Let’s turn this graveyard into a garden and grow from here.

When all is lost I won’t think of you. There is nothing in this world that ghost can do 🎼👻🎶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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“You are no hero, but I’ll lie,”

“I will never say goodbye, cuz I was just no good at it,”

#makermonday I haven't done an introductory post yet, so here we go!
My name is Rebecca, I have lived in Windsor Ontario for 13 years. I was born in Collingwood Ontario, when I was 5 my family moved to Barrie Ontario, then when I was 10 we moved to Michigan, finally at 15 we moved to Windsor. Out of all of these places I have loved Windsor the most. Windsor is where I met my husband, we bought an adorable little house and settled down.
My mom taught me to knit when I was a teenager and I recently picked it back up when I joined a knitting group that was donating items to a local shelter. I can't put my needles down! I love to create, cuddle my cats and drink craft beer. I'm also just a little bit of a fan of the band @listenerfamilyband.

I'll push on through
For your life or through your death, I'll keep on
I'll keep on, and on and on
And I'll keep on, and on and on.
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On last weeks episode of Apryl takes an adult gymnastics class: the reason why I'm at L&M at all, a truly fantastic gymnast, my best friend from high school comes to visit. We rumble a bit and use her fancy iPhone to take slo mo videos. It's nifty to watch and see where I can improve. #frontflipfail #failingisnotjustforfailures #learningfromfailing #aflippinggoodtime #adultgymnastics

..But have you ever tried to describe a color to someone who cannot see? #blind #ignoranceisachoice #openyoureyes #listener #failingisnotjustforfailures

A little early, but this is for the anniversary of my friend John's suicide. This time of year is always hard for numerous reasons. Closure. @glock_ness did this on me & tricked me into getting my own writing on myself. Lyrics are from @listenerfamilyband @thedancemyth and I love it. Thank you #failingisnotjustforfailures #listener #suicide #suicide #suicide #imstillhere

I won't ever say goodbye because there's no good in it. I'll stay the course, you've sailed away while my path leads to God only knows. I'll finish this race, you've quit so early.. I'd invite you to swim but drifting is not swimming. and this is it, you've given me no choice but to use mere words to stay alive. while you've paid them no mind. and I'll tell stories about your life, you are no hero but I'll lie... #sugarfayce #smile #listener #failingisnotjustforfailures

As much as I want to fly away, I still have wings that need mended. #failingisnotjustforfailures

My life is blurry. I'm writing on Kiefer. 'Lets give words to colors and swear we"re not blind.' -Listener #random #selfiesunday #listener #dunno #failingisnotjustforfailures

Hell yeah! Got my awesome #Listener shirt in right before the road trip! Time to break it in!
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listener's lyrics mean so much to me. one of my favorite bands that always gets played when i need to hear it most. #listener #woodenheart #failingisnotjustforfailures

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