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Tumikim man ako ng iba, sayo pa rin ako umuuwi. Kumalma ka lang dyan, lalamyerda tayo soon 😘 #desandvegeta #orangeblood #unmarriedrider #faithfulwife 😂😂😂

Over-the-knee boots = best purchase ever. 📸: @alice.decker #tapfordetails #winterfashion #bootseason #christmasgift

Yes, I love been his sidechic lol keeps me on my toes. Stand with and by him all the way #legalsidechic #faithfulwife #loyalwife #godsent #hawtwives

Всегда лучше, когда ты рядом @lizzyamadi . Ужасно себя чувствую, когда ты далеко. Пожалуйста будь рядом всегда, ааа!
Люблю тебя до конца жизни и начало нового.
It is always better when you're near @lizzyamadi. I feel very terrible when you're far. Please always be around, aah! I love you to heaven and back.
#любовь #вернаяжена
#love #faithfulwife #theAMADIS

My momma. Miss her everyday. Her birthday is coming up this month. So it's bitter sweet time for me. We all believe our mothers were the greatest mom of all. Mines is no different. I was blessed to be her youngest child. I love ❤️ you momma~ #moms #shesthebest #ninechildren #faithfulwife

My Shop 💁🏼😁 @beccarowls #faithfulwife

Bit of bow river in the rain #bowriver #faithfulwife #soggy


I've decided to "take a break" with one of my relationships for the time being.
I've never let the number on this scale define my happiness or have any weight in my self-worth, but I don't want it to be any sort of motivation for my healthy lifestyle.
While I do think this number can be helpful, I am currently at a healthy weight so it isn't a concern. I want to make sure I am continuing my healthy eating and workouts because I want a healthy lifestyle. -
I don't have a goal weight. I don't have a goal size. One day the number on the scale won't move. I won't be switching out clothes for smaller sizes. I want to make sure this is not where my motivations is coming from so I think a break is necessary 😄
See ya later you little square tool that tells me my relationship with the gravity 🖐🌏

Day 2/21 ✔✔
I have a feeling I will be saying this more during the next 19 days, but idk if I could do this program with a different trainer. Chris Downing is AMAZING! He's giving Jericho a run for her money with this one!

Shift Shop KICKED OUR BUTTS! I think Jericho and Core De Force will always be my JAM but I have committed myself to 21 days of Shift Shop. Day 1/21 is in the books!

You can still be a wonderful mom, sister, friend, WIFE & still go out and shut it down! Dance until the sun comes up! 🌞One night of epic girls trip to Bottle Fete 2017 in Houston! #summer17 #bottlefete2017 #girlsnight #socalife #fete #stayyoung #onelove #faithfulwife #goaskurman 🙃 #myphonestayunlocked #justsayin #houstoncarnival2017 #goodvibesonly #allaboutabalance #judgementalpeople #losers #greathusband #allabouttrust #greatlook #loveurlife #loveurrelationship #westindian #guyanese #guyana 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾 @followsoca @caribbeanentertainment @west.indimade @island360

In love with him <3
#faithfulwife #blessed

Heart melt moment! B says "You know God's right beside me? Yup he's right here!" Points to the couch next to her. "And He's by you too He's right behind you there! You know God always loves us even when we sin mommy!" Yes I do and so glad you do too!!
#meltmyheart #Godsprincess #Helovesusalways

Just keep fighting!
He's got you in the palm of His hand.
#faithfulwife #faithfulmom #faithfulwoman #faithfulservant
#believeinhim #believeinyou #trust

Early morning piyo garage workout with my Jersey girls!
If I didn't have the accountability I have I'd still be snoozin'! I'd probably still be 20+lbs heavier too!
They're not in my kitchen smacking food out of my hand or pulling me out of bed in the morning to get a workout in, but if they're doing it, I'm gonna do it too!
Even with being a coach for over 2.5 years, I still struggle with motivation. No one is perfect!Im so glad I have a place to check in to keep moving forward.
I'm not saying this just for my own good---but you don't have to do it alone! There's a place for you! 👍🏻drop a message below to join our FREE fitness and nutrition group on Monday!

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.#faithfulwife#

Tu m'as supporté dans la vallée de l'ombre et de la mort, à ton tour de te réjouir. Tu es l'application de cette maxime :"Aimer, ce n'est pas se regarder l'un l'autre, c'est regarder ensemble dans la même direction." Profite de cette oasis #faithfulgod #faithfulwife #faithfulwoman

4:45am was EARLY and I'm not even working today! These girls are worth it though...and it's done ✔️
So maybe 5am isn't your jam (it's not always for me either😉) but community and goals are?
Maybe you aren't sure that you have personal goals because you're so focused on giving to everyone else??
You NEED to make time for you...it may sound impossible..but with a little help and encouragement..it is!
On the flip side...maybe you've got your routine down, but do you know how many people NEED the same? How many people YOU can serve and help guide to a healthier lifestyle?
I WANT to work with the willing..so if you are feeling it--I've got room for ya! My team mentorship has room for only 5 more this month...will you reserve yourself a spot?

I'm not concerned about the donut I had today..
It's not going to allow me to spiral out of control.
It feels great to have a plan that I can go back to and use and still get results!
So I'm going to sit here this evening and enjoy a glass of wine, while prepping for my upcoming accountability group that starts Monday!
A few spots left for you if you're ready! 👍🏻

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