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Keeping It REAL!! TOMORROW! #TheRiveras #FacingAdversity #TuneIn #Repost @therealdaytime
TOMORROW, @ChiquisOficial opens up about the passing of her mother, @JenniRivera, and why it feels likes she lost her twice. Tune in for more!

Learning TO WALK AGAIN! "I focus on the things I can do in life rather than focusing on the things I may not" -@josh_landmann

Was A Minor Set Back But Major Comeback 🤫🏈💯#FacingAdversity #ShowStoppa #CountedOut

Have you overcome a challenge recently? 💪🏽 @dr_radha & @gemagain are talking #facingadversity on The Surgery

#Repost @martinlewisstevenson
Working with my client and friend Michael Lewis on building up his leg strength. Ex-Para Mike lost a lower limb in a fire-fight in Afganistan. Mike is a true gent and inspiration to so many people and is never one to complain. He is an example to us all. Photo courtesy of Darren S Cook. http://www.scruffybearpictures.com/ #boditronics #bodybuilding #facingadversity

BOOK OF THE WEEK | PLAN B - the story of facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy by Facebook's Sheryl Sandburg
#bookoftheweek📚 #facingadversity #buildingresilience #findingjoy @sherylsandberg

#internationalwomensday Believe in what you can achieve in life, no matter what challenges life throws in the way. Adjust, adapt and change. Your body and mind can surprise you. For all women facing adversity in any area, keep striving, you will be surprised what little old you can achieve. My proud achievement was cycling 100 miles after having my hip sockets reconstructed several times. #facingadversity #hipdysplasia

Just finished this book and it left me feeling as I thought I would.. inspired! "Option A is not available, so let's kick the shit out of Option B. Life is never perfect. We all live some form of Option B." #facingadversity #buildingresilience #findingjoy #optionb #soulfood ❤️❤️📚📚🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️


• Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me • 🎈

#optionb #sherylsandberg #facingadversity #buildingresilience #findingjoy

Here I am staring at that word & I’m trying to think of the perfect way to embody all it means. To share both it’s importance and your power over it. It’s a challenge, but for your sake, I hope I get it right!

The thing about mindset is that it literally dictates the outcome of your life. & I say this from a place of recovery. Recovery from a time in my life where my own mindset had derailed me, and taken me off course.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like this was just a thing that happened. I didn’t just wake up one day with a bad attitude. It was gradual, and in response to some pretty shitty things that happened, not just to me, but to my family. The final straw being the passing of my sister Sarah.
The powerful thing to note about this gradual transition, is that means it’s totally controllable. It’s small changes that take place over time, that eventually result in a negative attitude. You can turn that back to positive by starting with one small change! Wherever you are in the lifespan of this process (whether at the beginning where these incremental steps begin downward, or if you’re at the point where you find yourself in a place of utter negativity) is entirely irrelevant. It all starts with one small change!

So often when #adversity pelts down on us, we harden, bracing for impact. We may react with anger, or fear, or icy silence, or even with great drama and simply decide to give up and take our ball and bat and go home. #disappointment #facingadversity #resilience #overcomingobstacles #lifelessons

This year has gone by in a blink of an eye and I cannot be more grateful for the journey. I really have grown as a person mentally and physically. 🌱Something I have never openly talked about is my childhood. Growing up without my biological parents forced me to face many adversities. I didn’t have a cookie cutter perfect life and I was embarrassed and often angry for who I was. It wasn’t till I accepted  my past and realized that the adversity I experienced is what shaped me into the woman I am today. This helped me find my fire. My advice to anyone who has faced adversity is to accept your past, because it is shapes you into the woman who leads your future. 🌻 The Miss Maine USA pageant is days away and I’m so excited to show everyone how hard I’ve worked!!🤞🏼 •
#clementeproductions #confidentlybeautiful #bemorethanpretty #facingadversity #growingintoherown

I have had a massive shock today and have learned some unfortunate things about people I once cared for. But let me tell you, I'll be ok.

#inspirationalquotes #jkrowling #facingadversity #smilingthroughthepain #wordstoliveby #survivor

Learning TO WALK AGAIN! "I focus on the things I can do in life rather than focusing on the things I may not" -@josh_landmann

"Tragedy breaks down your door and takes you prisoner. To escape takes effort and energy. Seeking joy after facing adversity is taking back what was stolen from you." -@sherylsandberg
This is a raw look into how Sheryl Sandberg is putting her life back together after the sudden death of her husband. It took me a while to allow myself to read it. It's gut wrenching and beautiful. I'm so glad I finally opened it up. There are wonderful lessons for everyone. ❤️

Today was one of those crazy everything-went-wrong/haven't-had-time-for-myself-all-day days.

