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Inilah Rank 16 - 08

16.Sinka Juliani(@jkt48sinka)

15.Devi Kinal Putri(@jkt48dkinal)

14.- Tan zhi hui Celine(@jkt48celine) - Jennis Oprasert(@jennis.bnk48official)

13.Ratu Vienny Fitrilya(@jkt48vienny)

12.Gabriela Margareth W(@jkt48gaby)

11.Cindy Yuvia(@jkt48yupi)

10.Beby Chaesara Anadila(@jkt48beby)

09.Shania Gracia(@jkt48gracia)

08.Praewa Suthamphong(@music.bnk48official)

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Campeonato Mundial de Asa Delta - Brasília - Brasil 2017.
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Sempre al telefono @about_riki hahahaha #fai #il #bravo #tata #riki

What a win last Saturday night over Athlone Town FC. A record 7-1 win for the club and a record breaker for Davy O'Sullivan getting the fast hattrick ever by a Town player. 10 minutes. #CmonDeTown #longfordtownfc #ltfc #loi #Fai

Laju tu taklah , tapi kalau stakat nak jalan kat hati awak hari hari boleh je 😘😝❤ #fai

#Repost @strengthcoachtherapy (@get_repost)
⚡️Hip Internal Rotation⚡️

📝Here is a series of exercises being used to decrease sensitivity and biting or pinching pain at the front of the hip.
⛳️Hip internal rotation issues oftentimes affect the front hip of rotational athletes. This post is particularly applicable to golfers and baseball players.
✅This is the final post of a series about hip impingement, also known as FAI or femoroacetabular impingement. All of these exercises are being performed with the goal creating 1 of 3 things: flexion, adduction, or internal rotation. Some combine all 3, others isolate.
☠️One of the most important takeaways for me is that this diagnosis should not be rushed into surgery. Without any structural changes to the labrum or bone, we can still see tremendous improvements in pain and function. I'm not anti-surgery, but when you see firsthand the result of "bad surgeries," and you know they certainly aren't a guarantee, why not just try PT first??
🎵Ella Vos - White Noise (R3hab)🎵
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Ini buluk aq buluk kamu mana😂😂#fai


IDEA 15: Buy the cheapest piece of property you can afford in a location that is relevant to your practice. Develop a sculpture or experience to place on the property. Form a trust so your art outlives you.

Double GB 🌻 #happyplace

4 weeks post-op!! The eclipse came and took a crutch with it. I'm now down to 1 crutch and as you can see in the side-by-side photo, I'm a little more centered on my 2 feet.

The pic in the blue shirt was taken a week ago and I could hardly put any weight into my operated left hip. Swipe left for a video of me walking with 1 crutch. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I'm so grateful for my PTs who are helping to guide me through my post-op rehab. All I needed was permission and a little confidence to allow myself to trust my hip and now I feel much more sturdy without both crutches.
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"La solitude est une condition necessaire de la liberté" #BobWilson #tales #gaoxingjian #exibition #video #installation #contemporary #art #villapanza #fai #varese

Ilaria nel Paese delle Meraviglie.

"La solitudine é una condizione necessaria della libertá"
Gao Xingjiang for Robert Wilson.

Lady Gaga: Madamoiselle Caroline Rivière di Robert Wilson.

Only a week left guys 🏆

Remember to give us your email upon purchasing the official newbalance FAI jersey before August 30th, and be in with the chance to win tickets to the World Cup Qualifier IRELAND -V- SERBIA September 4th in the Aviva!! #COYBIG #ireland #fai #newbalance #worldcup

Geometrie sobrie.


The master likes my new ring. I decided to make one more and give him as a gift (in two weeks). #whisky #alcohol #alcoholic #fai #drink #aukingfai #ウイスキー

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