For this week's #FacultyFriday, we interviewed #Songwriting faculty Debra Davis about her favorite teaching experiences - here's a clip of her talking about teaching this quarter's #IndustryShowcase class - the showcase starts TONIGHT in The Garage at 5 PM! #LACMofficial #musiccollege #songwriter #singersongwriter #faculty #musicschool #musicprofessional #musiceducation

Dr. Richard Bebb is presently a Consultant Endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Prior to relocating to Abu Dhabi he was a Clinical Associate Professor in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada. Dr. Bebb has extensive experience in Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Men's Health, in addition to 22 years of private clinical practice in general endocrinology. He will be speaking on our newly released Quito Land Tour and Galapagos Islands CME Cruise, November 13 - 23, 2019 #facultyfriday #cme #cmecredits #mainprocredits #continuingmedicaleducation #cmeconference #travelandlearn #medicalconference #medicalfaculty #medicaldoctors #doctors #certifiedlearning #cmeaway #seacourses #cmeland #cmeresort #cmecruise #medicalprovider #travelspecialist #travelagent #galapagosislands #quito #ecuador #baltra #sancristobal #explore #luxurycruise #silversea

All jokes (and masks) aside, this #FacultyFriday member is one you likely recognize! With over 30 years in the Department, Dr. Fred Kolb has made a tremendous impact through his small grains breeding program, teaching excellence, and his leadership of the undergraduate program. #whyitmatters #ACESstory

"For me, the classroom is a place of ideas, of developing skills, and of enjoying ourselves. And so it's about work, but it's also about humor, and it's about enjoying and having fun as you do it. Darden is a great place to find those things."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Professor Sam Bodily teaches in the quantitative analysis section at Darden. He's written several books and more than 120 cases and technical notes on quantitative analytics. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#FacultyFriday #WhyDarden

#FacultyFriday ➡️ Kevin Lawrence • 6 Years at #LvilleSchool • Associate Director of Admission: Works specifically with junior boarding schools and community based organizations [@wight_foundation, @abetterchance , @prep_for_prep and Diversity Roundtable] • Upper House Duty Master, Assistant Varsity Football Coach 🏈, Girls’ Varsity Spring Track & Field Coach • Favorite Tradition: “Going down to Penn Relays 👟 and watching the track team compete in the 4 x 400m relays. They won this past year and that’s huge!”

“My hope is to normalize an environment where inner work is just as important as outer work.” At @uwtacoma, Jane Compson's CARE project educates about approaches to stress management with an aim to alleviate suffering from the inside out. Read the full #FacultyFriday at the link in our bio!

Real-life superhero here! Her primary power is SAVING LIVES.

#Repost @jhkgos
Meet Dr. Stephanie Wethington #facultyfriday #belowthebelt #gyncancersurvivor #hopkinsmedicine #knowthesymptoms #2weeksistoolong

It’s that time again…Happy #facultyfriday! This picture was taken back in 1962 when this CU faculty member had to live with his pledge sister “Getta the Gobbler”  for one week during his Fraternity hell week for Pi Kappa Alpha! Hint: You can see this guy coming into the #CUDental school with his cowboy hat and slick long black coat. Also, we are talking about the guy on the left... Can you guess who it is? 🤔🤔🤔
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Allison is the Director of The Center for Academic and Student Success! Her favorite library book is How Architects Write by Rebecca Damron and Tom Spector •
• "I love this book because it illustrates the important and interdependent relationship between design and writing.  It explains the types of writing that designers will need to do in school and in their professional lives.  From design journals to project descriptions to proposals, the book’s examples demonstrate how powerful writing (and even the single choice of the perfect word) can impact a designer’s work and its audience." •

Come in and check out this book at the library desk! #facultyfriday #facultyfavorites #bookstagram #books #favorites #architecture #howarchitectswrite #rebeccadamron #tomspector

Happy #FacultyFriday! Say hello to our New Assistant Professor in Slavic, Dr. Maksim Hanukai!
Passionate Endeavors:
⭐️ He speaks Russian.
⭐️ He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University.
⭐️ He teaches the graduate course SL703: Russian Romanticism.

Our Faculty plays a large part in the ecosystem of collaboration among our Tribes in order to achieve the best classroom experience for our Fellows. This unique experience serves as the foundation for our entire Institute, as THF is a direct result of a faculty composed of varied specialties who wish to create learning through class activities, lectures, discussions, workshops, real world applications and best business practices. THF is proud you to introduce you to Joe Sweeney, a member of our Faculty Tribe since the very early days of THF! Joe has spent more than 30 years blending his love of business and passion for sports. He has owned, operated, and sold four manufacturing companies, headed up the Wisconsin Sports Authority, and launched a sports marketing firm. He is now an accomplished author, internationally-known speaker, and investor in private equity companies. Joe’s passion is studying human behavior, and has used the fields of sports, business, and military as his laboratory to better understand why certain people outperform others. He is especially devoted to helping and mentoring young athletes and executives to develop all aspects of their career, business and life, and has successfully coached business executives, well-known sports figures and members of the military including over 300 United States Navy SEALs. Joe is a dynamic, humorous, fun, and caring person that has found his passion in inspiring others to make the most of their lives by believing anything is possible.
Thank you @networkingjoe for all that you do for our Fellows and THF!
#faculty #facultyfriday #career #transition #coach #mentor #sof #navyseals #athletes #networking #leadership @thehonorfoundation

Meet our 2018-2019 faculty lineup as we introduce them all summer long! First up - our newest addition - Courtney Werth! She’s a current UNL Scarlet ❤️ a firecracker on the dance floor 💥 and sweet as sugar 😍 and we can’t wait for her to join us this Fall!!! #facultyfriday

It's #FacultyFriday here at Rider CBA and we would like to recognize Dr. John Donovan, Director of the Executive MBA program and a faculty member in the area of Human Resource Management.

Read more here: facebook.com/RiderCBA

Enjoying a little lunch at Cafe Merzenich in the Cologne city center! Some students tried a typical German fast food called Döner, a type of pita sandwich that originated in Turkey, and others had a traditional Brezel, or pretzel. We explored a bit and discovered more of the city in smaller groups after lunch as well! #ItsFrauSchiesler #UrsulineLanguageImmersion #FacultyFriday #BrezelUndDöner

We continued to learn from Frau Vandeneschen-Reimmann in the St. Ursula Church here in Cologne. She explained the history of the church and we furthered our connection to the Ursuline sisters. This church dates back to the 12th century! #ItsFrauSchiesler #FacultyFriday #UrsulineLanguageImmersion #BasilikaSanktUrsula

#FacultyFriday 🤩 #FacultyFriday 😎 #FacultyFriday ..... we are so excited to have children’s work this convention! Please welcome Heather Manuka! ....... #TATDstrong
Visit our Facebook page for her full bio!

FRIDAYS ARE THE BEST! Especially when we can brag about our amazing summer staff! #facultyfriday
Laura Gelles began dancing in 2003, training in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop. Currently she teaches dance for The Movement Studios and Virginia Ballet, while also studying for her math major at Christendom College. Besides performing throughout the DC metropolitan area with fusiondance, Nomadic Artist, and Capitol Movement Dance Company, Laura has acted in two short films at Relativity School. She has also choreographed for Precedence, Capitol Movement Pre-Professional Company, and IMPACT. She is exceedingly passionate about sharing her energy and quirkiness with others and especially loves teaching the classic style of jazz.

For GAC's 10 year veteran Bible teacher Derek Wilson, the driving motivation for his work is a deep desire to serve the Lord both in the classroom and beyond. Read more of his story for #FacultyFriday (link in Bio)

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