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Had some injections in my spine. Hopefully in a few weeks I can start lifting again. I'll be so weak! #facetsyndrome #xray #spine

I look SO doped up 😂😂😂I survived tall! Wasn't near as bad as my ESI. I am having some bad neck pain on my left side if y'all could pray for me though. Trying to stay positive. On a KETO NOTE: enjoying an americano with heavy cream on the way home until we find somewhere to stop for lunch. Happy Tuesday friends. #facetsyndrome #facetjoint #jointinjections #healme

Does bending back hurt? You might have Facet Syndrome in your neck or back. The facet joints are on the posterior, or back side, of the vertebrae in your back. If these joints start to swell then you're going to be in pain. Good news is that we as chiropractors can help! Call 618-655-0333 to schedule your appointment so you can start feeing better before Thanksgiving! #chiropractic #adjustment #facetsyndrome

@rockman_rocks is amazing. His healing work is more effective for my #facetsyndrome #spinalcondition than #chiropractor #chiropracticadjustment in the US. I mean dude did #wingchun #chainpunches on my back!! #healer #energywork @thabeatloungebkk

Har babysitter på hele dagen da jeg har fået hold i ryggen (igen... 🙄) Mie går tur med både hund og baby 💕🌸☀️🌷 #sommer #gadgodtkubevægemig #facetsyndrome #holdiryggen #veninde #goldenretriever #friends #lifesaver

Las articulaciones que están en la zona posterior de la columna son las facetas Articulares posteriores y Cuando se inflaman o de desgastan producen dolor lumbar de gran intensidad en muchas ocasiones, su tratamiento varia entre Los cuales tenemos analgesicos, fisioterapia, injeccciones intrarticulares, radiofrecuencia, etc todos con recuperaciones adecuadas #dolorlumbar #sindromefacetario #infiltracionfacetaria #facetsyndrome #fisioterapia #consultatumédico

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Huge shout out to @thee710head for hooking it up with this much needed @LionzShare Cannarub. 🦁💚I couldn't move my back today and my Facet Syndrome was really acting up, but after using the rub I CAN MOVE WITHOUT HORRIBLE PAIN FOR THE 1ST TIME IN A FEW DAYS. Thank you!!!🙏🙏🙏
#bettiesage #thegreenwaltern #lionzshare #lionzsharecannarub #cannarub #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #medicinal #topicals #painrelief #naturalmedicine #godsmedicine #thankyoujesus #facetsyndrome #chronicpainrelief

If you've followed me long enough you know that chronic pain is a part of my life, has influenced, and driven much of my life's journey to find relief. I share my experiences and hopefully inspire others, even with my lows. It's an ambitious path. It's a painful path. It's also the path that has led me to a clearer understanding of who I am as a woman who is experiencing what it is to be human, drive to keep searching, and to find gratitude in the experience for what I can do to find relief and share with others who feel alone. Chronic pain turns lives upside down but has been an event that led me into my new passion of studies to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. I do everything I can in the world of eastern medicine to feel my best but I find times where it's necessary to ask for assistance with western medicine. Finding that healthy balance is key. I am so very grateful for my pain management doctor. Alternative medicine is always a first and supported by @alwaysrps. Today I went in for Facet Injections as I have Facet Syndrome and slight herniations in multiple lumbar discs. These have worked very well for me in the past and have allowed me to feel relief and stay active.
Sometimes it takes things beyond eastern medicine to make it so I can get out of bed and complete the most important task of my day which is getting outside and walking my dog #ibelieveinbear. In addition to occasional injections I have daily Ayurvedic rituals, I avoid foods that promote inflammation (night shades) , and get body work such as massage and polarity therapy to relieve the emotional stress that blocks energy flow and encourages pain.
Never stop searching. It took 22 years to diagnose my Ankylosing Spondylitis (inflammatory spine disease) and Ehlers Danlos type 3 syndrome. Doctors discounted my pain for those 20 years but I knew in my gut that something wasn't right and this ambition to feel better and be a better version of myself, never rested. No one wants to be diagnosed with something but if you have pain and know something is wrong, finding a diagnosis can only help you fight the good fight to find relief. I am here for you. Keep fighting the good fight👊🏼

I have had my back injury for 1 year now, and my physio just told me ha can't really help me anymore - I just can't seem to get rid of the rest of the annoying pain 😞 but he did suggest yoga for relaxation and stability in the spine.. Hopefully it will help me feel a little better, or at least relaxed. And then I guess it's just about time for the nerves to stop being irritated. God this is taking so damn long.. 😔 I miss Pole so much, but even more all the sweet girls and atmosphere in the studio.. #injury #backinjury #upperbackpain #rehabilitation #recovery #facetsyndrome #yoga


@rockman_rocks is amazing. His healing work is more effective for my #facetsyndrome #spinalcondition than #chiropractor #chiropracticadjustment in the US. I mean dude did #wingchun #chainpunches on my back!! #healer #energywork @thabeatloungebkk

As many of you may know I have been on a very long journey fighting #chronicbackpain . Have had RF done to both my SI joints and now on my 3rd back pain specialist and finally found the true source. #facetsyndrome. Never heard of it til now. A week ago I had 6 nerve blocks done in my facet joints in my lumbar spine to qualify for the procedure shown here, #radiofrequency . Just having the shots done, I have already felt great relief. First time since I can remember not feeling like an axe is lodged in my back and burning pain running down my legs. Since I also have 6 bulging disks it has been hard to diagnose. Same situation in my neck. I go for that in a few weeks 😖. So the fall will be RF time but that just means a few days of healing for months to a year of pain relief. Anyone who deals with chronic pain would understand this blessing. Again, I post this so anyone else dealing with anything like this knows to keep trying and refuse to accept that suffering is just how you will have to live, as I have been told several times. I push hard everyday so the me, 10, 15, 20 years from now will be #grateful. Yeah, at times this shit is scary, but I am determined to get back in the ring and I have so much life left to live and I will do it on MY terms!! Actually, I feel like a whole new life chapter is starting and it is one I have worked the hardest for. #painwarrior #mylifemyadventure #stillirise #backpain