I woke up late, my computer crashed in the middle of teaching 27 students, and I had to send out thousands of emails!

If ever a moment called for self-care it would be right now. I'm going to start sharing "Simple Self Care" stories every Friday but, until then, any self-care suggestions? #myfaceinthispicturesaysitall

Was A Minor Set Back But Major Comeback 🤫🏈💯#FacingAdversity #ShowStoppa #CountedOut

I Love it. Now, I wonder what D. Trump and his MAGA supporters will have to say about this. I'm certain they'll be targeting GQ if they haven't already. Keep making us proud Colin. If they could, then Mother Rosa Parks, Brothers Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X, and countless of other ground breakers would be smiling and nodding their heads in approval of you right now. Continue to Be BOLD in the face of adversity and controversy. You're Bigger than the NFL now. Oh! and, Nice Afro By The Way. I SALUTE #GQ #CitizenOfTheYear #ColinKapernick #BiggerThanTheNFL #BoldYoungBrother #GroundBreaker #AgainstTheOdds #FacingAdversity #FacingControversy #NiceAfroBTW 👊👊👊

"Be a flamingo in a world full of pigeons" I 💚 this. After recovering from my jpouch surgery I put a plan in place to try and gain back my muscle, strength and build on my health and fitness. I started with swimming due to not having any leg muscle and therefore walking for long period of time was a struggle. I have horrific scarring on my legs due to the drugs that were trailled, the significant weight loss and then gain and my body shutting down. I am fortunate that the scarring is on only on the tops of my legs. I remember the first time I went swimming. I put on my bikini, my tummy was still swollen and newly scarred, had no muscle, heavily scarred legs plus my hair had only just started to grow back. There were a group of girls in the changing room laughing and pointing at me. For one split second I nearly changed and walked out. However, I didn't, I remember thinking how privileged I was to be able to swim again and what I, my family, friends and consultant had been through to give me that day! Their behaviour gave me more strength to face whatever lay before me. My body is my "certificate of life" 💚 #jpouch #jpouchawareness #strength #support #nevergiveup #idbawareness #scars #theysaidicouldntsoidid #health #fitness #facingadversity #proud #family #friends #chairty #bucketlist #uc #nocolonstillrollin #ucawareness #jpouchsurgery

Life is never perfect. We all live a form of Option B.

Sweet sun-soaked autumn afternoon... With occasional blasts of košava... Appearances can be quite deceptive... 😸🍁🍂🍃☀️🌪️🌫️🌬️ #cats #catsofinstagram #instacat #autumn #autumn🍁 #instaautumn #sunny #windy #kosava #košava #poorlildevils #facingadversity

It's National Adoption Month! A wonderful fit for talented director/editor @minakimfitz's poignant film, A LETTER FOR SANG-AH, to #worldpremiere at @stlfilmfest this THURSDAY 11/9 @ 5PM. Director will be present with the As to your Qs about her crucial portrayal of two single mothers in Korea with an unique insight into the international adoption system untold in documentaries about the experience, which before now, have been told from the adoptees point of view (also integral to comprehending the full story!). A true missing link to holistically understanding the process of adoption.

Option B has been sitting on my night stand for months unread. Guess now is perfect timing. #findingjoy #buildingresilience #facingadversity

I can't believe I got to see @sherylsandberg speak @txconfwomen AND GOT A SIGNED COPY of her new book #optionb 😍#facingadversity #buildingresilience #findingjoy

Life is what you make it so let the pass be the pass and go out and kick life's ass #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #kickass #neversettle #motivationalquotes #facingadversity #grow

Grit your teeth & carry on! 😬😬
My new mantra! 👌🏼
Fighting my way thru all the obstacles thrown my way!👊🏼
Was inspired by @coachkaylaprince with her dbl kb snatch/ strict hspu/ muscle up wod from the other day. So thought I'd give it a whirl (minus the runs)! 5 rds was challenging & more than enough!
#grityourteeth #challenges #facingadversity #buildingmestronger #mentallystronger #doublekettlebellsnatch #kettlebellsnatches #strictmuscleup #stricthandstandpushups #allthestrictmovements #strongmindstrongbody

