Toiset ne hiihtää jo. Kiitos kuvasta @apemajava sekä muut sankarit Patagonian takamailla. Dokumentti nähtävillä myöhemmin @scandinavian_outdoor:in sivuilla ja itse mies Vapaalaskuiltamissa!

I need a new phone😩 #faceshots

My quiver.
In the mid to late 00’s a mate of mine at the time was getting boards made in Utah and had TM’ed a brand too. Unfortunately I haven’t seen Shane for years now but he gifted me my first 3 boards and I still think of his generosity often. His boards have taken me around 15 Southern Hemi resorts plus a Heli in the backcountry of TC in NZ.
L-R / 155, 157, 163.
Fast forward to 2015 and my current 160 Snurfs Up powder destroyer. Can’t quite explain the feeling of opening that box. Nudging 40 and felt like a kid at Christmas. My first custom from @offshoresnowshapes when they were still based here. 10 Japanese resorts plus a Backcountry tour, 4 French resorts with another minimum 5 in Japan to come this trip.
I’ve already told Mon I’ll ride this board to the front of his new factory in Moiwa to thank him personally one day.

One of the first times I went backcountry riding, over six years ago. I probably didn't even know how to use my beacon. This day got me hooked, and what a journey it has been!

I just love this pic 😍🙏
📸 : amazing @kkumpu 🤗

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