don’t want to miss a thing! God knows what’s ahead, and everyday is an adventure. Living expectantly is like keeping your zoom lens out at all times, because you don’t want to miss out or overlook what God has in store. Things can look messy...but when I look closer...God is there and working on my behalf! Trusting him is key! “Great is the Lord, who delights in the welfare of his servant.” #snaphappygurl #surrenderedgurl #christianwoman #christianwomen #christianliving #faithoverfear #faithfull #faithfulfriday #christianlife #faith #faithjournaling #jesuslovesyou #jesusfollower #christianwriter #christlover

if we’re not seeking wisdom, what are we even doing? here’s what was highlighted to me when reading from Proverbs!
wisdom is God’s delight
wisdom is like a banquet, (an elaborate and formal evening meal for all who will accept its invitation & go after it). _
before God created the world, wisdom existed and served as his architect. (v. 30)
without God’s wisdom we won’t know how to tap into the creativity He’s placed in us!_

wisdom is the thing often found at a crossroad. at a busy intersection. at a chaotic place in our lives, where we’re faced with having to make a decision on which direction to head towards.

everyday we’re find ourselves at “intersections.” No matter how big or small the situation we find ourselves in, God’s wisdom is so readily and liberally available to us to show us what to say and do!
lately, I’ve been challenged to surround myself more with people who are overflowing with Godly wisdom and to seek God’s Word more than the wisdom that the world offers.
with Godly wisdom, we’ll never fail. joy, honor, success, and riches will always be the result of seeking God’s wisdom!

Psalm 23:4 ~ Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

God is TRULY The Amazing Shepherd, who cares diligently for His sheep! He loves each of us with His unconditional, perfect…and unfailing Love. He knows every fault and weakness as well as our strengths…..every failure and every success. He truly understands us in every way! He guides us safely along some of the toughest roads in life. One of His sheep may wonder astray, yet he will not give up His search for that one that is lost! When we are in danger, he protects us with His mighty shield. When we are thirsty, he leads us to His life giving water. When we are injured or hurting He heals us. He is nearer than we can ever imagine. He will carefully guide us through whatever lies ahead. He is our God…the Mighty Shepherd. TRUST in Him, our perfect shepherd who will guide His flock till the very end. ~•~
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Thank you @illustratedfaith for making my first journal entry so easy and beautiful! I watched a tutorial online about the paint technique, added some pretty illustrated faith stickers, and boom done! Personal goal: don’t make it harder than it seems. Anyone can do it!! #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling #faithjournaling #faith #loved #iamloved #thankyoujesus

My weakness - His strength. Every day I'm reminded of how much I need Jesus. In 2 Cor 12, Paul boasts about his weaknesses, because through his weakness, the power of Christ can work through him. The Passion Translation says not defeated, but delighted. I love that. 💗 I'm using @shawnaclingerman's new set Stand In for this page, you can find it in the @illustratedfaith Print & Pray Shop or here: illustratedfaith.com/shop Markers are Kirarina2win. #biblejournaling #illustratedfaith #printprayshop #printable #faithjournaling

Day 16 #marchmeetthemaker :: Helper :: didn't sort yesterday's boomerang - to much going on in our household ( GCSE's are fast approaching !) - so in times when I need a helper it's divine help I turn to 🙏🙏

Casualty of #artjournaling on a 10 hour road trip 🙄 ...yes, i literally cut a giant hole in my shirt 😶 ...one of my fave shirts, y’all! See... this is where i can say with all honesty don’t go thinking I’m perfect and don’t even attempt to think *I* think I’m perfect. I do things like this more often than i care to admit. Have you ever heard the phrase “charity begins at home?” (my momma always said that for some reason 🤔) Well, that’s where I’ve learned for sure #GRACE certainly begins. Giving grace to one’s self is actually more difficult to master than giving to others. Too much and pride tricks ya into thinking entitlement is actually grace. Too little and self-loathing deceives ya into thinking a lack of self worth is the grace laced with humility (mm hmm I’ve gotten good at that one.) Confession with one another and repentance with the Lord is the only way to truly understand AND practice grace... but it always begins with one’s self. #justkeepinitreal #loveyourselftoday #laughwithmenotatme
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