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Deicide Knee Strike. #fadetoblxck

Dreamcrusher. #fadetoblxck #blxckmass

I've been Black Massing fools on 2K for bout 6 hours now, and rope break won't stop haunting me.

Can’t wait to destroy everyone while playing as @aleister_black in WWE 2K18.

Black Death. #fadetoblxck #blxckmass

I don't do many of these simply because I don't believe in bragging, but in two days from now I will be touring with RAW through Europe and seeing myself on the advertisements is somewhat surreal and gives me a small rewarding feeling for over a decade and a half of work. See you in a few Europe. #fadetoblxck #blxckmass

Wanna see Aleister wear some paint soon here.

#nxtrichmond tonight the light will cast a shadow. #fadetoblxck #blxckmass


Deicide Knee Strike. #fadetoblxck

enjoy.. infamy.. Velveteen Dream. ✖️ #fadetoblxck #aleisterblack #velveteendream #nxtwargames #wwenxt

Alesiter Black Def. Bobby Fish #FadeToBlxck #NXT #WWE2K18 #UniverseMode

God, what a magnificent specimen he is...I could watch him all day...🖤 #fadetoblxck

I've been Black Massing fools on 2K for bout 6 hours now, and rope break won't stop haunting me.

Deicide Knee Strike. #fadetoblxck

Can’t wait to destroy everyone while playing as @aleister_black in WWE 2K18.

Enjoy Infamy...

Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is hope, there is despair. Where there are dreams, there are nightmares. Where there is war, there is Aleister Black. Last night, the last wild fantasy was scribbled in blood. The void salivated as the Black Mass approached. To put in layman's terms; Houston I had a problem and it was eradicated before your very sight. You fought valiantly, proved a lot of naysayers incorrect and put an abundance of doubt to rest in the process. Though you feel short on etching what can easily be deemed as the plot twist of the century. You limped out of WarGames a changed soul. You remained desperate for me to spew your name out of my mouth, forced me to acknowledge your disappointing existence. You've awoken the devil's from their long time rest. Craving my attention, that I simply refuse to give. You felt the darkness and despair of the Black Mass. Leather pressed against your precious skin, damaging it completely. Mind games doesn't work on the face of hell himself. The devil's cursing streak continues and moves forward into the underworld. You attempted to spread light in the face of darkness, however came up short. The light of heaven has been destroyed and extinguished, the darkness moves on and starts to spread into more souls of the angels. I refuse to play any game that your mind takes part of. The rest of civilization may know your name and scream it, however I refuse to acknowledge it, nor make it a thought in my mind. You've been doing everything in your heart to receive my attention and to simply irritate me in the process. You have it, whatever it is foolish game you tried to prove or show me, you failed. Tasted the boot on darkness against your jaw, became a changed man. Infamy is yours. Relish it ─ Velveteen Dream.

"Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream" match had my jaw dropping, one of my favorite matches from War Games. You can tell that they have excellent chemistry in the ring.
#AliesterBlack #FadeToBlxck #BlxckMass #VelveteenDream #WWE #NXT #NXTTakeover #WarGames #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #WWELiveCoverage

@aleister_black vs @velveteenwwe was the match of the night! The story, the attention to detail, the ending. this is why i love wrestling! the killed it! #aleisterblack #velveteendream #saymyname #wwe #wwenxt #nxttakeover #nxttakeoverwargames #wrestling #wwenetwork #fadetoblxck #blxckmass

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