Hard times will always reveal your true mates, i went through some tough times the first 7 months of this year as a result i was distracted from my business/career goals & shit was going wonky because there was one major distraction once i removed the distraction everything started to fall in its place, to truly become successful you must cut negativity out like a cancer ... I'm very blessed to have a bunch of good mates whom were able to guide me & keep my head in check when things were going south to get me back in the game when i was losing motivation... Now that's true mateship !! ... Now I'M BACK & we're making BOSS moves within the Nightlife industry aside from promotions.. Wouldn't be able to keep at it if it wasn't for my homie @geezzer101 and his faith in my work... So much love & gratitude for your existence brother ❤.... Bottom line is Effort = results. You must put yourself out there to get rejected, in order for you to get accepted. You & you only, control your destiny & you have to put in the effort to become great. Greatness is achieved through sacrifice, effort, energy & a sole focus to be the best at something. Get obsessed with being great. Because no one else will for you 🌍💪 #brothersforlife #alphamen #nightlifeindustry #marketing #facingadversity #positivevibes #bossmoves #goldcoast #oscars2017 #flashback

There is no good or bad in life. Our lives are full of events and happenings that, based on our individual experiences, beliefs, and stories, we label as either good or bad. We can get so caught up in this mind made drama of comparison, that we adopt the mental attitude of liking/craving all the stuff we consider "good", and disliking/resenting the stuff we consider "bad".
But every single moment of life, regardless of how you choose to label it, contains blessings and lessons. So in that regard- everything is equal. Neither the 'good' or the 'bad' is better than or less than. Everything just IS.
Of course, it can be hard to accept this idea of equanimity, especially when faced with something terrible- tragedy, death, violence, illness, heartbreak, etc. It's hard to understand it, to make sense of it. It's impossible to ever arrive at an answer for the incomprehensible question of "but why?". And it's ok to FEEL. To feel whatever arises during these times. Just like these events so too our emotions are neither good or bad, better or worse. They just ARE.
As events and emotions arise, so too they pass...Arising, Passing, Arising Passing. Nothing lasts forever. Darkness is our teacher. When we can navigate our way into acceptance of what is, we can eventually find peace for what is. There is light to be found in everything if you choose to seek it. Be the light ✨
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If you are still here with an open heart you are a survivor not a victim. Don't ever forget that fact! #onlythestrongsurvive #bebrave #facingadversity #faceanotherday #gratefulheart #openheart #livethelifeyouwereborntolive #youareloved ❤️💪🏽👑 #believeinyou @chrissista #oldschoolphoto

A day of reflection, and giving Thanks. Despite finding myself suddenly unemployed, and the fact I've spent much of my life trying to survive the many challenges, illnesses, loss of loved ones, break ups and set backs, I AM a survivor. And even though you have to look within, and find the strength and willpower to start anew, it is the love and support of others that help you get back on your feet. So today I give thanks for all the lessons learned, the positive memories, the healed relationships, my creative outlets, the victories, the achievements, Mother Nature, and most importantly to my friends and family. Whether I see you daily, once in a while, or perhaps we've never met in person. I thank you. To those who blessed my life, and have since passed, I remember you. And I Thank you. Much love to you all. ❤️Happy Thanksgiving. #blessed #love #friendship #givethanks #canada #family #survivor #mentalhealth #instamood #creativity #memories #facingadversity #gay #instagay #gaystagram #gaygeek

You know that saying "hate is heavy, let it go"? Lately I've been learning to internalize that to also mean letting go of the hate I've felt towards myself, my body, and my choices. In the past, this was a hate that manifested itself in almost every decision I made.

One thing I'm learning is the practice of "Intuitive Eating" which led me to eat this, here, today...guilt-free and with a smile. TBH It's not every day that I feel this happy. #SelfCareSunday

Gets me every time 👌🏼☁️💓 My visual reward for doing my best this week. Not that I didn't have moments of yelling & re-acting. But considering the physical and emotional pressure I was under, not to mention the under the pump multi-tasking, I believe I've been very capable whilst still remaining connected. #lovewherewelive #tallebudgeracreek #patonback #connected #facingadversity #staystrong #stayingpositive

What are your creative #goals? I'll tell you mine first:.
1. Get better at video editing.
2. Finally write chapter 2.
3. Host an event for women in their 30s.

Thanks for the inspiration that finally came in the mail today @adamjk via @thingsarewhatyoumakeofthem!

Thank you love 😘 @ntpdlamini God bless you. #currentread #facingadversity #buildingresilience #optionB #birthdaygift . Overcoming loss and pain.

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