I feel like I am having daily conversations about how important this film is and encouraging as many people as I can to see it. We all have our own myopic views and it is beyond time for us to open our eyes, minds and hearts to what is real. I will be adding this to my next curriculum but you don't have to wait until then... Find this film,go see it and discuss it. Mes amis et ma famille en france, ce film incroyable vient juste d'ouvrir à Paris voir la version originale, si possible. #facevasing #blindspotting #whatdoyousee

BLINDSPOTTING (2018) is the best new movie I’ve seen all year. It’s a funny coincidence that Spike Lee has a new movie out around the same time; much like one of his best, “Do the Right Thing,” this is a movie that will be discussed and revisited for decades to come. “Blindspotting” is not only a gripping reflection of modern anxieties around race, gentrification and the police, but it’s also hilariously funny ... when it chooses to be. Even on my second viewing, knowing what would happen, I still laughed at the funny parts and tensed up when — well, at a lot of scenes, which I won’t give away here in keeping with my no-spoilers rule. Seriously, just go see this movie if it’s in theaters near you while you can. You’ll be glad you did.


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Thank you @murdaball & @hollywoodreporter for letting us speak freely.

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Blindspotting: clever, thoughtful, timely, heart wrenching... Go! #weheartoakland #blindspotting #hometownloveletter #imnotakiller #calvinandhobbes #facevasing ... and yep, it’s also a hilarious comedy

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