Lumbar flexion has gotten a very bad rap lately because it loads the discs, but extension is not all wonderful either because it loads the facet joints as seen here. Approx 80% of our weight should be borne through the discs and 20% through the facets, so excessive extension can overload the facets and cause pain and irritation (facet syndrome), and osteoarthritis in time.
#facetsyndrome #lumbarspine #lumbarextension #lumbarflexion #lowback #lowbackpain #pelvicstability #pelvicstabilization #manualtherapy #massagetherapy #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #chiropractic #chiropractor #osteopathy #pilates #yoga #feldenkrais #feldenkraismethod

Not all decompression therapy is the same! There are only 3 in Texas of this kind and we have 2 of them! Schedule your trial session today to find out what makes these tables yield a higher success rate than injections and surgery for bulging disc, facet syndrome, and nerve pain! #inflammation #pain #decompressiontherapy #bulgingdisc #herniateddisc #facetsyndrome #nervepain #texas #northtexas #friscotx #planotexas #allentx #all #orangetheorynation #crossfit #gameready #lasertherapy #backpain #legpain #sciatica #texasmuscleactivation

Quiropractico Van Nuys - Los Nervios Pinchados y el Dolor de Espalda y Cuello
Dr. Anthony Silva
818-922-7755 ¿Sabes qué es un nervio pinchado? Para responder esta pregunta es importante saber un poco sobre la médula espinal y los tipos de nervios que pueden pincharse.
Desde el cerebro hasta la médula espinal y más allá
Los nervios se extienden desde el cerebro hasta los brazos y piernas para enviar mensajes a los músculos o la piel. Un nervio que sale de la columna hacia los brazos o piernas se llama nervio periférico.
Los nervios periféricos son millones de fibras nerviosas que salen de la médula espinal y se ramifican hacia otras partes del cuerpo, como los músculos y la piel. Por ejemplo, estos nervios permiten el movimiento de los músculos y la sensibilidad de la piel.
Los nervios transportan señales a todo el cuerpo
Un nervio periférico es como un cable de fibra óptica, con muchas fibras encerradas en una vaina exterior. Puede imaginarse a cada fibra como una manguera microscópica. La parte verde de la manguera es una membrana fina por donde la carga eléctrica estática puede viajar desde o hacia el cerebro. El interior de la manguera transporta líquidos desde el cuerpo de las células nerviosas que alimentan y vuelven a llenar los componentes siempre cambiantes de la parte verde, o membrana.
Si el nervio está pinchado, el flujo ascendente o descendente dentro de la manguera se reduce o se bloquea, lo que quiere decir que los nutrientes dejan de fluir. Finalmente, la membrana comienza a perder su capacidad de transmitir cargas eléctricas y la fibra nerviosa puede terminar muriendo. Cuando una gran cantidad de fibras dejan de funcionar, el músculo no podrá contraerse y la piel puede sentirse entumecida. ¿Qué causa un nervio pinchado?
Los nervios pueden ser pinchados al salir de la columna por una hernia de disco o por un espolón óseo que se producen por artritis espinal.
#sciatica #discoherniado #facetsyndrome
#nerviopinchado #descompresionespinal #sciatica #vannuys #herniadedisco #pinchednerve #dolor #drx9000
#degenerativedisc #quiropracticovannuys #decompressiontherapy #herniateddisc
#spondylosis #spinalstenosis

Couldn't be truer... Don't judge a book by it's cover, am fighting a battle that are even stumping my docs. 😷 #ChronicDegBoneJointDisorder #FacetSyndrome #NoSurgery #NoCure... I WILL FIGHT TILL THE END ♥❌⭕❌⭕ ♥ @the_babyy_beeee @kingwailord @romanorobba @athena_bear_

Spinal Decompression
Do You Suffer From?
• Lower Back Pain
• Pinched Nerves
• Sciatica
• Degenerative Disc
• Limited Range of Motion

If you are suffering from the above symptoms gentle spinal decompression may be the answer for you. •Call 818.500.8484 to schedule an appointment.
Did you know that we also treat:
#plantarfasciitis #tendonitis #rotatorcuffsyndrome #TMJdisorder #jumpersknee #runnersknee #tenniselbow #golferselbow #carpaltunnelsyndrome #tendonitis #chronicpain #acutepain #sciatica #discherniation #bulgingdiscs #facetsyndrome #bellspalsy
#askmorovati #myofascialpain #triggerpointtherapy #sportsinjuries #chiropracticcare #holistichealth #xray#spinaldecompression
#glendale #montrose #lacanada #chiropractor

Har babysitter på hele dagen da jeg har fået hold i ryggen (igen... 🙄) Mie går tur med både hund og baby 💕🌸☀️🌷 #sommer #gadgodtkubevægemig #facetsyndrome #holdiryggen #veninde #goldenretriever #friends #lifesaver

Recognize these #pain patterns? You can be #suffering from #facetsyndrome.

Fibromyalgia [possible cause].
➡️Previous neck injury?
☑️May be what started it all!
Get your neck assessed for possible injury because they could be silent 🤐•

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