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Scott Adams is a genius. Seriously this book was educational, directional, giving a bit of that truth. We all have the potential to be better by focus, commitment, desire, execution, and failing while still succeeding. This book was a fun read. If you enjoy the Dilbert comic strip, you will enjoy the continuous satire Mr. ADAMS addresses in this nice little book. Some notable chapters include Goals vs Systems, Managing you attitude, the math of success, affirmations, and many more. Enjoy the read! #dilbert #failtosucceed #lovetoread

Another one of the final blocs from @studio_bloc at the weekend.
I couldn’t generate enough momentum so I had to improvise some different tactics at the start.
Be patient, I do get there in the end!
🎥: @mattcousins_ .
@whitespiderclimbing @redspiderclimbing @scarpa_uk @organicclimbing @frictionlabs @climbskinspain

Failure is the catalyst for success.
When you invest in failure, you are humbled. You become better. You evolve.
Investing in failure is far from aiming to fail. .
It’s creating the conditions where you will fail, unless you figure out a way to perform above your current limits.
Failure is not the goal.
Failure is what turns you into a true winner.

Cardio complete!
1️⃣ 30 laps

The harder you fail, the sweeter tasting success will be. I’m definitely experiencing this with life in general. Failed marriage, failed farming business and others. The learning I’ve had from all is invaluable and WILL make me successful. #failhard #failtosucceed

2018* reading rough drafts 😂😂😂
Better after :15 #failtosucceed #facingit #studio #latenight

I show my failures, this was my 6th set I could’ve done two more but arms gave out on me haha 🙈💪🏾#bodybuilding#failtosucceed#fitness#gainz#muscle#chest#pecs#fitfam#nevergiveup#painisgain

Name: Kabir Chimni
Company: Sports Swag, Moreau Art and KC Brand Management
Title: President and CEO
Background: Kabir proves to be an exceptional and hardworking business man. While he is in pursuit to attain his degree at Berkeley, he continues to build and grow his companies. “I started my entrepreneurial ventures at 12 years old buying and reselling sporting goods from China on eBay. Started Moreau Art as a business to sell sports artwork to fans. Quickly turned that around to focus on selling to the athletes, currently work with athletes in all sports. I started my clothing line, Sports Swag, in 2010 after designing shirts while the San Francisco Giants were going to the World Series. Then created a logo for Sharks defenseman Brent Burns and created hats from there and Sports Swag was born. KC Brand Management was formed as a combination of all the skills I have learned over the past ten years in my business ventures to help others in their branding efforts.”
Tip: “Fail fast and fail often, it's better to try something and fail quickly than spend months trying to perfect something only to fail. You're going to fail at some point, might as well try early and find out as much as you can about yourself and how you work.”

It wouldn’t be craft if there weren’t some struggles. My latest IPA has hit a roadblock. With the amount of hops in it the flavors should be off the charts but it is falling flat. There is a great aroma but very little flavor. I am going to check a few things, make some adjustments and keep on brewing! This will also give me an opportunity to dry hop in the keg! Worst outcome.....I have 5 gallons of IPA that can be used for beer pickles!! #failtosucceed #wheresthehopsgone #StoutwoodBC

Not exactly mastered but I did it! Then I did it again! Damn it feels good to be able to move on from that. .
#parkour #teddybearparkour #skochydenim #warriorgyms #bravethelegend #overcome #failtosucceed #challengecomplete #onceisnever

He who has never failed somewhere, cannot be great. Failure is the true test of greatness.👍

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