That face when you’re definitely not a #robot but...

There is #Gollum on the wall! In the small square like a silhouette #facesinspaces #imagination #thelordoftherings #faces #fun

Happy #tresdecuatro 🔥💥🎉🎊

The quill inkwell in this old movie looked like it was going to bite that guy’s hand.. in a casual, unbothered fashion.

Tag your faces #fettfakkel ♳♴♵♶♷♸

Bulldozer face

#preview of a #fresh new #background with the tags still on.

Interior Designer @thebellabunce on location with @jmphotocat infront of Kate Moss by VeeBee.
#interiordecor #facesinspaces #stylist

Sad stick face and moving dog

HAH. I was watching a serial killer documentary and saw this image that they showed for a second or less, and instantly saw the cartoonish frowny face. It almost HAS to be intentional, right? Is it just me? Do others not see these things? How could a film crew, director, and editor not see that face smiling up at the viewer? In this scene, they’re investigating the bullet that was found in the chest of one of the known survivors of the Grim Sleeper murder cases in south central LA back in the day.

Pillow facery

Happy hump day. Feel free to sit on my space face.

A face is on the back of a truck. 😦 #facesinspaces #imagination #creativity #faces

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